Give and take – Six of Pentacles

It’s my birthday. I didn’t have time for a full reading (…and truth be told, I didn’t want one.) A simple, single card to offer advice for the year ahead.

The Six of Pentacles. Six delicate plums glow like lanterns on the silhouette of a branch. The description in my brief guide say prosperity and growth.

There is something generous here, something about sharing the fruits of labour (which I associate more with the Seven). When I prosper, what do I do with my wealth? When I grow, who is helping me do this? It’s hard to act in isolation in this world – ‘most everything we do impacts on environment, in the most basic sense by adding or changing the energy around us, by adding or removing resources, by altering someone’s experience of the world. This card makes me feel more conscious of that give and take of energy. I can sit here on my boat making plans, formulating ideas, designing projects, but what will the impact be on the world around me? Who will I help? Who will help me?

Here are some useful questions posed by Diana Rogers at Crystal Reflections:

With whom are you sharing your prosperity, resources or abilities? How and to whom are you mentor, advisor or patron? How are you sharing the wealth of money, talent, information? What do you have to give that others need? How are you managing your time? What and from whom do you receive?

Pentacles – the suit of work. I relate this back to an earlier card this week, The Chariot, where I learned that business opportunities mean nothing if my heart does not believe in the goals. Rogers’ questions probe further at my situation.

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