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  1. Laura says:

    How public will you be making the results of the survey? (ie. will responses linked with names/locations be published somewhere? Individual anonymized responses? Or just more generalized responses like ‘these are the decks you mentioned most frequently’?) I plan to fill out but knowing where results go is pretty crucial for consenting to share info.

    • Hey Laura! The information I gather will be made public (in a ‘wow, 66% of you define as queer!’ or whatever kind of way), but completely anonymous. I won’t name any names when sharing the survey results.

      If someone shares something interesting and has provided an email address, I might contact them – e.g. if it would make a good blog post and I want to talk about it, or if they’re saying they want to write for the blog or be featured or whatever, but it would be a consenting situation discussed with that person first of all.

      Also – you can take the survey anonymously – all questions are optional including the name one 🙂

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