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  1. S. Diane says:

    This was exactly the piece I needed to read right now. I’ve been staying with my parents the last two weeks while I see a specialist for my chronic pain, and I’ve been feeling very isolated, lacking the access intimacy I’ve developed with my chosen family. I drew the 3 of Swords for my body tonight, and I cried when I saw it because I’m just so tired of being ill. This piece really struck a chord with me and gave me some solace, some space for tenderness with my body that’s trying it’s best. Thank you for writing this and for all your other work for disabled folx.

  2. katje says:

    Thank you for asking the questions. Thank you for touching on the idea of working with the concept of being crippled and the reality of what that means rather than fighting it.

  3. gangewifre says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely article… I’m low-energy and dealing with sore eyes so only got about halfway through, but that was enough for it to resonate deeply with me. The term “access intimacy” is new to me and I love it! I could immediately identify those in my life I share it with, particularly my parents and a very close friend. It’s such a gorgeous spacious feeling knowing that I don’t have to iterate and reiterate what I need, as a cripple with a hearing impairment and compromised immune system. They do the work – they tell me when they’re sick and contagious and can’t be around me; they ask if we’re walking too much or too far, if I need a break, and walk on the side of me that isn’t using the cane; they check-in about whether or not my environment is too noisy for me to hear them well. It’s such a relaxed, peaceful feeling, and oh how I love having a name for it. Because the opposite of it is something I know all too well, complain about all too much, and encounter too regularly. Being able to describe and name the solution is a beautiful thing. I think it also speaks to an additional layer of ableism in our society that I hadn’t been able to previously name. The onus being on us, those with disabilities, to advocate for ourselves, which can be utterly exhausting (particularly on top of all the other crap we have to deal with). Instead of having to contact places and explain (and then over-explain) access needs, or compromise on our side of things, I’d like questions about my access needs to be an everyday and regular part of conversation that is proactive and genuine. I want people to ask me instead of my having to ask them. I want them to genuinely be interested in what they can do to help me move through the world more easily, when it is a given for them to be able to do so.

    Cripple punk solidarity! Thanks again.

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