Six brilliant tarot blogs

When you practice tarot as part of an online community, it’s all about learning from each other.

Picking up ideas for spreads or card interpretations from other tarotists, learning from the professionals how to deal with tricky clients or set boundaries, finding out how others approach the cards, what other elements – mythology, astrology, gender theory…they bring in to their own readings.

Time to share some love.

We all know about the big guys – Donnaleigh, The Tarot Lady and so on – brilliant resources for learners, professionals and everyone in-between. But here’s a selection of less-famous-still-awesome tarot blogs which I regularly visit for inspiration, ideas, or when I’m looking up a card to see what others make of it. Sure, sometimes I simply Google stuff. But there’s nothing like checking in with your favourite bloggers to get a personal take that you trust and enjoy.

Inner Whispers

Chloe is one of the most disciplined and dedicated tarotists I’ve ever come across – I’ve only known her break her daily routine once (ahem, to give birth) in the years I’ve been following her blog. When it’s not a daily card, briefly but sensitively explored in the context of her day, Chloe posts interviews with new decks (her collection has to be the world’s largest!) and other useful, thoughtful bits and bobs.

Two Sides Tarot

Marianne and I recently connected and have swapped mini-readings – a fun practice I hope we can continue! Her blog is super-new – at the moment I write this there are only three posts – but I’m so excited she’s writing it!

Her Sixth Circle

You know when you stumble across a blog and you just really want to be friends with the writer? That’s happened here. This is a personal tarot blog – one woman exploring herself through the cards, no compromises, just her and the cards and a bunch of thoughts (sometimes righteous, sometimes vulnerable) which always seem strangely familiar.

Little Fox Tarot

Mellissa is an awesome tarot reader. As in, she’s been doing it for years. I can’t actually remember how I came across her (or maybe she found me) but anyway, we exchanged readings by phone and it blew my mind. Her blog is varied and brilliant and she’s always coming up with new exercises or approached to explore in a new blog series. My favourite, which seems to have now vanished, was a tarot mixtape – she, me, Theresa Reed and others were all adding our tarot songs to the

(Also she’s probably cross with me right now cus we’ve been trying to schedule a reading exchange for ages….)

This Game of Thrones

Alison Cross is witty and down-to-earth and brilliant in this long-running blog which focuses specifically on the tarot court cards – I check in regularly when I’m working with a tricksy character and she always helps me to get my head around it.

Greylady’s Hearth

Ellen started this blog recently like many of us do – to record her relatively new journey into tarot. It’s a quiet, careful and intelligent exploration of the cards and a blog I’ve come to visit more and more as I get to know her through her posts.

Got any favourite tarot blogs you’d like to share? Link us up in the comments! x

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  1. Ellen says:

    Hi Beth. What a wonderful surprise to see you have mentioned my blog in this post.It really makes me smile:D
    I have two blog-links I want to share with you . Not only do I like the content but the writers are two lovely women who always take the time to respond to your comments so you really get to know them

    • Little Red says:

      Thanks Chloe! I wondered if you’d stopped the every-single-day posting because of your new little’un. I’m still in awe of how you’ve posted so regularly for so long – something I aspire to as a blogger 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations, I’ve never seen First Earth Tarot before (though I do know the wonderful Rowan Tarot)…will have to check it out.

  2. Ahhhhh, WOW! I was NOT expecting to see my blog on this list at all and now I am ridiculous flattered — thank you so much! And your description, oh, it makes me so happy! I’m so pleased that you’ve enjoyed reading my blog enough (and found my scribbles familiar — this pleases me greatly) to want to list it here. I think I’m rambling. Sorry! <3

    And now I can't wait to check out all of these other blogs as well! So far I've only been a reader of a handful of tarot blogs, and one of them is defunct now (but she's the one who led me to your blog, so I suppose it worked out well!). Lately I've also subscribed to Tarot by Jess as well. 🙂

    • Little Red says:

      Hey K!
      You are most welcome, I really enjoy exploring your blog. And aww Tarot by Jess is ace! I’ve saved that one to my list, thanks for the tip…and OOH free readings from a learner yes please!
      Was the defunct one perchance Submerina? I greatly miss that blog :'(

  3. alisoncross says:

    oh thank you! That was so nice to read that the blog is useful – that’s my whole reason for writing it, so you’ve really made my day!!! (((hug)))

  4. Anthony says:

    Just started following The Minimalist Tarot (, pretty interesting take on simplifying an approach to Tarot.

  5. Phillip says:

    Hi Beth. I loved this post. So much so that it inspired me to start a tarot blog of my own. Thanks for sharing other great authors worth following. Along with your own, they are chock full of inspiration 🙂

  6. Isads says:

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  8. Hello Beth, I have travled all over the world for more than 36 years reading my Tarot deck for people. Now I have settled down in the Central American rain forest. I am just learning about blogs and want to sit down and tell inspiring stories to encourage young people to take up and learn the skill of Tarot Reading. Would you please visit my blog and possibly give me advise. I need to know if I am working in the right direction.
    Raven La Luz

  9. Beth I discovered your blog not so long ago and really love it. Lots of great suggested blogs in this post! Greylady’s Hearth (Ellen) and By The Sycamore Tree (Bev) both have wonderful blogs and they are wonderfully insightful, honest women who have become two of my dearest friends through the Tarot community online.

  10. Otylia says:

    Great list of blogs Betty. Currently I`m reading greyladyshearth blog but I hope I will add blogs that You mentioned to my list.

  11. Kali says:

    Great post! As someone who is just starting to look to network with other tarot sites, it’s great to see a personal selection here. The littlefoxtarot site goes to a 404 though!

  12. Amy says:

    Hello, just a little plug in case someone would like a custom tarot reading done for them. After traveling the world with my favorite tarot deck (Osho Zen Tarot) and getting astounding results, I started my own little shop on Etsy where I am offering really affordable readings. It’s a great way to get some advice coming your way, and a great way to experience how some other tarot readers may work
    Thank you!

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