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  1. Rebeca says:

    I drew the ten of swords (again) this morning. I can’t tell you how much this post means to me, and how perfect your timing is. Thank you.

  2. H. Klaus says:

    I really liked this post. The hanged man is my year card and as I look at some old things in a new perspective I realise I have a lot of trauma to unpack, so that really resonnated with me. I’ve been thinking about doing something for Ostara/the spring equinox and now I have some ideas, thank you for that!

  3. Paypal Xanax says:

    “Honoring the difficult and vital grieving work we do to shed that which has been killing us slowly might mean affirming our instinct to never return to those places and seek life. This feels particularly urgent for those of us living on the margins, who too often remain exposed to what hurts us and are told to be grateful for it.” <——- I have read and reread this and can't stop thinking about how necessary this is. Thank you, Asali. <3

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m getting tired of reading over and over about these cards clearing the way for something more positive, and I couldn’t put into words what was bothering me. You did, Asali. The words I needed were that sometimes we need to let go. To heal, we need to leave something behind. That helps me comprehend these cards better, and feels like a more whole way to use them. Not shying away from the dark and promising a transformation, but allowing the hard, darker moments to have their space so that they can move on. Thank you.

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