Weekend reading: Stay in bed and read (or plan a new moon ritual)

Blog news: I’ve decided to start posting the links-roundups from my newsletter here on the blog, so more people can enjoy the awesomeness that is Stuff I Find Online. You’re invited to share your own links in the comments (of course!) What inspiring things did you read this week?

moon-dates-2015Firstly – it’s a new moon tonight.

We place a lot of emphasis on the energy of the full moon, but in terms of new starts, planning, moving on and embracing change, the new moon is a more significant time. This is all about potential. Letting go of what needs to pass, welcoming in a new lunar month, a new phase in your life, and setting intentions for that month.

You can find all of the full and new moon dates for 2015 (plus the dates of the eight Pagan festivals/sabbats) here.

And here’s the tarot spread – created by Ethony – that I’m going to use tonight to read for right now, the month just passed and the month ahead.

I’m also reading this book, The Art of Ritual by (tarot reader) Renee Beck and Sydney Barbara Metrick, which I picked up in a second-hand bookshop in Ithaca yesterday.

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It’s an amazing book – I’m kinda hooked in. I really just wanted some guidance in putting together a new moon *thing* for myself tonight, but there is so much in here, it’s really changing the way I think about ritual. It’s practical and full of interesting and useful ideas to take your ritual wherever you want. There are simple suggestions here, for rituals which take place quietly, whilst sitting still… and there are instructions for making wire goddesses, candles, masks or bread.

I also love the focus on process, on the different stages of a ritual: preparation (where you set intention, clarify purpose and actually design your ritual), manifestation (where your ritual takes place), and completion, where you ground the work done, clear away, notice changes, evaluate.

There is an art to the creation of a successful ritual. Each ceremony is a dramatic event that opens the door to another world. … The world you enter through ritual is a timeless one. It lies within you, in a place often unremembered, and around you, in a place often beyond reach.

When I’ve finished reading this book, I’d love to share some highlights with you.

Here’s the links roundup from yesterday’s email

…with a few extras. Goddam there is so much to read on the internet.

Sara Blackthorne on the power of ritual – and what ‘ritual’ might include. Which really resonated today.

The problem with the word ‘Gypsy’. Describing yourself as a gypsy is so prevalent in tarot-y communities – please take a moment to read this piece on the real impact on this word and whether it’s really right for you.

I just realised artist A’Driane Nieves has a shop! Look at this incredible painting“It’s the first in a series of paintings that speak to the historical violence of whiteness and the terrorism that police brutality has inflicted upon black and brown bodies here in the United States of America.”

Happily marrying while fat. It can be done!

If the shoe fits, come take this amazing five week online writing course by and for sick and disabled queer, trans and Two Spirit Indigenous, Black and People of Color, run by one of my all-time tarot heroes Leah Lakshmi Piepzna Samarasinha.

As for me, I just signed up for this very affordable six-week writing class…to see what happens.

Oh gee look at how underrepresented queer women are in major films.


Image via Autostraddle.com

Things my male tech colleagues have actually said to me, annotated.

Paige Zee is having a tough time but this podcast is keeping her from falling into unhealthy old habits.

THANK YOU WEST ANDERSON. How Gay Marriage misses the mark in the queer rights movement. Amen.

THANK YOU MARY TULLY. How to make your crush’s pet obsessed with you. Go forth and win furry hearts.

Theresa Reed is cooking her way through the tarot – this new series presents recipes and culinary ideas for every card, one by one. Nom.

This is an amazing interview with Reina Gossett and her sibling Che about giving less shits, social movement burnout, and gender selfie determination.

And that led me to find out that Portable Fortitude and Slow Holler artist Corina Dross is doing horoscopes for Mask magazine!!!!

Songs of the Caravan – an album of music from India’s transgender community.

Sarah von Bargen has also been enjoying a blogger’s retreat and you can too.

Happy reading!


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