Sunday Tarot Song: Five of Swords

Five of Swords

Blame Game – Jean Grae

The Five of Swords is all about that sad situation where a battle is fought…but there are no real winners. One party may feel like they’ve ‘won’, but it’s a hollow victory. Everybody’s hurt.

Jean Grae‘s awesome track talks about what it’s like when we stoop to low-level stabbing, prolonging pain, hurting ourselves in an attempt to feel powerful in a relationship where trust has been eroded and love is long-gone.

I used to call back and cause pain
To call names, text til my batteries all drained
Nameless anatomy next to me all frame
Add lust and mix … fill it up all the same
This can’t go on forever so I’ll play the plagiarist in this endeavor, change the words from Mr. Legend
let’s not play the blame game
That shit’s forever less than anything we ever were
and I don’t get regrets no matter how the rest occurred
Let’s not play the blame game, I love you
Let’s not play the blame game
Let’s not call out names, names, ‘I hate you’
Let’s not call out names, names, for sure

Jean Grae

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