Starting a tarot group

Wednesday night was tarot group night.

The Todmorden tarot meet-up started a couple of years ago. Whilst hanging out on tarot forums, tweeting and blogging was fun, I wanted to meet with other tarot peeps in real life – to chat over a drink, share cards, read for each other and more. I put a shout-out on the TABI forum and a few of us arranged to get together.

The first meeting we held was at a member’s house – there were six of us (I think!) and it was cosy and fun sitting around in her living room, getting to know each other. There was David, who uses tarot as part of his counselling practice, Willow, who has hundreds of decks and has been reading for years, others who were new to tarot or just read for themselves. We all brought our favourite decks to ‘show and tell’, a favourite spread to share, and ideas for exercises we could do.

Roll on a couple of years and the Todmorden tarot group meets every other month at a pub in town.

We chose somewhere light, quiet-ish and accessible, with room for us all to get comfortably around a table…and where people wouldn’t look at us funny for playing with tarot cards.

Photo 06-08-2014 20 07 53

Mo and Jenny getting ready to shuffle…

I hadn’t actually been along for a year or so was excited to attend on Wednesday and reunite with tarot friends. We spent a while catching up (so much can change in a year!) which basically consisted of talking about our love-lives, vibrators (specifically Rampant Rabbits), sperm and sexy gardeners.

Then the cards came out. Jenny had ordered a hand-delivered Wild Unknown Tarot deck from me so she had fun playing with that. I’d brought along my brand new Gorgon’s Tarot to use for the first time – it’s good fun trying out a new deck when there are other people around to share their ideas too. Mo used her Radiant Rider Waite, Suzanne used a traditional Rider-Waite-Smith, and Willow read with a cute deck called the Hezicos Tarot.

One-card group readings

I love the simple exercise that we do – one person asks a question, then each of us draw a single card. First, the individual reader interprets the card and offers advice, and then everyone jumps in with their suggestions. When everyone has drawn a card (including the querent), we discuss the message as a whole. It’s really simple, but a great way to learn – you get to see a bunch of different decks, go into detail on individual cards with different people, and it’s also really interesting to see how others read.

Photo 06-08-2014 20 08 55

Willow reading for Jenny

Photo 06-08-2014 20 13 17

Me with my huuuuge new cards!

Photo 06-08-2014 20 17 07

Suzanne getting some sage advice from Mo

Photo 06-08-2014 20 17 27

That King of Wands appeared several times – think it was all that talk of sexy men…

A couple of group members have their own tarot websites…

If your tarot community is all online and you’ve been thinking about starting a group in your area, I’d recommend just going for it – put a poster up, advertise on a tarot forum or community website, and just see who comes along 🙂

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  1. Selkie says:

    I like that look of the Gorgons Tarot .. ( I just had a quick peek at her web site ) I learned to read with the Motherpeace deck years ago.. I see it is not available in the UK ? Will you be stocking it on here ?

      • Selkie says:

        Aha yes its there Thank you,, It is ..pricey but will save for it as it looks worth the investment .. I have had some disappointments in this past year with decks that I will sell on ..

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