Setting off / a reading

I’m writing this in an airport hotel in Amsterdam.

Odd that a trip from the north of England to the US west coast should involve an overnight transfer in The Netherlands…but there you go, and here I am.

Something I truly love about travelling alone is that very stark, lonely feeling that comes from moving anonymously through transport hubs and sitting silently on trains or planes or buses. Even with a heavy bag I feel one step removed from the earth, like I’m floating a few inches off the ground. It’s eerie and a little sad and I truly, truly love it.

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Maps of Manchester and the USA in an interactive exhibition on community design at Manchester Art Gallery this week.

On Monday, Em read my cards.

I love it when she does. Em hasn’t been reading tarot very long and when she reads for me it feels so completely fresh and intuitive, she isn’t weighted down with learned meanings and the baggage cards pick up as we visit them over and over. Where I wasn’t always sure what to make of the cards, she brought the whole reading together with some beautiful suggestions about my trip.

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It’s 11.30 now and this hotel room looks exactly as you’d imagine it looks.

I pull a card: Nine of Pentacles

Resourcefulness, independence and creation of abundance.

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Okay then! I’m so excited about this trip…but also aware that I’ve never done anything quite so ‘winging it’ as I am right now, so this card brings a warm, welcome dose of self-assurance.

Then I lay out the six cards from Monday’s reading and remember Emma’s interpretation.

This reading uses my holiday tarot spread.

Photo 05-03-2015 00 55 37

Spirit in going: The Fool

Here I go. With very few expectations and a lot of faith in myself and the universe.

What to pack: Three of Wands

That willingness to step through the door, to take an idea to the next level. The powerful feeling of action and beginning.

What not to pack: Eight of Wands

And definite ideas about this project or what it is – that hasn’t become clear yet.

The spirit of the trip: Five of Wands

A conflict of ideas – projects jostling for space, some mistakes, some victories. A gradual sorting out of priorities, but a bumpy, noisy process.

Highlight of the trip: The Star

A rediscovery of my own essence.

Souvenir to find: The Hierophant

The most profound lessons, from the wisest teachers.

The way I read these cards, and the way I hope so much for this trip to be, is that these next three months will be about working with an idea, experimenting, working blind but with an open heart. There’s internal conflict and a rocky road at times, but this is an essential part of the process. Ultimately I stand to discover more about who I really am, and meet many, many amazing people who have incredible stuff to teach.

Bring it on 🙂

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  1. Ellen says:

    Hi Beth
    Funny to think you are in my country now, even if it just for a littlewhile
    I love your picture! It radiates the “Bring it on” vibe!
    Goede reis!

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