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  1. Lydia says:

    I really relate to this post as the Wheel of Fortune is one of those cards that almost always sees me reaching for a book, too. I love the idea of ‘a game you can’t lose’; looking for and recognising that luck or joy when it comes (when it is so often notable by its absence) feels like a radical and validating act.

  2. The Wheel has come up for me three times this month alone, twice in the last three days. In using the Earthbound Oracle, “Time” and “Cycle” have been repeats; as has “Chance” in the Flowers of the Night Oracle. I’ve been meditating on the Wheel, and these concepts behind it, trying to engage as deeply as I can. I just keep hearing “cycle” and “change.” It has a pretty positive slant, in my spreads, but it’s a little intimidating to get it so frequently! I appreciate your column — it is very timely.

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