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  1. Indigo says:

    Every time I read one of your posts, I’m struck by something you say, something that feels deeply familiar to me and that rarely gets said or recognized. This time around, it was “or we feel invisible, unable to harm others because we don’t quite exist in this world. ” yes, I have felt that and I feel that. Thank you for articulating it.

  2. Sara Diane says:

    “I don’t mind being seen as a problem.” Thank you, I love this. Who is it doing the seeing??? Who is the one judging who is problematic and who isn’t?? Nobody I want to cultivate meaningful relationships and community with. If queers and crips and witches are seen as a problem to capitalism and other oppressive structures, sounds like we’re doing something right.

    Also, fashion as witchcraft??? Yes.

  3. It’s frustrating & confusing that someone decided to stop reading the whole site because they disagreed with you. My belief is that spirituality & Tarot reading should be about opening yourself to understanding others’ experiences, and isn’t that what you shared? And then to tell all those other people not to read the site, too, just seems petty. I’m flabbergasted by that person’s decision.

    And I didn’t realise until I read it how much I needed this post. I’m lucky enough to have not experienced poverty, but it my privileges were removed, I probably would have. My disabilities are taking away everything that mattered to me these days, and finding those few things that make me feel real again is so challenging. This post felt like it gave me permission to unabashedly seek out those things (in the midst of doctor’s appointments & daily exercises & etc.). Thank you for sharing it.

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