Survey time! Tell me *all* about yourself!


My loves! It’s that time again!

Time for the Little Red Tarot Lovely People Survey 2016!

Oh yes. This is where I get to ask all kinds of probing, personal questions about the gorgeous and magical bunch of wanderers, witches and wonderful weirdos who hang out here at Little Red Tarot.

That includes you!

I want to know who you are and what you’re like, how you use tarot and what would help with your tarot journey, so that I can can find ways to make Little Red Tarot an even more supportive and enjoyable place for you, me, and everyone we know!

The survey will close on Friday night. It takes about five or ten minutes. There are questions here about your favourite decks and cards, how you use tarot, who you are and what you do, your identities, your cat… (note! You do not have to have a cat to take this survey! Cat non-owners are valued in this community!) You can skip any questions you don’t like.

Past survey results have inspired me to create the Alternative Tarot Network, to bring awesome new writers on board, to share more of my business journey,  to be more vulnerable in my personal posts, and, of course, to create genuinely useful resources for learning tarot.

Let’s see what we can come up with this time?

Take the survey!

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  1. Laura says:

    How public will you be making the results of the survey? (ie. will responses linked with names/locations be published somewhere? Individual anonymized responses? Or just more generalized responses like ‘these are the decks you mentioned most frequently’?) I plan to fill out but knowing where results go is pretty crucial for consenting to share info.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Laura! The information I gather will be made public (in a ‘wow, 66% of you define as queer!’ or whatever kind of way), but completely anonymous. I won’t name any names when sharing the survey results.

      If someone shares something interesting and has provided an email address, I might contact them – e.g. if it would make a good blog post and I want to talk about it, or if they’re saying they want to write for the blog or be featured or whatever, but it would be a consenting situation discussed with that person first of all.

      Also – you can take the survey anonymously – all questions are optional including the name one 🙂

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