Superhero/Sidekick: Shine a little light on our lives

This is a guest post shared by Nikki.

Superhero/Sidekick is an exercise in relating tarot cards to each other, discovering the potential strengths and weaknesses they possess. Who is the superhero? Who is the sidekick? Sometimes the answer is not as obvious as it may seem. In this series, I ask the cards what superhero/sidekick combo the world needs most. This is what they said to me:

The Superhero – The Sun

Our superhero in this reading is the Sun, a radiant force that illuminates the truth and offers liberation from lies. It signifies optimism and growth, clarity and boldness. The Sun emerges from the fuzzy obscurity of the Moon, shines with more ferocity than the subtle healing of the Star, and provides relief from the dark aftermath of the Tower.

The Sun marks a time of directness — a time in which we can finally see the pieces of the fallen Tower for what they are and do something about moving forward. We need the Sun as a superhero right now, because we live in a world where so much happens under the cloak of darkness (and not in a wholesome witchy way). Transparency in government and business practice is a hard thing to come by. Policies get spat out by our democracies without any input from the people. The walls of authority have shifted around, boxing us in.

Even when we have the chance to speak with votes, invisible forces have worked surreptitiously to pervert the ideas of the people. Some people in the UK and the US have found out too late that they were tricked into voting against their own interests. As a result of the obscuring of facts, we spend a lot of time in states of hypervigilence, of straining our eyes to see shapes in the shadows, hoping to find something that will sure our footing. Science and the media, institutions that formerly helped us define the world around us in an evenhanded way, have been under attack by these shadowy forces (as well as ones that are all too visible). Now, at least in the US, the notion of authority has fallen victim to science denial, assaults against the press, and the murky lies of those pulling the strings of power.

It has become increasingly difficult for an individual to step into the role of the Sun and speak truth to that power. Even massive months-long protests, like the ones at Standing Rock, rarely see mainstream media coverage. The power of individual voices has been largely dissipated under various forms of obfuscation. That said, when the Sun finally barrels in in on their majestic steed, it becomes impossible for those shadows to withstand this hero’s brightness. The Sun is the legendary Prometheus who defies tyranny to bring light, fire, brightness to the people. In these dark days, we need that light. We need the Sun to shine their light in the darkest, locked-down corners of our governments to chase out secrets. It’s the only way to hold the powerful accountable for their actions.

Practical Examples of Sun Energy

Out in in the mundane world, the Sun represents the justice system, the media and non-profits who work tirelessly to hold powerful people accountable for their actions. The Sun also serves as totem for the whistleblowers who bravely take their stories to the press.

In practical terms, this means that our greatest defenders are real, old-school Woodward and Bernstein-style investigators who are courageous enough to bring a floodlight to smoke-filled back rooms. With truth on their side, the Sun brings the shady dealers who occupy these rooms out in the open for everybody to see. As a superhero the Sun is very powerful, because when they act, the validity of their action is undeniable to anybody who sees it.

The Sidekick – The Six of Cups

The sidekick to this powerhouse is the Six of Cups. The Wild Unknown Tarot depicts the Six of Cups as an evergreen standing tall with its roots illuminated in technicolor deep inside in the ground beneath it. A fresh-faced reminder of youthful innocence, the Six of Cups helps us see the possibilities of our present situation in the light of things that have gone before. By looking backward in a nostalgic way, and by connecting emotionally to the continuity of our life, we can regroup our resources for the fight we currently face. The energy is there, because it has always been there. The Six of Cups is a reconnection to that source.

In many ways, the Six of Cups is itself a celebration of the Sun. In the esoteric decks, the Six of Cups is the Sun in Scorpio in the Sixth House. Here, they remind us of the Sun’s lasting impact on our own personal growth. As Scorpio is a sign that goes deep instead of wide, the Six of Cups asks us to dig deep. It wants us to find our roots and understand the nature of roots. They don’t just feed trees nutrients, they connect the whole forest. By investigating the nature of our roots, we learn how the Sun of our past shapes us and will continue to shape us down the road.

To push this metaphor to the point of breaking it, a tree’s roots are made of the Sun just as humans are made up of the things we eat. As such, this sidekick asks us to peer into our own pasts to find the things that positively affected us and made us grow. They also ask us to keep in mind how our present actions will continue to shape us for the future.

Practical Examples of the Six of Cups

Practically speaking, the Six of Cups is a reminder to give ourselves space to recharge our emotional batteries. We can do this by spending time with the music, art, literature, and people who form the seeds of our youth. Those are the things that helped shape us into the people we are today, so it helps to revisit them so they stay strong. They taught us how to connect to the world around us and how to communicate with our people. If those connections are something we miss today, revisiting past help can jog our memories. Ultimately, the Six of Cups reminds us that the Sun in our pasts still shines through us today and that can serve as an unending source of energy for us to return to whenever we need to recharge.

Superhero/Sidekick Together

Acting in concert, the Six of Cups is the Sun’s disarming sidekick, who acts to warm people up so that we can shine a little bit brighter in our present lives. It also reminds potential superheroes what’s at stake – that we are all connected and that what we do now affects our future selves. With the Six of Cups by their side, the Sun can do their work in the world.

Both cards remind us as well to connect to the energy and optimism of our youth because that youthful energy gives us life. Both cards remind us what we are fighting for — optimism, the ability to thrive, and a sense of individual power. Both cards remind us that this fight is to benefit our offspring (or the offspring of our generation). Both cards talk about children, youth and the next generation. In this context, we can ask ourselves: What do we owe our future selves? What do we owe the kids who will inherit this world when we are gone?


Listen to a record, re-read a book, or do something creative in the way you did when you were younger. Pick something that really inspired you then.
How does it make you feel now?
Can you really put yourself back into that moment?
How can you express that energy in your current life in a way that helps the future?

About the author

Nikki Zang Roszko is a writer, poet, and hedge-crossing hedge-witch who lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner and their cat. A dime-store philosopher, Tarot reader, Reiki teacher, advocate for the Bi+ community, and junior herbalist, Nikki blends her interest in witchy things with the more mundane demands of life. She writes about the Tarot through the lens of politics or politics through the lens of the Tarot, depending on the day. You’ll find her blogging about using witchcraft-y methods of coping with PTSD, depression, anxiety the other psychological (and psychical) tribulations. In essence, she tries to magick her way out of every situation! Trading Futures, Nikki’s first book of poetry, came out on Slipstream Press what feels like a lifetime ago. Reviews described it as an offering to the god Steel Eros / goddess Concrete Venus and tainted with the profane, which seems to be both a ridiculous and accurate description of her life as well as art. 

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  1. Steve says:

    After the energy of the Full Moon this week, which seemed really intense due to being in the sign of Scorpio, it is a welcome relief to see the Sun card with its powerful illuminating focus of light. Bringing everything out into the open, allowing us to see clearly what we thought was lurking within the shadows. For me, the Sun represents a flourishing burst of needed energy to strip away the cobwebs, to banish the tiredness felt and is a source or spark of inspiration. Personally, I have been struggling with a need to ground myself and feel rooted within. So having the six of Cups as a sidekick to the Sun, gives me the much required push to look back in a nostalgic fashion to my family heritage and foundations. A chance to recharge those batteries by relaxing for a moment or two without feeling as though you need to do something else more important. A chance to revitalise your self, your mind, body and your soul. A chance to sit back and watch the world go by. Funnily enough, I found a book of Hygge in my local Hospice Charity shop this morning, and read this amazing artical at lunchtime.

    • I’m glad this speaks to you! I was pleased when the Six of Cups popped up in this reading because of the Scorpio full moon. It’s certainly a softer side of Scorpio! The Book of Hygge looks sweet. I’ll have to pick it up!

    • I’m glad this speaks to you! I was pleased when the Six of Cups popped up in this reading because of the Scorpio full moon. It’s certainly a softer side of Scorpio! The Book of Hygge looks sweet. I’ll have to pick it up!

  2. Savvy Tarot writing Nikki. I’m a Tarot Teacher and writer too, meaning I get that this is good stuff from those perspectives:) I also feel it’s accurate collectively! Love. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much Dawn! I find these superhero/sidekick readings are illuminating, especially when I ask about the awful situations we deal with as a planet. I’m glad you liked it!

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