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  1. I saw the website for this deck maybe a week or two ago and I got really excited. It’s cool to see Beatriz Mendoza involved; we have a Mesoamerica Resiste poster on the ceiling above our bed 🙂

    Now that I see the Kickstarter page for it (Xanax Doctors Online) I have some reservations though. I see the funding they want is $55,000. That’s more than I’ve seen any tarot deck funding campaign ask for… Certainly some have received that much (Prisma Visions comes to mind), and I really like that they want to pay their artists for the work, but as a bare minimum goal it still seems ambitious. Also there’s the fact that it’s not going to be ready for almost 2 years 🙁 I appreciate that they respect that their contributors have other commitments and want to be efficient with time/energy investments, but it’s really hard for low-income me to fork over $50 on a project where I can’t even see the vast majority of cards; I really want a usable deck. I love what I’ve seen so far in terms of aesthetics though…

    • Hey, personally I’m really happy to see artists asking for what they’re worth to deliver an amazing project – even thought it seems ambitious. $46 is the contribution to get a deck once its complete which feels reasonable to me, though I totally get that it’s not affordable to all.

      We get to thinking that tarot decks should be $20, but this price tends to be for decks mass printed in China and sold through big companies like Amazon… to print these decks on super quality stock in the USA will cost a whole lot – money I doubt the artists of Slow Holler have available.

      I feel like these guys have done their sums, worked out what it *actually* costs to deliver this project, and are unafraid to go for it.

      • I don’t mind paying $46 for a deck–I’ve bought a couple decks in that range (and more) over the years. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to ask at all–I know the deck is worth $46! It’s just, for me, $46 is a lot to put down for a deck where I can’t even see the vast majority of the cards. It’s really important to me to know what I’m getting, and in this case it just seems like an amount of variable that I’m uncomfortable with. I really respect how they’re going about the project vis-a-vis paying their artists and I know they have good reasons for the big lead time. I also think, wow, $55,000 is a lot to raise for the absolute bare minimum. I hope they can do it. Maybe maybe if they put out a few more card during the campaign I’ll be convinced to fund it 🙂

  2. Cecilia says:

    As soon as I saw the words Slow Holler Tarot on your Twitter about this, I knew it had to be from the South. I’m an Southerner living in the UK and simply reading those words made my heart leap. The video brought cold chills and tears. That is my South. My Scot/Irish ancestors immigrated to a place called The Dark Corner in upper SC and I also used to live in the mountains of NC. There is a deep magic in the South that I’ve never encountered anywhere else I’ve lived. I can hardly wait for this deck to be released.

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