Spring Equinox and The Archer

Focused, determined, strong and stunning, The Archer draws back her arrow to shoot right to the heart of her target.

This is a card for the spring. Based on the Wheel of the Year, the Wildwood Tarot places The Archer (card number seven, or The Chariot in ‘regular’ decks) at the spring equinox – the time of arrows and of the element of air.

The Archer Wildwood Tarot

The Archer, from the Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Will Worthington

It’s a time for sharpening up thoughts and making ideas real – for deciding what to leave behind so as to better focus on what moves us forward. The bow is fire (as bows are wands in the Wildwood Tarot) and the arrow (like a sword) is air – firey inspirational energy giving power and motion to the thought-arrow, powering our intellect towards its goal.

Mark Ryan discusses this ‘notion of controlling and harnessing the mental process and turning it into a physical act’ on the Wildwood Tarot blog:

The drawing of the bow symbolises the harnessing of latent energy inherent within the wood, and the arrow represents the thoughts, desires or creative process that requires focusing and aiming with positive intent. Within the act of drawing and releasing the arrow  there are many opposing and random forces or energies and the skilled archer learns to hold these energies in a state of stillness and balance until the final moment of release that sends his will towards the target. 

Mark Ryan, Wildblog

This fits very well with the idea of spring. As we emerge from the warm blankets, comfort food and box-sets of winter, a bright sense of inspiration seeks in. As in The Chariot, The Archer is a card of will. Where will you direct your mental energy this spring? What will you clear away in order to focus?

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