Start a fire – Queen of Wands

queen of wands tarot card

Sexy, strong, charismatic, brave. The Queen of Wands is a fire-starting inspiration.

I made a goddess for my love – a split-skirted figure with a blinding bolt in her raised hand. Manifestation, beginning from love. I need this lady’s fire and crackle right now. Winter is harsh and grey and dulls the senses. On clear days though, the light is infused with a haze of hope on the horizon and I feel myself getting ready for spring’s burst of activity.

The Queen of Wands is courageous and confident. She knows what she wants and how to get it. I’m rebuilding my business at the moment, redesigning my processes with this queen’s passion in mind.

It’s about surrounding myself with these fiery, strong women. I want to fill my work with enthusiasm and love and I want my clients to do the same. I find myself reading the blogs and projects of some incredible women, women like Sarah Bray, Trudy Hamilton, Dori Midnight, Amani Alkhat and Mandy Steward. And loads more. I can’t get enough of cool women making a big deal out of their amazing lives or passionate beliefs. It’s fun. It’s inspiring. It’s totally creative.

Each of these women is starting a fire. I want to start my own.

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