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  1. I really enjoy this! Is it possible to use it for other decks too? I’ve been wanting to make sure I don’t just still to hetero-normative interpretations, so this book seems like it would help. Do the traditional cards differ that much or will I still be able to see the similarities?

    • Hey Ashley,

      The book talks about Thea’s Tarot, and some of the cards are different. Some major arcana cards have different words, and the court cards are different, which can be a little tricky at first. But all the info you need to transpose to your own deck is in Oliver’s introduction to the book, and as I mentioned in the review, you could write your more familiar card names in the book, above the card titles given.

      The book references the specific imagery in Thea’s Tarot, too (much like most tarot books will reference the Rider-Waite-Smith images) but for me, this just helps me learn more about interpreting, symbolism, different ways of looking at cards. It’s a great read 🙂

      • Oh – and you asked if Thea’s Tarot card differ greatly from traditional cards (I’m assuming you mean RWS-based decks) – yes, they do. But you’ll pick up on the similarities in meaning, the common threads and so on (which is a great way to learn and develop 🙂

  2. Buying Xanax says:

    This looks soooo good! I’m still trying to save up to get the Gorgon Tarot, but this definitely made my list as well! I don’t know how you always find the awesomest things to review, but you do!

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