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  1. jay says:

    Thanks so much for this spread! I’ve been having a lot of anxiety/feeling paralyzed about a project, and this spread really helped me process how to move forward.

  2. hanhanfish says:

    This was a really refreshing reading. The cards are telling me to accept a lot of change, which is a great way to address that which makes me unhappy. Thank you 🙂

  3. T. says:

    This spread with my Angel deck liftd my spirit–was so reassuring and confidence-boosting. I couldn’t thank you more!

  4. Rachelle Storti says:

    This one really made me think, which is exactly what I needed. My current tarot deck is based on astrology and it happened to work out that cards 3 & 4 were my sun and moon signs. That was really powerful for me, to know that my greatest assets are an undeniable part of my natural being. Thanks!

  5. Maximiliane says:

    I went back to this spread because I’m at a crossroads – the advice on how to tap into my strengths was Death – out with the old, in with the new then!
    The advice for now was Justice, so gotta trust my gut and make a decision.

    Thanks for this spread!

  6. Vael says:

    It was weird for me, cause all I had when I did this Spread was backward cards. I had some troubles reading it, but in the end it felt like my deck was telling me “you already know all of this you know, so just go and try” ^^

    Thanks for the spread !

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