Taking a risk – Ace of Pentacles

Today’s card is the Ace of Pentacles – the card of exciting new opportunities in the ‘material’ world.

It could represent career opportunities, financial success, improving our health, domestic security or reconnecting with our physical surroundings. Or more simply, it could represent a sense of abundance in our lives.

As with all the Aces, it does not merely stand for these things in themselves, but an opportunity to reach these goals; a message to look out for them coming your way and to reach out and make them happen.


The Ace of Pentacles by LiteraryBandit

Having had a job interview yesterday, my mind is firmly fixed on the career side of this suit. I’m really really hoping that this is one of those super-appropriate tarot moments, and I’ve drawn just the right card for the place I’m in. I haven’t heard back from the panel yet, and am trying very hard not to see this as a bad sign – after all, my interview was last thing on a Friday, and they may have others to see next week, and, and, and…

What I’m hoping is that this is a sign that my ambitions will become manifest. There’s been a lot of complication around this job application – it was originally for supply ESOL teaching and wouldn’t be enough hours to justify quitting my current job over. But in the interview we talked about wonderful sounding projects – teaching ‘newly arrived wives’ and groups of asylum seekers, and there being substantial quantities of regular work within this. I hope I got across to the panel in the interview just *how much* I wanted to do this, and that I’ll be offered a project like this to run. They asked me if I would quit my job if I was offered this and the yes just tumbled out of my mouth.

On the other hand, my little Ace of Pentacles could be telling me to seek new opportunities elsewhere. I’ve been in a restless headspace lately, unable to settle on one particular ‘work’ goal, one moment feeling grateful for the part-time job I have, other times my mind flying off in all directions thinking about training to be a web designer, independent tarot publisher, life model, hotel proprietor and more.


The Ace of Pentacles from the Steampunk Tarot by Charissa Drengsen

I love Charissa Drengsen‘s take on the Ace of Pentacles, above, using a roulette wheel to represent a pentacle or coin. It looks to me as though in that first image, LiteraryBandit’s godly hand is about to flip that coin, too. This indicates to me the element of risk involved when we stick our necks out and try to make changes to our working lives. Should I quit my job and explore life as a self-employed teacher? Set up my own company publishing tarot decks? muddle along doing bits of cooking, mending curtains, typing letters and so on? Stick in my current job and see where it takes me? All of these things carry risks and opportunities and in the grand scheme of things I don’t feel like one option is better than another.  The Ace of Pentacles asks us to proceed with trust and to combine practical self-knowledge and street savvy with faith in the opportunities we otherise might miss. As with so much of the tarot, the message I’m taking from this card is to follow my gut instinct when opportunitites present themselves to me, to be aware of what it is that I want and to hold on to a sense of progression towards a goal, and ensure that I’m open to all the little helpers that line my path in life.

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