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  1. Kathryn Silverstein says:

    This was so, so helpful and needed for me, especially because it’s the Jewish month of Elul, which is focused on the concept of “teshuvah,” or returning/repentance. Lots of processing and attempts to level up! When I did the spread, it brought up exactly what I thought it would–not a grief object, per se, but something I’m having trouble letting go and moving past. Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to come back to myself.

    • Buying Xanax says:

      Kathryn! That’s so lovely! Thank you for letting me know how it resonated! I’ve done this spread several times this past month as well and each time the offerings have evolved as I have. Also, thank you for sharing how it integrates with your other beliefs/practices. Good luck, leveling up! <3

  2. aj says:

    I have been meaning to try this spread and finally did today, and woa, it kicked my tail. 1. 3 of cups, 2. the Devil, 3. 4 of Swords, and 4. The Tower (reversed) Yikes!

    • Buying Xanax says:

      Ahh, the The Tower, release and acceptance, at the heart of so many things! <3 Hopefully, it was a loving and gentle tail kicking. I know I always feel that way about my pulls.

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