Spring cleaning tarot spread

Spring Cleaning tarot spread

Well, the snow’s at least two feet deep out there

Nonetheless, it’s the spring equinox, and time to do some sorting.

I wanted to create a tarot spread that would serve as a spring clean for my life – addressing the junk I’ve got kicking around my flat and clearing it out, and redecorating with shiny new ideas to brighten things up.

Here’s a spring cleaning tarot spread…

Card positions:

1 & 2 – You, now
3 & 4 – All that junk under the bed – and how to tackle it
5, 6 & 7 – Redecoration! Fresh ideas
8 – …and it really is time to chuck this out

Spring Cleaning tarot spread
Spring Cleaning tarot spread

So! Let’s give it a whirl.

I’m a little short on time tonight so let’s just see what pops up. I’ve used Charissa Drengsen’s brilliant Steampunk Tarot, which always seems to give me punchy, thought-provoking answers, like the kind of mate you love to share a bottle with cus you know she’s gonna tell it like it is and get you all fired up : )

1 & 2 – You, now

Seven of Swords crossed by The Star

The Seven of Swords is a thief in the night – sneaking into my home when I’m sleeping and making off with something I hold dear. Or am I the thief? I get the feeling I’m not doing myself justice here – not thinking something through well enough, taking the easy route, the lazy route. Well lazy is sure how I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve been run down, under the weather – and it’s making me want to cut corners. I’ve just quit my job in order to start my own business…and though I’ve got plenty of ideas buzzing round inside my head, I really do have this feeling all the time that I’m short-changing myself. I hold my goals very clear, but too often I find myself looking for a quick fix when I become overwhelmed by the hard work ahead of me. And like that feeling when you Just Can’t Get Warm, it leaves me feeling slightly tense, most of the time.

The Star offers me hope. In fact, The Star feels like spring itself. It brings me back to a place of innocence, it sort of ‘wipes the slate clean’, lets me put winter, with it’s sniffles and endless DVD sessions, behind me. It’s a gentle hand reaching towards me, calling ‘come on then’, easing me into a warmer, truer, lighter sense of myself.

3 & 4 – All that junk under the bed – and how to tackle it

Page of Pentacles and Seven of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles represents a multitude of business ideas and possible directions – over the past six months I’ve spent a lot of time dreaming up new ways for me to make a living as it became clearer and clearer to me that I don’t want to spend my life working for somebody else. I’ve been through plenty of schemes, imagined all sorts of different lives, mapped them, attempted them, begun them, failed at them..

The Seven helps me to sort through this tangled mess. As I said the other day, it’s the ‘interim report’ card, the point where you stand back and look at what’s working, what needs more attention, what’s to be pruned and what might be a little early harvest, if you’re lucky. It’s starting to become clear to me which paths are worth following and which need to be ignored or forgotten for now. The Seven tells me to look at this from a practical (and financial) perspective. I need to keep a roof over my head, but I also want to feel I’m doing more soulful work. Contrary to my Seven of Swords feeling, I don’t want a quick fix or a new scheme – I want to strip things back to allow more growing space for the couple of projects where I really need to be focusing my energy.

5, 6 & 7 – Redecoration! Fresh ideas

Two of Cups

A new love? Well, I think not, I already got all the romance a girl could want. But a friendship, for sure! An emotional connection to someone – an offering and a receiving of feeling and warmth. I really feel like I’m gonna make a new friend, actually, I can feel it coming on. And recently I’ve grown closer to a truly amazing friend – it’s a relationship I’ve been wanting to cultivate for a long time and it’s been wonderful feeling that it’s becoming deeper, for me at least. So the Two of Cups encourages me to put plenty of energy into that, and to nurture my friends and my love.

The Hermit

…yet at the same time getting plenty of time to myself. Study, reflection, self-development. I’m taking a web-design course, it’s somewhat isolating and geekily brilliant and I’m quite in awe of the cool guy who teaches it. I’ve been yearning to rebegin an online tarot/astrology course that I started last year when I thought I was gonna have loads of spare time (!) This card encourages me to keep up the learning end of things, and to keep linking my learning back to my personal goals. It also suggests to me that I keep my social life quiet for now (er, not exactly compatible with the new friend-stuff, thanks very much cards!) Hmm, it does make sense though. My disposable income is zilch (I don’t actually know where next month’s rent is coming from at this stage…) and getting my head down, using that Seven if Pentacles’ practical focus, and developing skills I can actually sell – which are also skills which bring me pleasure, this is so not about doing *anything* to get by – seems like the way to go. I’ll be poor for some time yet, but what I really need right now is to feel that I’m going in the right direction for ME.

Queen of Pentacles

More nurturing. The Queen of Pentacles knows how to put food on the table and a warm glow in the soul.  She’s maternal and health-giving and someone who really cares – and she’s a nature-lover too. I know it’s time I looked after myself better – part of being run down over winter is because I’ve been eating crap, smoking and generally becoming one with my sofa. Oops. The Queen of Pentacles knocks me into shape with lovely healthy food and a spot of gardening, perhaps. I’ve been wanting to create my own medicinal herb garden for a couple of years – maybe now is the time to get that started.

8 – …and it really is time to chuck this out

Knight of Pentacles

Awww…what’s wrong with the poor old Knight of Pentacles? There is a person in my life whom this could very easily represent, and I’ve been wondering whether to continue making the effort with them, since I get so little in return – it’s one of those friendships where you frequently wonder why you bother. But I know why I bother, and besides that seems to counter the warmth of the Two of Cups and the Queen of Pents. no, I won’t give up on him just yet. If anything,  I think this card is telling me to ditch an attitude – a feeling that this year is going to be hard, and slow, and long. Why have I got that into my head? Now I think about it, I realise I am constantly affirming that to myself, telling myself that, though it will be progressive for me, this is going to be a tough period of my life. No wonder I want to stay on the sofa! Whilst there’s a time and a place for the Knight of Pentacles’ diligent, dependable workhorse ethic, as I emerge into spring I need to be feeling a little more spark in my belly, a little more excitable optimism.

Well, there’s my spring clean reading. I like it! Of course self-readings are usually so much more about confirmation than new information, but there’s plenty here for me to think about.  I know that I’ve had (or maybe still have) a few too many Page of Pentacles irons in the fire, a few too many little money-making schemes up my sleeve…well it’s time to sort the wheat from the chaff. With pleasure! The Queen of Pentacles in particular jumps out as a card to pay attention to, as she really reminds me of the importance of self-care. And the punch of that last card – the no-compromise headshaking when I beg to hold onto some old piece of crap – is liberating and makes sense of everything else.

Happy snowy equinox! If you try this spread out, let me know how you get on : )

Beth x

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  1. Emily says:

    I’m so glad to have found your blog. We share a similar relationship to the cards (at least as you portray it) and it’s been really fun and insightful to go through your old posts. I’ve only gotten into it in the past 5 months and while there is a lot to do and see in NYC it’s difficult to find others who have the same stance on the cards as myself (as I suppose goes with anything). Keep writing. You are reaching people. I’m sure I’ll have a million questions for you.

    • Little Red says:

      Wow, thanks for these lovely comments Emily! So exciting you’re starting a tarot journey too.
      I’m no expert but feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you wanna exchange readings!
      B xx

      PS If you check out the links at the bottom of the page you might find a few more blogs to enjoy 🙂

  2. It’s 2016 now, but spring is here again, making this spread as relevant as ever. I had a great time using it–with a book coming out next month, it’s been helpful to have this to refer to in order to suss out what needs focus and what needs to be tossed. Thank you!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Esme! So glad you found it helpful – and I love the thought of you using it to help with this busy exciting period! Good luck with the book launch 😀

  3. Marina says:

    Uhm, so I actually did a tarot reading concerning my crush (so I basically did this tarot spread from his point of view on his own life if that makes any sense), and it says for number 8 (the things he really has to get rid of) is The Star…any thoughts on what that means..?

  4. kbennall says:

    It’s the end of 2017 now, and I’m using this as the opening salvo in my “Autumn Spread Madness.” I drew the Six of Swords followed by the Ace of Pentacles the last two days, and there’s been something I know I need to extricate myself from (which I’ve devoted my life to for almost a decade) and something I know I need to move into (a long process of total shifts in my way of living) – but the first thing – sorry for the vagueness! – is so enmeshed in my life and very identity that I don’t know how to do it. I mean, I DO know how, in a way, but I also don’t even a little bit. I’ve lined up some of your spreads and I’m hitting it tonight, so tomorrow, Sunday, can feel fresh and purposeful. I started with Tarot of the Cat People, but that just felt way too intense, too…grand. The Dreaming Way feels really good for this spread. Gonna follow it with Tapping into Your Confidence, and then probably Extended Bridge (I’m seriously stuck.) Who knows, perhaps at New Year’s, if you are back at it, I might get your insights on the next step. The reading you gave me last year (about this very thing, but from a very different place in my life) was spot on and turned my thinking right around, so thank you! For all of it.

  5. Tam says:

    Hi Beth
    I’m cleaning up some stodgy stuff from 2017, and shape-shifting into newfreshness, and I came across this spread of yours.
    I love it. The cards are all spread out, and I’ve done a 15 second speed-read, and it’s git real magnetism.
    Thank you

  6. Martha says:

    Hi Beth, I just recently found your blog and it inspired me to finally start out on my tarot journey! I have made my first readings with my Wild Unknown deck and the cards really click with me so far, the results were very relatable to my situation. Basically, my spring cleaning spread for new year says, “you have emerged from a lot of hardship, and now look, there’s new light and your power, just really let go of your insecurities and be on your way up” which really sums up what’s going on 😉
    Thanks so much for all the resources you share here, they are very helpful!
    Love, Martha

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Wonderful spread. Just used this with the Dark Goddess (my favourite deck) and got very clear and to the point guidance on how to deal with family members and my own role in the crazy drama…

    Short summary of the guidance I received:

    Get rid of deadweight. Set clear boundaries. Seek simple pleasures. Steer clear of people who project their own motives on you. Do not be deluded by another’s delusion. Never apologise for who you are. Think outside the box. Forget the bad, remember the good.

    Perfect. Thank you!

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