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  1. ktreu says:

    Honestly, talking to my therapist about my own burgeoning business has been extremely helpful. She’s got a lot of ‘coaching’ background as well her psychology PhD, so we strategize, make lists, and she’s always mindful about my own mental health and ensuring I’m getting a good balance!

  2. Oak says:

    This was really useful! It’s helpful to hear about how folks manage mental health stuff and limited energy. It sometimes seems impossible to me, and it’s great to hear about other folks’ strategies.

  3. Buying Xanax says:

    I would love to start my own business/portfolio career but I’ve found the energy needed to do so whilst also working for someone else has been prohibitive. Does anyone have info/stories/resources they can share about getting started??

  4. Xanax Buying says:

    I love your blog and words so much! I’ve been struggling to believe in myself enough to follow through with making&selling my artwork while also trying to overcome depression. I’m currently reading “Make Art Make Money” by Elizabeth Hyde Stevens and she challenges the idea that art and business are mutually exclusive. She uses Jim Henson as an example and says rather than creating art in order to get rich, he used most of his earnings to fuel his art and create more. Also, I’ve recently realized that although money is a necessary evil, the internet allows us to connect and build communities around shared interests and support each other emotionally or financially, which in itself is a radical act of anti-capitalism.

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