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  1. Tango says:

    This song! I seemed to have stuffed it in a box with childhood memories in the back of my mind. XD But yes, I generally see temperance as riding the middle line. (And I like Rachel Pollack’s note that that middle line generally involves taking no action.)

    The most recent manifestations of Temperance for me is that my deck has been pointing to it as a bad habit that has led to misfortunes. It was really odd to me, at first, to see Temperance as a negative behavior. As a mutable sign, I successfully & easily assumed the role of Temperance in keeping the peace with my roommates. But with too much Temperance, I lost my own shape. I became the flow between the cups rather than the cup holder I guess.

    Sometimes we have to work on loosening our grip and meeting in the middle more often, & sometimes we have to stand firm in ourselves and meet in the middle a little less.

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