You are strong and beautiful and I love you

I love you

Re: The US election result

To my lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer family, to my trans and gender nonconforming readers, to the people of colour who show up here, to the undocumented, to everyone reading this who experiences disability, chronic illness, who struggles with their mental health, to the edge-walkers and in-betweeners, to the divergent, the activists, to everyone who is fearing for their safety, their health, their rights, right now.

I love you so, so, so much.

I’m glad you are here. You make this blog worth writing, you are the reason I do this work. You bring so much magic and energy to this space, to every space, and it changes everything, makes it better, makes it more beautiful. makes it worthwhile. The world does not always tell us this. Often, like today, the world tells us the opposite. This is a heartbreaking lie, but we can fight it, we can prove it wrong.

You are loved. Needed. Wanted. Welcomed. All of you. All that you are.

And you are beautiful. Brilliant. Unique. Amazing. Stronger than you may know.

If you are scared right now, if you are angry, if you’re freaking out, if you need a word of encouragement, if you need a reminder of how beautiful and brilliant and strong and amazing you are – whether that’s to get ready for the fight ahead…or just to get through the freakin’ day, let me pull a card for you. Send the form below, and I’ll send back a little one-card tarot reading with a message about your strength and brilliance.

I know it’s not a lot to offer, and I know it’s not what everybody needs, but it’s what I have available today.

I’m afraid I’ve hit my capacity for these readings! I’m so sorry.

If you’ve sent me a request, I have it! Please allow up 24 hours for a reply.

Love, love, and love,

Beth x


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