Six more wonderful self-published tarot decks for your viewing pleasure

I just love sharing wonderful tarot decks with you. For example, here were seven brilliant new decks I rounded up last January.

And here are six more!

The Unicorns of the Universe Tarot

Rebecca Shoenecker


Another gorgeous deck from Rebecca Schoenecker, creator of the Laughing Eye, Weeping Eye tarot.

The decks’ creator worked hard to tame the wild, mystical Unicorn. It wasn’t easy. The Unicorns were shy and sometimes they had difficulty concentrating. But through their friendship, the Unicorns began to share their secrets. Rebecca came to know these 5 Unicorns, who agreed to work with her, granted they get some recognition.


The Wooden Tarot

AL Schwartz

the wooden tarot

I very nearly bought this deck a few weeks back…but decided instead to go for the Earthbound Oracle as I’ve been experimenting more with oracle decks lately. The Wooden Tarot is certainly on my wish-list, though.

View more of Schwartz’s artwork at Skullgarden.

The Cosmos Tarot and Oracle

Artist collaboration


My but this is lovely. A tarot and oracle together in one mega deck, what a great idea! Published by the Light Grey Art Lab, who created the Light Grey Tarot – available this October.

 The Antique Anatomy Tarot

Claire Goodchild


“Since I was a little girl I have had two loves; the occult and vintage oddities. As time went on I knew I wanted to have a deck to read that combined those two things. When I could not find one, the Antique Anatomy Tarot was born. I have carefully cleaned and restored antique medical imagery while preserving the vintage texture and look and combined them with classic elements of the Tarot to create something that I feel is truly special.”

The Linestrider Tarot

Siolo Thompson

linestrider tarot siolo thompson

Don’t hate me, but this one is actually sold out right now, after a phenomenally successful crowdfunded first edition. But it will be published next year by Llewelyn, so if you love these cards, you can grab a deck then.

The David Bowie Tarot (Kickstarter)

Jessica DeFelice

the david bowie tarot by jessica de felice

“The major arcana inclues imagery from all different personas of Bowie, including film personas like Jareth from Labyrinth and Thomas Jerome Newton from The Man Who Fell to Earth. The minor arcana each foccus on a different time or era of Bowie. The Cups, which symbolize emotions and love, are young beginning Bowie from his start until 1971 when Hunky Dory was released. The wands symbolize creativity and will, which will be represented by the Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane eras. The coins are symbolizing material body and belongings, showing Bowie’s Thin White Duke era which is around 1975 and 1976. The final suit, the swords which stands for reason, will be shown by modern Bowie.”

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  1. Kat says:

    The trend in self-publishing seems to produce the most interesting decks. While these are lovely and creative, I don’t think I could actually read with any of them. Here’s 2 independently published decks that are a bit more traditional but fabulous: The Efflorescent Tarot available on see the cards (b+w or color) go to Another is by Latvian artist Nika Berne called the Clover Tarot, see it at

  2. Potter says:

    I have the Linestrider, and it’s one of the friendliest decks I’ve read with. The images help a lot, but when I did my deck interview, the first card I drew was the 3 of cups… and it’s maintained that personality since.

    It’s also one of my best decks for reading for others. I hardly use it for myself because I love using it to read for other folks so much.

  3. Mecca says:

    My Capricorn guy surprised me with the skull garden set ( the tarot cards and the oracle deck) today. I absolutely love them!

  4. SJ says:

    … Ahhhhhh. I have a Thing for the cosmos, and that Tarot + Oracle deck is an AMAZING idea, AND its opening reception is in my city? Those are the kinds of coincidences I can’t ignore anymore.

    • SJ says:

      It’s Friday… but I might be working that entire time the reception is going. And it’s pretty close to being on my way home from work, even. That’s so weird.

  5. Carrie says:

    Is it just me, or are there more and more gorgeous, intriguing, creative indie decks every day? I’m particularly smitten with the EarthBound oracle. It’s at the tippy top of my wish list. Linestrider also looks amazing…and the Antique Anatomy…Ugh, seriously way too much awesome happening in this post.

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