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  1. April says:

    Thank you so much for this.
    My mother passed away about a week ago now and I am still moving through it. I want to be there for my family but also for myself.
    It is good to read other people’s experiences for both how they are like mine and how they are different. I will definitely be reading through your writing backlog in the coming months!

  2. Jenn says:

    Thank you for sharing another heart full offering on grief journeys. I’ve listened to Ash many times over the last few months. I’ve also found solace in Alice Coltrane’s music, she made transcendent compositions as she mourned the loss of her husband. I’m looking forward to making a tincture that combines dandelion and rosemary. With yarrow, do you use the leaves or the flowers?

    Thank you and blessings on your journey

  3. Nina says:

    I so appreciate this information about grief. As a widow I have worked with my grief now for ten years after the passing of my husband. I am currently mentoring other widows as a facilitator for a six week grief intervention program. Those in grief come to this program looking for a formula that says if you do this and this and then this you will be done with grief. The reality is that as long as love resides in the heart grief will be a reflection of that love forever. This article was very helpful in providing natural method for healing multiple faces of grief and its physical manifestations. It also gives a griever something tangible to do to physically feel better.!!! Thank you.

    • “The reality is that as long as love resides in the heart grief will be a reflection of that love forever.” Nina, I so much needed to hear these words – thank you. They are very comforting to me and help me to re-frame feelings I have been frustrated by in the past, helping me to embrace the grief and loss I carry with me, rather than always wondering when I am going to be ‘done with it’.

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