Ta-road trip: Weaving my route

It’s coming together.

(Thanks to you guys!)

When I first thought of asking the tarot community for hospitality over a potential three months of travelling around the US, I had no idea what would happen. My fall-back plan was always that I had friends in New York and Vancouver who would put me up if I had no place to go.

But you’ve come through, so incredibly! So many emails and invitations!

First, your names and emails went into a spreadsheet. Next, a map on the wall and a pin for each invitation. Then, as these invitations became firmer and I figured out the dates of special events I wanted to attend, a real trip began to form.

Today, I finally ran some (fluffy turquoise) yarn around the pins, trying to create an efficient route between all of the pins on my map:

ta-road trip US map

I’ve spent plenty of time in the US (including another three-month San Diego to Connecticut road-trip aged 18 with a bust-up car named Snowpea and a dude called Chad.) But I’ve never done anything quite like this before.

Here’s a rough idea of my schedule…

…and pretty much none of this is actually confirmed. Who knows what will really happen.

5th March – arrive in Portland OR!

6-8th March – Northwest Tarot Symposium (and I get to stay in a hotel with a lovely old friend!)

9-12th March – head south to Sunny Valley to stay with some awesome We’Moon women.

13th March – back to Portland for fun times!

21st March – a loooong ride down to Austin TX for Gay Bi Gay Gay. Greyhound? Train?? Hire car? Liftshare? I don’t know yet.

Then a slow amble across the deep south – I want so much to visit Columbus GA, where my favourite writer, Carson McCullers spent so much of her life – and explore other parts of this area of the US.

End of March, hit Philadelphia for some Autostraddling kinda fun!

Then to New York City where I hope to spend a couple of weeks at the start of April. There’s so much tarot *stuff* I want to check out here, including tea with Rachel Pollack (YES!) and a visit to Bri of The Hoodwitch if I can. Best of all, I’ll get to spend some time with one of my favourite people in the whole world, TT, and also my favourite Autostraddle writer, Ali.

Then it all gets pretty hectic! North to Boston, then Rutland, Rochester, Detroit and a queer homestead in Chicago – a few days here, a few days there. Down to St Louis late April, then over to Denver, CO to (hopefully) get my face painted!

Some time in San Francisco in early May – I don’t know what’s happening here but I’ve allowed a week to maybe camp and explore the Bay Area. And some more time travelling down the California coast – a place that’s really, really dear to my heart.

Then a train all the way up to Canada mid-May to see my childhood friend in Vancouver. And finally, some real chilling out. Camping in BC woodlands or islands, and a ferry to Port Alexander, Alaska for an almost retreat-like break on a 40ft sailboat.

I expected plenty of tarot and travel and awesomeness on this trip but queer girls on boats? That’s a huge luxurious morello cherry on my cake. Can this really happen? Let’s see.

ta-road trip

And finally, back to Portland for a last hurrah before my trip home.

So there is all that potential, there are the invitations I’ve received. Legally I’m permitted 90 days in the USA, and this is a way to fill them.

After ten quiet years in a small Yorkshire town and a recent move to the city, I’m itching and ready for motion. I’m excited about meeting so many of the wonderful readers of this blog and the fun of new tarot hookups – online connections turned into real-life friendships.

But I’m also looking forward to that strange and lonely feeling transience brings. Solitary hours on a night bus with my walkman, motel stopovers in random towns, limbo moments in airports, rail-station coffee and maybe the odd hitch-hike.

The whole plan is flexible.

Whilst I’ve got dates in mind for the March happenings, I’m leaving April and May kinda loose for now – I want to be open to the kinds of opportunities that crop up on a trip like this, or shifting feelings, or revelations or who knows what else… and leave space for my potential hosts to change their plans too.


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  1. Tango says:

    Definitely get insurance on any [float] plane tickets in the Alaskan area, because the weather is a total Wheel of Fortune. If you find yourself near western North Carolina, Asheville is the area to check out. Lots of people exploring life and consciousness and sustainability and simplicity out there–and the Blue Ridge trail/road through the Appalachian mountains! Oh my golly, I’m so excited for you and your adventure!!

    • Beth says:

      Asheville – got it! Also ‘weather is a total Wheel of Fortune’ – haha! Nice tarot link 😉
      Thanks for the tips Tango – especially re insurance, I would never have thought of that.
      Can’t wait!!!

  2. Ellen says:

    I don’t have any tips because I’ve never been on such a road trip before! I salute your Strength to listen to the Fool inside and to take this leap. Such a courageous thing to do!:)

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