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  1. Amerasuu says:

    This is my favourite column on little red tarot I really appreciate the effort you put into it I read this as I was walking my dog and I’m using voice typing to write this comment as I am yet to master typing with pain in one hand and the phone in the other Kane not pain walking stick I obviously mean walking stick thank you Google typing

  2. ahhhh you have written a definition of romantic love that makes sense to me! I have been looking all over for one! thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    I know little about the Cristy C Road tarot and now I am so intrigued to know more

  3. Rose says:

    In Marseilles tradition, this card means “choice” and it has very little to do with love, nor with any form of romantic relationship. That wouldn’t come for a few hundred years, when marriages started to be made with emotion in mind rather than for business. As a result, The Lovers traditionally sees relationship as more of a business transaction. You can choose to do good business, or you can choose to not be in the business at all (in which case you went to the Church, because that’s how renaissance catholicism worked).

    So it’s always been a bit confusing for me to see this card about romantic love, particularly as an ace who is a bit sketchy on the details between platonic and romantic loves. Instead, I usually see this card as being more about choosing, and choice, and chosen family. You can choose who you surround yourself with, and you can choose to seek out loving and supportive people. But you don’t need to be in a romantic relationship with them to have them in your life! But that’s also just how I read TdM in a radical way.

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