OPEN THREAD: My resolutions, your resolutions 2018 (and a free tarot reading!)

Happy new year, dear friends!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. ‘Resolution’ is a loaded word, especially at this time of year. Between being ‘healthier’, doing ‘more’ and becoming ‘better’, we talk at new year as though we’re all broken-down failures of human beings in need of fixing and mending and/or a stern, sharp kick up the backside.

We’re not. I’m not broken, you’re not broken. I don’t need fixing, and neither do you. You are already perfect.

And this open thread, this community tradition, is predicated on that statement.

But. But! Resolutions can also be fun. Goal-setting is fun. Stating intentions, declaring new directions, welcoming new hobbies or practices or habits or ideas into our lives, determining to grow and develop in special, meaningful ways …these are wonderful things to do, and right now there’s a beautiful collective vibe of change, of letting go of the old and bringing in the new.

So let’s talk all about it! 

My resolutions…

This time yesterday, I had a stack of resolutions and if I had chosen to commit them to paper, it would looked like a self-help to-do list (with a bunch of probably-expensive new hobbies thrown in for good measure).

Then I went on an impromptu silent retreat with a few friends, and boy did I get some clarity. Everything I had written, drawn, seen in the cards and pondered obsessively in recent weeks seemed to come together. I left with one statement, a mantra for the new year:

Claim your magic.

Claim my magic.

I’m tired of playing down my witchy self. Tired of mumbling half-arsed reasons why I don’t claim that label. Tired of making rituals and ceremonies ‘chilled’ and ‘fluid’ simply because I’m afraid to stand up and call in the elements and create and hold a truly sacred space. Tired of gifting my tinctures and elixirs and magical offerings with a self-deprecating, embarrassed shrug. Tired of letting bigoted comments pass because I’m afraid of my own voice and its power for change. Tired of being the nice girl. Tired of believing power and magic belongs to others and my role is to listen quietly and practice in secret and never tell a soul. Tired of pretending like magic isn’t an intimate part of the revolution. Tired of my internalised witchphobia, which serves no-one and keeps me small and harms what magic I do do.

I’m ready.

Ready to claim my magic. Ready to raise my voice. Ready to own myself.

What does this look like? This resolution doesn’t lend itself to to-do-list -making, but examples that fill me with warmth (and, yes, fear) include co-hosting a wheel of the year group (something I’ve sought to do for years, but kept chickening out of), teaching tarot face-to-face (I nearly managed this in 2017, but it fell through), redefining poetry for myself, learning and critiquing my inherited history, performing my spells instead of just dreaming and sketching them, re-writing the folklore I’m reading to serve a queer feminist agenda, owning ‘witchy’, and getting comfortable with the sound of my own voice as an instrument of change.

Oh. And I also want to take a pottery class. And read more. And get out on my bike more. And…. oops  🙂

Over to you!

For the past few years, I’ve hosted a big old open thread here on the blog. I share my new year’s resolutions with you guys, and then you join in, sharing your own in the comments.

And then! You get a free one-card tarot reading!

This is a community effort. In order to share your own resolution, first, you have to pull a card for the commenter before you.

I know, I know – this is gonna be kinda chaotic. Some folks might get no replies and others might get several. It will probably be really hard to know who you’re supposed to be replying to. But it worked so very beautifully last year and I’m excited to try this again!

How to do this:

  1. Reply to the last commenter, (click the small ‘reply’ link below the last comment) drawing a tarot card for their resolution and giving a super short reading to help them achieve it (a couple of lines is fine).
  2. Then share your own resolution in a separate comment! (Using the ‘leave a reply’ box below, don’t reply to another commenter). 

If it’s hard to work out who you should be replying to, you can find someone above you who doesn’t have a reply yet – or add a second reading to the one above you. It’s all good and I’ll make sure everyone gets a reading in the end! Don’t overthink it!



This open thread is now closed! Thank you so much to everyone who took part this year and shared intentions, wishes, hopes and dreams, and encouragement, support and tarot.

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  1. Beth says:

    I’ll go first. I really want to make this the year that I define ‘witch’ for myself and find and practice my own magic, but the whole thing is bound up in a bunch of fearful, self-deprecating feelings. How can I step into this magic fully?

    • Amanda Jayne says:

      The card drawn for you Beth was the Nine of Pentacles from the Hidden Realm Tarot.
      Your individual gifts are serving you well and you would benefit from sharing these with others. Your unique gift should be nurtured and shared so as to allow a beautiful bounty in the year ahead.

      • Amanda Jayne says:

        I wish to make this year more focused on my healing work and less on my employment as a solicitor. However , this change is tied up with fear that financially this will not be sustainable.

        • chris says:

          Hi Amanda, i saw that nobody has replied to your resolutions yet, so i decided to draw a card for you from the oracle bleu, a french deck that i am really excited about. I drew card number 19: le marriage céleste/ heavenly matrimony. (that is the translation on the card, i would prefer: divine union)
          I wish i could post an image here, but since that is not possible, the best i can do is give you this link:

          it is a video made by céleste (interesting synchronicity….) who guided me to this deck in the first place, she does a full fliptgrough so you can see how beautiful this card is.
          Now for the message: you should not choose one area of your life (the healing) over another (being a solicitor); instead you should focus on integrating both of them. (the guidebook talks of a fusion, a collaboration) it is time to gather all the knowledge and skills you have acquired in both fields and let them merge into something sacred and magic, something divine.

          • Sophie says:

            Hi Chris,
            I couldn’t tell if anyone had responded to you so I’ve pulled a card for you from the Cosmic Tarot.
            The card is The Devil. Not to be alarmed. It would seem that you have recently emerged from a life struggle or are going through one, the only way is up and through reliable friends and family you will achieve this emerging with new strength and wisdom which you will chose to help others.

          • Sophie says:

            My promise to myself for 2018 is to develop my inner witch and bring it to the forefront of who I am. To use my Reiki more, To develop my healing and pagan practice, to have faith in myself and my abilities.

          • Rebekah says:

            Sophie, I didn’t see a reply for you so I pulled a card from The Wild Unknown Tarot (Mass Market Edition), and that card was the Seven of Wands.

            One wand stands alone in the center, tipped in glowing flame. You can best develop your healing and pagan practice and inner witch by focusing on what lights your fire. Others may not resonate with that. (This wand is surrounded by six others who are leaning into the darkness, unlit.) It may mean veering away from what is outlined in the books or other resources you’re consulting. (The lit wand is black, and the others are white, bringing to mind the proverbial “black sheep.”) That’s okay. Do not let this affect your faith in yourself, your abilities, or your path. You know, by instinct, your connection to the Divine, the abilities and what supports your healing and spiritual practice. Get still and listen to that above all else. And, yes, to me this does indicate using your Reiki more is a part of this, as that is a form of energy similar to the fire depicted here, and it is a means of shining your light in the world. Go forth and shine, Sophie!

          • Sophie says:

            Thank you Rebekah for such an insightful reading. You were spot on. I have not developed my practice because others don’t support it and want me to stick the day job, I’ve already made a commitment to myself to train as master in reiki this year, which is something I have wanted to do for years, I have also decided to go with my heart and gut and trust that over everything else, including what books and others say, which I will use as guidelines, I do feel I am alone but I’m not scared anymore. I know what my path is, and I will trust myself to follow it. Thanks again Rebekah for confirming this to me. X

          • Amanda Jayne says:

            Hi Chris,
            Thank you for the reading and the video, the deck is really interesting. I was please by your reading as that is what I am trying to do as I feel I have skills as a Solicitor that will help with the healing work but is easy to loose focus when one area is causing so much inner pain an you want a quick fix.

      • Beth says:

        Thank you Amanda! This card is really meaningful for me in terms of the abundance I already have – your words and interpretation are so grounding and encouraging.

    • Hannah says:

      The Lovers (Wild Unknown)
      The geese fly in harmony, looking in the same direction, with a sunburst of energy shining behind them. This feels like a gently affirming card: you and your magical self can fly together now, rather than struggling against one another. Your magic has always been on your side, but this year you have the opportunity to consciously and openly call upon it. And check out the beauty in the sky that will result from such a partnership! You’ve got this. Your magic is here for you.

    • Tawny says:

      Beth- I’m learning tarot from you, and so I thought it was only right that I should draw a card for you. I pulled The High Priestess! I don’t have to tell you what this card means, but deep down, you know that you are a witch. Don’t fear this; it is passed down to you from your ancestors. You just need to let it surface. Your inner voice is already telling you what to do. Just let it happen naturally and allow this insight to manifest in any way that feels natural to you. There’s no need to force it. It is already there, waiting for you whenever you’re ready.

      • Beth says:

        Thank you so much Tawny. I am creating a new altar to welcome the new year, and the High Priestess will have pride of place. <3

    • Ru Lee (Ruby Le) says:

      How your personality is (2 wands): You are a reluctant person. When you have an offer, you will think too much about it.
      How hindered by being a witch (Knight Cups + Knight Wands): You are willing to learn with great inspiration, but sometimes you will not overcome some of the obstacles that a witch desires. Thinking too hard is not good in this case.
      To become a true sorceress you need to. (2 Sword + 10 Pentacles) : Unleash yourself for mystery, even if you see the disgusting things, also see as not see anything, courage to meet the passion. You need support people, true friends, from many areas of mysticism but with the same purpose.
      What You Need more (Emperor + 8 wands): Be who you know what you are doing, you can practice the white magic, black magic, but have to master it and make it bring what you want.
      I use Dark Grimore Tarot
      Thank for reading. I hope it is right and giving a suggestion for you.

  2. Hannah says:

    2017 was a rollercoaster in many ways and I want to hold onto the lessons I’ve learned and the good that has happened without dwelling on my own past mistakes or those who have treated me badly. How can I blow out the cobwebs – encouraging myself not to feel bitter about the bad things and embrace the good?

    • Ellen says:

      Queen of Swords (Illuminated Tarot)
      Keep it simple and clear. Be honest with yourself, try to use your head rather than your heart to think about the good and bad things from 2017. Look after yourself and consciously choose which lessons and experiences to bring with you into the new year.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Hannah, the card I pulled for you is The Hierophant from the dark days tarot. This isn’t a card I have pulled before so bare with me – the hierophant represents wisdom and tradition and likes to follow a set of rules. Relating to you, I think this card is telling you that you can delve into your spiritual self and perhaps examine those feelings of good things/bad things. To blow out the cobwebs I think the hierophant is here to tell you that you can set your own traditions and rituals, or perhaps if there is a spiritual path you are drawn to then it could be time to explore that. I hope this makes sense 🙂

  3. Ellen says:

    My word(s) for the year are “embrace” and “flow”. There are lots of things I would like to change, achieve or experience this year, but limited time and space to do so (small children, full time job etc). How can I balance my hopes with my reality and not end up feeling resentful?

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Ellen, I drew the 9 Of Wands for you from the Dark Days tarot.
      The message here is resilience. Keep those words with you at all times and remember what you want to achieve and balance. Any moment that you feel resentment building up, perhaps pause and reflect, take stock before negative feelings become too big, look at your words and remember that whatever life throws at you you can withstand it and come out the other side with the balance you desire.

  4. Sarah says:

    My resolution this year is to finish my textiles degree and enter a well known embroidery competition. I really want to push my embroidery and design skills to create something I thought I could only ever dream of. My self doubt and negative self-talk often stops me in my tracks and burdens me. How can I avoid this in order to achieve greater creative possibilities? Thank you Beth for setting this up! x

    • The card I drew for you is The Fool (from the Everyday Witch tarot). Sometimes you just need to take a blind leap of faith. The landing might not always be easy, but you’ll do things you never would have dreamed of doing along the way! Go with your intuition – if something grabs you, dive straight in, and worry about the details later. You can work them out along the way.
      What a wonderful ambition, I really wish you all the best with it x

  5. My aim for this year is to claim the time and space I need. I can be so self-effacing, and that’s not good for me or the people around me; 2018 is the year I want to get good and unapolagetic about recognising my needs and meeting them.

    • Tawny says:

      The card I pulled for you was The Wheel of Fortune (from The Sacred Isle Tarot). This card is about taking responsibility and creating change. You are in charge of your life and you’re in the driver’s seat. Change is coming whether you like it or not. Your power is your reaction to it. Like Gandalf said, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” You’re in the position to receive good luck. You just have to be ready for it. Be prepared for anything and you’ll be sure to get the time and space that you need.

  6. Tawny says:

    My resolution for this year is to mend fences with my dad and soften the terrible grief I’m still feeling for my mom, who passed away two years ago. I also have health issues that are really beating me down. How do I gracefully navigate this difficult time in my life?

    • Reene says:

      Tawny, I drew the 8 of Cups from Tarot of the New Vision. Accept what feels right, dismiss what insults your soul. Grief is hard & often there is nothing graceful about it! It’s okay to feel your feelings – all of them. Don’t think it’s you that has to do ALL the work. Be gentle with yourself and slowly release the past.

      • Tawny says:

        Thank you so much, Reene. I think I’m already heading down that path, and you reinforced that I’m doing the right thing. I really appreciate it. <3

      • Bonnie says:

        So Reene, what is your New Years intentions and I’ll pull a card for you. For me, I feel excited about the upcoming year and my intention is to devote more time to meditation and try to raise my awareness of spirit in my life. I am often a little stressed so I could use some unwinding so I really want to personally understand meditation. I also want to be more self aware of relationship dynamics and learn to love everyone better.

        • Chameo says:

          The card I drew for you is the Nine of Sovereigns from my own deck, Everyday Powers Tarot. It corresponds loosely to the Nine of Coins in a standard deck. A woman relaxes in an arbor, enjoying a glass of wine, most likely pressed from the grapes of the vines in the background. It’s a reminder to take time for yourself and enjoy the rewards of your own labor. Create space for yourself – both literal and emotional – to step back and simply ENJOY all that you have created and promoted. You deserve this.

        • Reene says:

          Hello Bonnie, my intention is stated at 12:16pm – sorry I missed your msg earlier – it seems someone else had replied so I’m glad you received a card.

  7. Reene says:

    Happy New Year. Beth – thank you for creating this

    My intention for this year is to release control of the way things are – accept with more grace the way life can be & step fully into flow. Which card carries the best energy for this? Thanks!

    • Allison says:

      Hi Renee. I pulled the Four of Swords for you from the Rider-Waite deck and to me it always speaks to being still, to literally laying down your sword and relaxing, to giving yourself that break you deserve, accepting and simply being, not having to force or even think. There are three swords on the wall that I interpret as your desires being available to you in divine right order. Wishing you a wonderful new year!

      My intention for this year is doing work that aligns with my soul, but also provides financial abundance and the freedom to enjoy that abundance. What else can I be doing to achieve this?

      • Lynne A Delve says:

        Hi Alison, the card I drew for you was the The Queen of Swords from the Spiral Tarot deck. I feel that meeting a new woman in your life will help you to go forward and be able to attract the things you desire. Take the ebb and flow of life and learn to be kind to yourself and allow time and space to free your mind to allow freedom for your true inner self to make its self known.

        For myself I wish that I gain to get confidence to start a book I have been wanting to write and to start designing my own tarot cards

  8. alyssthomas says:

    I drew the Master of Crystals from the Sirian Starseed Tarot. It’s an important card about you attaining your own sense of authority, and achieving your own personal mastery, based on your own way of doing your life, pulling in your own power and magic your way. You are already more than enough, but embrace your courage, your magnificence, your uniqueness. Go!

  9. alyssthomas says:

    I drew the Master of Crystals from the Sirian Starseed Tarot. It’s an important card about you attaining your own sense of authority, and achieving your own personal mastery, based on your own way of doing your life, pulling in your own power and magic your way. You are already more than enough, but embrace your courage, your magnificence, your uniqueness. Go!

    And my own wish for 2018 is to become more visible, I have great talents but they are hidden because when it comes to becoming visible I flunk out. I write books and do great tarot readings but hardly anyone knows!

    • Ina Wood says:

      Hi Alyssthomas!

      The card I pulled for you is the Two of Swords. That may seem like a thorny one to begin with, but I can imagine how it would be relevant to the goal of becoming more visible. Maybe ambivalence is holding you back when it comes to displaying your self-expression to others- you might get pulled into doubt about how to declare yourself without seeming boastful, or maybe you worry about the risk of exposing things that are dear to you to external scrutiny. This paralysis in the self-questioning zone may be what you’re being advised to overcome in order to show yourself to the world.

      • Ina Wood says:

        In the deck I used, Tarot of the Crone, the card features an image of a figure looking into a mirror and seeing their reflection shown back to them slightly altered. There can be positive aspects about giving yourself the time and space to reflect on what you do and why, but in connection to your question I see this as a message about moving away from self-consciousness (and stop second-guessing yourself) in order to open yourself up to the world.

    • Donna says:

      alyss, the one card that was missing from my deck when I came to do your reading was Death – it was in my notebook that I was carrying around, waiting to be the next card I studied in Beth’s ‘A Card A Day’ course. I replaced it in the deck, shuffled for a solid minute, and as I did, one card dropped out. It was Death. It seems this card really wanted to be seen today! This card is telling you that it’s time to let go of what was making you keep yourself hidden. Let this card be the firm marker that it’s time to transition into a new era, a time of transition and growth – shed your old skin that was hiding your talents, and let them shine through!

    • stefan_dzie says:

      I drew the Seven of Cups from the Sasuraibito tarot deck. You may be juggling a lot of things, and have some choices to make, perhaps needing to find a way to balance all your passions and the demands made on you, or the need to choose to focus on a particular talent and work it through to a success that feels truly satisfying.

      My desire for 2018, after a transitional but important 2017, is to bring my self-acceptance to a functional level and really have enough confidence in at least one aspect of my life to improve it and move forwards. It feels like momentum is there but like there is still some key factor missing. I’ve set some things in motion but am not sure which will really help in a tangible way.

    • Bonnie says:

      I drew for you the Page of Cups from the Linestrider tarot. This is a card of a youthful,open, emotionally sensitive and hungry to experience the world person. Your intuition is very deep and strong at this time. To be more visible in the world let go of the notion that you are inadequate in any way at all, you are always enough for any situation so be braver little by little and begin to make your mark in the outside world. You are a beautiful soul and the risk will pay off and you will not feel vulnerable for ever, instead you will get stronger. Sometimes new, gentle and sweet will awaken and grow in ur life because of it.

  10. Ina Wood says:

    Hi magical New Year’s tarot chain! I’ve had such trouble setting a clear intention for the coming year. I’m at a point where a cycle (an education actually) I’ve been in for five years is coming to an end, and I’m sort of headed for a temporary period of unknown before the structuring mechanisms of working in a new field kick in later in the year. I feel like part of what I want to do is reconnect to my own rhythms and visions for a pleasurable life, but somehow I can’t really tune into that idea or feel it on anything more than a superficial level. Maybe a card for clarification would be helpful? Thank-you so much!

    • Chameo says:

      Ina, the card I drew for you is the Initiate of Crystals, from my own deck. The suit of Crystals is a fifth suit I created to correspond to the element of Spirit, Ether or Magic. The Initiate loosely corresponds to the knights in a traditional deck. This initiate is the Experimenter. You’ve spent the last five years learning and studying. This card suggests that for the next few months, you should just DO. Don’t think too hard about what you like and what makes you happy – just follow your instincts and jump right in. Crystals are chaotic – it might get a little messy, but you’ll have a heck of a time getting into it.

      • Ina Wood says:

        Thank-you, Chameo! This sits very well with me, I like the idea of a knight-like energy (I’m often a knight) being connected to experimentation rather than hurdling forward at full speed in some kind of idealised trajectory. It feels a little bit like the Magician but with less pressure! What is the name of your deck? Thanks again and have a lovely new year!

        • Chameo says:

          You’re very welcome, and thank you for asking about the deck! It’s called Everyday Powers Tarot, and focuses on using Tarot as a tool for transformation and empowerment. I kicked off my new year by getting a jump start on a website for it – which is definitely not ready for prime time yet!

    • Olga Reynardine says:

      Hi Ina and Happy New Year to you!
      Here is your card from the Wildwood Tarot deck, it is the Nine of Arrows. A lady in the magical woods stands in a clearing. She is holding a bow as if it were a musical instrument.
      I think it is a good idea if you redefine what such tuning in actually means, in your opinion, because right now these words might not ring true to you. Perhaps you prefer a more scientific view of the world, or simply do not see re-connecting to your own rhythm as something serious enough. I think it’s a good idea if you choose to be more sincere with your vision of a nice life. It could be that following your inner rhythm is connected to dedicating your skills to a greater good. But in the end, pleasurable life should be your own picture, not the one you could have seen somewhere or were told to replicate. Have more faith in your own view of the world. You have many skills that can benefit many people. Good luck!

      • Ina Wood says:

        Thank-you, Olga! I googled the card and I see what you mean, she seems to have completely repurposed the tool that she’s holding in a secret moment of improvisation- she’s out of the view of others, concealed in the forest. The image is inspiring. I think you’re right about the scientific view thing too, it’s a perspective that I’m not completely attached to but have been shoved into through education, and I think it’s colonised my mind quite a bit. I will try to hold this image in my head for the coming period. Thanks again, and have a beautiful new year!

    • Meghan says:

      Hi Ina! I pulled the Four of Wands from the Centennial RWS for you. For me, this card is about celebration, and more specifically pausing to be proud of where you are on an ongoing journey. One thing that stuck out to me in relation to your question is that the celebration on this card has superficial elements—there’s greenery set up as decoration and the wands are forming a little stage, and the two figures in the background are on it.

      I think that might be a starting point for you to feel into what your vision of a pleasurable life is—it sounds like you’ve just finished a pretty big step in your education (congrats btw!), and so a way of celebrating that and looking forward might be to create a ritual or ceremony (or party!) to mark that. Think about what would be a treat for you, something special and indulgent, and do it—but also think about why it makes you feel special. Is it feeling nurtured, or the time spent planning it? Or maybe it’s spending time on something you ordinarily don’t have a place for in your life? Sometimes a manicure is a manicure, but sometimes it’s a way to take pleasure in your body and feeling attractive, y’know?

      This card is also about a midpoint on a journey, so I also don’t think you have to have an answer immediately. That reconnection and rediscovery of what you want your life to look like is a process, and I think this card is also reminding you of that. You can celebrate where you are and where you want to be in the future without pressuring yourself to get to that next finish line right away.

      I hope that’s helpful!

      • Ina Wood says:

        Haha, oh thank-you Meghan, this is really spot-on with regards to how I’m dealing with celebrating the end of this cycle. I have a lot of ambivalent feelings about the graduation party actually, I kind of had to make a pact with a classmate to ensure that I would attend it, but I have been telling myself that it’s important to try to mark the ending in a positive way, even if I’m not totally in touch with the feeling. I think this card works well as a gateway to the other cards that I was given- just go with it and see what comes out of it. Thanks so much and have a wonderful new year!

    • Karolína says:

      Hi Inna, I drew for you the Nine of Chalices from Prisma Visions.
      There is a man looking at sunset, just enjoying the moment. To me it` s an impuls to enjoy a moment, when everything is not clear and you are not sure, what tomorrow will be like. Being in peace with what is now, not overthinking.
      I`m not as skilled tarot reader as others, so I will offer you a few lines from the LWB 🙂 – Some ongoing cycle is nearing its completion, and zou are about to be fulfilled and at peace. Like a sunset, this will not last forever, but its evanescent beauty makes it all the more precious. Treasure this moment.
      Hope this helps a little! 🙂

      • Ina Wood says:

        Thank-you Karolina, I think your reading connects well to the others that I received here, and it serves as a reminder to me to pause and take in feelings of beauty and satisfaction without over-analysing or trying to get ahead of myself. This is a good image for me, and something that I do need to work on. I’ve been thinking a lot about how hard it is to be grateful when you’re always trying to plan out your next move or trying to get everything to fit into a bigger picture. I will try to remember this quiet moment of satisfaction and pleasure. Thank-you so much, and have a delightful new year!

  11. Donna says:

    This year, I want to try to come unstuck. I’ve been struggling for a long time, and although I feel like I’m doing my best, my head is barely above water. I feel like not quite a whole person, and that the clothes of my life are too difficult to fit into. A massive change, a cure, is too much to expect – I want to find some small ways to wiggle, to put strain on the glue that’s holding down. I need power, and hope, and peace.

    (Thank you.)

    • Jackie says:

      Happy New Year!
      For you, Donna, I pulled the 10 of cups by Classic Llewelyn. It tells me that your family around you is there for you. Just allow yourself to be happy and you will. Keep looking to the sky for your rainbow because it’s there waiting for you.

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Donna
      I drew the 9 of pentacles in the borderless Smith Waite. I’m drawn to the tiny snail inching along in the garden. A gentle reminder that change can come about slowly, but that nothing changes until something moves. It’s time to make a move in the direction of your goal. And the tight fitting clothes of life pushes us to bust out! Create a small ritual for yourself and stick with it. Whether it’s a meditation practice, a walking routine, spending time in nature, It takes discipline and focus. Spend time reflecting on what you love. The 9 of pentacles represents YOU stepping into your own power. Commit to making one small change at a time and you will begin to create a ripple effect into other areas of your life. Inch by inch the snail moves along??
      Peace, Love, and Light.

      • Donna says:

        Thank you so much Kelly. The image of the tiny snail, and the gentle reminder that change can come about slowly, but that nothing changes until something moves, means a lot to me. I feel moved and supported and inspired. Thank you <3

  12. Chameo says:

    Thank you, Beth, for setting this up! What a wonderful way to start my new year. Over the past few years, I’ve started several projects, and while I’ve made a lot of progress on all of them, I can’t seem to push through to finish any of them. I finished a Tarot deck of my own last year, and it’s ready to go – but it still needs a LWB, and a full-length book that I have half-finished. I’ve been doing a lot of art and creative work, and want to turn my creativity into an actual business. This is the year that I pull together all the loose ends and really put myself and my work out there. At the same time, I worry that my health and finances may not permit me to really go for it. Do I really have what it takes to manifest my dream?

    • Hello Chameo! I used The Wild Unknown Tarot to pull a card for you. I asked the question “What does Chameo need to focus on to manifest their dreams?” I drew The Magician. It’s a gorgeous card. The Magician has control over all four elements of the Tarot, Swords, Pentacles, Cups and Wands. They are looking towards the future and the sun is bright behind them. What I see in this card is that YOU choose the direction your dreams will take. You DO have what it takes to manifest your dreams, you just need to choose the way to get there. You have power inside you, so let it out and shine brightly. Only you can choose where you need to go. 🙂

      • Chameo says:

        Thank you, Jamieson! What a perfect card for the start of a creative venture. It’s a reminder that I possess all the tools I need to manifest what I envision – I just need to breathe life into them to make them real. A blessed and wonderful new year to you!

    • Stacy Creamer says:

      Hi, Chameo. This is Stacy, pulling a card for you from NYC:) I chose the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot deck and the card I got for you is not in other decks so let me please explain. Your card is the Waning Gibbous Moon card. The key words for it are Learning, Release, and Fixation. The Waning Gibbous Moon is the 6th phase in the lunar cycle. This is a time of breaking free from bad habits that have caused fixation or extreme behavior that is self-destructive. The encouragement is to break free from unhealthy patterns of thought that are holding you back. So in your case maybe don’t focus on health or finance issues that you fear are holding you back. This is a good time to learn something new. Doing so will open up your view of the world and expand your sense of self, allowing you to tap into powerful generative forces that will bring about something life-changing. So the universe is saying go for it! Don’t hold back. Reject false cautions. Keep your eye on the prize. You possess the wherewithal to accomplish your heart’s desire. Good luck! And please keep me posted if possible. I would love to pre-order your deck.

      • Chameo says:

        Thank you, Stacy! I’ll have to look that deck up – I have an affinity for decks that break with tradition and bring in new elements. What’s funny is that one of my resolves for this year is to really delve into 3D modeling – it’s an extension of the artwork I created for my deck, so learning something new? I’m ready. As far as breaking old patterns that hold me back – my worst habit is avoiding my health issues, and I’d already decided that it’s time to face them head on. Your card and reading just reaffirm for me that I have to make that doctor’s appointment tomorrow and get the help I need to fix what’s wrong. I’ve added my WIP website to my signature. It’s soooo not ready for prime time, but I DO have galleries with images of the cards there.

  13. Jackie says:

    My goal is to read more tarot cards for strangers and do it with confidence and gusto! I’ve been limiting my readings to friends and family for 30 years! And maybe figure out how to make a little money doing it. Why not, right? I need to trust my gut more and be more vocal about my own wants and needs this year. Please pull a card for me. Xoxo

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Jackie,
      Oh, you have the same goals as me! So, I drew the 8 of cups in the borderless Waite Smith. Oooh, I see changes coming your way! I’m drawn to the sun eclipsing the moon. A major change is happening. There is a call to go. A new path and it’s time to make a move! You have been content and striking out onto a new path isn’t easy but it’s necessary. Explore options, look for opportunities and take them! ( I should take this advice for myself!!)

    • Theresa says:

      Hi Jackie! I drew the King of Fire from the Good Tarot. From the booklet: “My mastery benefits others . . . Modelling what they might aspire to.” You have a passion for tarot (and if you’ve been doing it for 30 years I daresay you’re quite good at it). Sharing your gift, your passion, with the wide world will provide guidance and inspiration to those you read for, and stoke your own fire to read. With every new person you read for, your confidence will grow. Let your light burn brightly!
      Happy New Year and best of luck!

  14. Meghan says:

    My overall focus for this year is home-making—in my head that dash is what separates what I’d like to do from the 1950s home ec class, natch. The last couple of years have involved a LOT of upheaval in my life, and while it’s brought me a lot of silver lining, it’s been a long stretch of not feeling settled or rooted. Some of that is external (international relationship and the bureaucracy that comes with it, heyooo), but a lot of it is within me, and so that’s what I’m hoping to spend time with this year. If anyone has a card that might shed light on how I could get started with that, or energy I could bring to that process, I’d appreciate it!

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Meghan,

      Using Thea’s Tarot, I’ve pulled 0 – The Fool, for you. In this deck, this card is renamed Innocence.

      What an exciting card for you to help you with your stated goal! This is a totally blank canvas, something which you can create entirely from scratch. It feels to me like the stability and sense of home you crave won’t come from a finished process at all, but rather the journey you take to build it as long as you don’t over-think. Have fun with the idea of what ‘home’ means to you: be true to this. And if you don’t know…who cares? You’ll discover it along the way.

      You’re at the start of a journey. Don’t hurry, let go of the outcome and let it unfold in front of you.

      • Meghan says:

        Oh this is great, Victoria, I saw you pulled The Fool and immediately broke out into a big grin. Thank you so much!

  15. Karolína says:

    This is year I want to focus more on myself and my dreams, actually doing things that make me happy. Be more active, and open to possibilities. Not much of a resolution, just something to keep in mind, when doing decisions etc. :).

    • Cecilia says:

      Hi Karolina! First of all I want to apologize for my English: I read very well in English but when I have to write … er … I’m not so good. I’m an italian witchy girl 🙂
      For you I draw The Wheel of Fortun of Marry El deck. I think that you have to go with the flow of your life. Fate knows what is best for you; everything is connected even if you can not immediately see the complete design.
      To remain open to possiblities let yourself free to be in the right place at the right moment. Magic happens!

    • Maura says:

      Two of Wands gives a solid assurance, holding the world in your hands, standing at the treshold of a dream, with all the elements—particularly your fiery passion & knowledge of how to contain & direct it—to follow through with your dream come true.

        • Maura says:

          Karolina this is coming down in 3 part harmony! I only just realized that you, here, now is the very first tarot reading I’ve ever done for anyone but myself. Your “openness to possibilities” surely created an important avenue for me to walk down at year’s threshold Thanks

  16. Olga Reynardine says:

    Hi everyone! I’ll be very specific in my resolutions 🙂 In 2018 I want to complete a yoga teacher training course – that will be in February and will take me a month to finish. I wanted to do it for the last 6 years but always something stopped me. And also my Tarot readings have led me to a deeper interest in Psychology and I am thinking about getting a degree in this area. That course starts in Autumn. I would like some advice on how to see things through though, to be honest. I am worried that I do not have enough determination! Is there a way for me to stay inspired and interested enough during 2018?
    Thank you for every bit of insight!

    • Lydia says:

      Hi Olga, I pulled the 7 of Cups from the Next World Tarot for you. While this can be a card of illusion, in this deck it is subtitled Imagination, and depicts a woman standing proudly, full of life. This card is about manifesting your dreams, and suggests that you can use imagination and visualization as powerful tools to focus on the things that you really want and be driven by the end results and personal fulfillment that they represent. Good luck with your resolutions! I was especially happy to read for you as I’m hoping to do my yoga teacher training in a year or two 🙂

      • Olga Reynardine says:

        Hi Lydia! Thank you! I found what the card looks like in a video review of the deck. It’s so encouraging. The woman on the card is really ready to step out into the world and share her uniqueness with the others. I’ll remember that stance for the year ahead haha! Happy new year to you and I hope some day soon you will be a yoga teacher too!

    • rhys.morgan says:

      Hello Olga! For you, I pulled the Ten of Swords from the Steampunk Tarot. It shows a man with swords stuck in his back with a skyline of London burning. The Ten of Swords always feels a bit ominous, but for you right now it reminds me a line from a movie I just watched: “let the past die. Kill it, if you have to.” That character has….issues, but it’s not bad advice. I think you should let that hesitation and fear about your lack of determination die. Leave it in the past and move forward boldly into the future. Hope that helps–Happy New Year!

      • Olga Reynardine says:

        Hi Rhys! Thank you so much for the reading! I feel that 10 of Swords doom and gloom often. I wasn’t on good terms with schools and universities in the past. I felt like I was pushed into the field that stifled me instead of letting me explore what I can offer to the World! So after I got my first degree I felt sick when I thought about getting into any kind of learning again. But it truly feels like I need to let go of that. I think I know which movie you’re talking about, I loved it too. May the Force be with you in 2018 and always!

    • Laura Dinosaur says:

      Hi Olga,
      I drew the Four of Wands from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.
      I think that your optimism and energy are all there at the moment and this card implies that you need to focus on this energy itself to stay inspired. Do the things cause you love doing the things! The people on this card are moving away from a castle to a flimsy structure, and they are happy and joyous as they are moving. They aren’t focussed on whether this structure will provide them with the same safety as the castle. They are going there to have fun and celebrate. Allow yourself to be eager and excited and you’ll stick with it if that’s what you want.

        • Olga Reynardine says:

          Hi Laura! Your reading is brilliant, I struggle a lot with picking up something new because I feel like I might lose that “castle safety”. And that fear is a real enthusiasm killer! But as you suggested, I’ll trust where my energy is leading me. I’ll let myself be more optimistic about the future! Thank you and a very happy 2018 to you!

  17. Cecilia says:

    Ok, and about me; I want to discover, in 2018, self-love as a priority. How can I do that? How can I love myself first, with no guilt? Thank you so much!

    • Theresa says:

      Hi Cecilia! From the Good Tarot, I drew the Queen of Earth. She’s all about using resources wisely. Think about the resources at your command….your time, money, energy…and consider how you spend or save them. Consider how you might invest some of your resources to turn a profit. (For instance, if you spend some energy by exercising, then you might sleep better tonight, which might lead to more energy tomorrow…) Explore your resources to discover what makes you feel comfortable and loved. And as you explore, know that you are worth it. You are valuable, and so are your gifts. Enjoy getting to know yourself.
      Good luck on your journey!

  18. Kelly says:

    Happy New Year! My word for the year is Relevant. I want to remain relevant, and I want to be focused on how I spend my time on activities that are relevant to my life…
    My question: I want to read Tarot professionally. But I’m basically in the closet! How can I come out of the Tarot closet? And how about a dose of confidence along with it?
    Thank you!

    • Cello says:

      Hi Kelly –

      I’ve pulled the 9 of Wands rx from the Mary-El Tarot. Here is an image of the card:

      In her LWB, she writes quite a bit, but what stands out to me is, “The 9 of Wands is not tame, it is bold and brilliant! And you, as a master of the self, can channel the immense and dangerous powers of your inner fire.” That the card is reversed means (to me) you are going to have push through your fear to get where you want to be. I think this is a good thing – the energy is with you; Spirit is with you; YOU just need to be with you 🙂 It’s scary to reveal those most vulnerable bits of who we are – to get naked, but I think Spirit is telling us that, in your case, it will be very much worth it. So get past your egoic fear – you are so close to getting to where you need to be. Just do it! The confidence will come with the reveal!


    • Lis says:

      The page of pentacles asks you to remember that being present is vital for magic, and so is having fun. For a while at least, keep your steps simple. Three at most, and one task at a time. If you’re looking for your guides, design a simple meditation that puts you in the space to find them, set a time window, to receive and then listen (for example). One, two, three. Ritualize those actions you can to. Bring the sacred to you, instead of trying to elevate yourself in search. You’re already magic. You don’t have to look!

      My resolution is to finish what I start. How do I put and end to my beginnings and middles? Thank you!

      • Maura says:

        Liz thank you. Your reading brings it home for me, acknowledging my role & abilities. I pulled Strength card from Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot for you, where there’s a lot of pushing pulling wrestling down to reckon with. Only the most relevant ventures will Culminate, the finest of all rising to the top, that worthy of your time effort discrimination. There’s only so much energy & time to work with to strengthen & focus. Beginnings show us where to start.

    • Lizzie says:

      Hi Maura, for you I have pulled Destiny from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot, in reverse. I pulled it and felt a warm sense of loving reassurance. So it seems that you have been waiting for destiny to fall into your lap but destiny is a path, a journey even. Maybe you should take time out and think about what is stopping you move forward on your journey. Are you just waiting for it to happen? Or maybe you need to deal with the fear that is causing you to procrastinate and blocking your higher powers coming through. Good luck for 2018 and trust the Universe is willing you to discover your higher self – just go for it.

  19. Victoria says:

    My word for 2018 is ‘restoration.’ The last five or six years have chipped parts of me away and I feel lessened as a result.

    Specifically, my goals for the year are to:
    restore self-belief.
    restore passion.
    restore balance.

    I have some ideas as to how to do this – I’m starting an MA in Creative Writing in January; I’ve gotten back into a tarot routine; I’m aiming to spend more time getting out of the city and into the country. What can I do to make sure that I maintain this energy and focus once the excitement of the New Year passes?

    • jess.a.milliner says:

      Hi Victoria, I drew the 6 of pentacles for you. This card has a dual meaning, like two sides of a coin. It is about giving what you are able to give, and also receiving what you are able to receive. This card is about having and not having, giving and receiving, teaching and learning.

      I think you need to delve deeper into each of the areas you’re working on, so that through questioning it you can be intentional about where you choose to spend your energy. By keeping your goals focused you won’t dissipate your energy doing lots of different things. Also I see this card as a reminder to be gentle with yourself. It took a few years to get where you are and it may take a few more years to get to where you want to be, but as long as you stay balanced, give what you can of yourself, and accept help, you can stay the course to get there.

      Wishing you all the very best for 2018!

      • Victoria says:

        Hi Jessica Ann,

        Thanks so much for this! It’s a great card and reading – I definitely have to remember that a process only has value when it involves both giving and receiving, which is something I don’t normally consider.

        Have a wonderful 2018 : )

    • I know this may be out of the chain, apologies. But I had an overwhelming feeling when I read your comment that you can make this the very subject of your writing projects for this whole year’finding passion, balance and belief’ such as in a blog even a book form. And even consider eventually teaching it as a writing prompt challenge. ..?

      • Victoria says:

        Hi Amy,

        Thank you – that’s a wonderful idea! I don’t keep a blog or website, but this has definitely sparked something in me.

        Have a wonderful 2018 : )

  20. Cello says:

    My resolution for the year is to create a public identity for myself. I’ve spent my life learning and understanding others, but I haven’t invested quality time in sharing myself with the public. Where do I even begin?

    • Rose says:

      Hi Cello, for you I drew the Queen of Pentacles. Look first to what you have already put into practice, what is it that comes to you effortlessly? It could be cooking, gardening, knitting, sewing, shopping, writing inspirational quotes, even cleaning the house, start with whatever it is, when you start with something you love, the rest comes easily, that joy and passion will shine through and the rest, well that is all part of the journey and at least you have begun:)))

    • Karma Akasha says:

      Happy New Year Cello!
      The card I got for you was a very powerful one indeed…. The Hanged Man. I can’t imagine another card that represents better the need for you, both in your own life & those of others, to share your wisdom publicly. In a teaching/mentoring mode. This card speaks to the death of patterns of stagnation…. And also to the essence if the eternal in what awaits you. Have no fear, move forwards… As far as how? I got a couple things in interpretation: one, that this card represents a concept of all time with very little movement, soooo the answer might already be before you in your current field of vision, or come very easily when focused on. Two, I saw one interpretation on The Hanged Man that mentions Luke Skywalker being trained by Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, with the blinders on, teaching him to use the Force. Let go your preconcieved notions and move by Instinct. It will take you where you need to go. ~Blessed Be~

    • Tammy says:

      Cello, I drew the Two of Water from Doreen Virtues Angel Tarot deck. What an angel you are to be of service to others but now it is time to fall in love with yourself. It’s all about you and having a loving partnership not only with others but yourself first and foremost. Toot your horn. You are Love!

      • Tammy says:

        My resolution for 2018 is to learn my gifts, grow them , and be more intentional & present in all moments

  21. Theresa says:

    This year I’d like to get more involved with my community. Not sure how yet. But I think one way that I can stop underestimating my own gifts is by offering something to the world around me, instead of just navel-gazing. 😉

    • rhys.morgan says:

      Hi Theresa! For you, I pulled Temperance in the Steampunk Tarot. She looks a little different from some decks: she’s a magnificent red-winged figure standing on a river bank, magically manipulating two strange water devices. I think that it’s a reminder to keep some balance in the new year. Definitely go out and be part of the world around you, but don’t forget to look inwards ever so often to make sure that you don’t over-do or burn out! I hope this helps–Happy New Year!

      • Theresa says:

        Oooh, that is one of my favorite cards in the Steampunk deck! And a wonderful reminder to balance, and not to force anything. Thank you!

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Theresa and Happy New Year!

      I drew the Queen of Pentacles from the Steampunk tarot for you. The Queen is so aligned with your intention to give more to your community. In this deck, she’s more aloof than a number of the other depictions I’ve seen, but she is absolutely a role model. The gifts you can offer to others may be more in the material realm: crafting, cooking, other types of day-to-day work that may interest you.

      • Theresa says:

        Cooking and crafting are right up my alley. 🙂 Queen of Pentacles is definitely a great energy to work with! Thank you!

    • Sonali says:

      Hi Lizzie, I pulled the 9 of Pentacles for you from The Rider Waite Tarot.
      The 9 of Pentacles signifies soulful abundance and too much good in you -ready to be shared. Whatever you have, art, energy, love, words of kindness, share it, Spread it like confetti, The world is you oyster, let loose the creative bird and express yourself the way you like. This is a good time to bring the inner shine out to the world.
      Best luck, Sonali

    • Hello Lizzie! Happy New Year! I drew the Son of Cups for you using the Wild Unknown Tarot. He is someone who is most comfortable within the arts or doing anything creative, such as writing or art or music. The cards are telling me that this is the right path for you but you have to fully embrace it and revel in your skills. Shine your light brightly, Lizzie! 🙂

    • Lindse says:

      Hi Lizzie,

      The card I pulled for you is the 8 of coins (pentacles) from the Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery by Robert Place. It shows a crafts person absorbed in their work. My impression is that you do your most satisfying work when you are creating from your heart and soul. Hoping this card offers you encouragement that you are on the path meant for you. Kind Regards for the New Year.

    • Martina says:

      King of cups

      Art/emotion/ higher self cannot only coexist with the mundane realm, but THRIVE. Don’t fall in the dichotomy money/spirit. Does a tree feel materialistic for absorbing humble nutrients from the ground? No. Everything can be holy even if it gives a paycheck

  22. Ina Wood says:

    I noticed a person that got lost in the stampede- Chameo, who posted at 1:11pm missed out on getting a reading!

  23. Rose says:

    My resolution: To further develop my understanding of Tarot especially the Marseille system, but do I really want to delve into Lenormand & Kipper too?

    • Laura Dinosaur says:

      Hi Rose,
      I drew the Ten of wands from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.
      A very obvious reading of this card might be that getting over enthusiastic with your wands energy might lead to being overwhelmed with work. I don’t think this necessarily means to NOT take on the Lenormand and Kipper as well, but to make sure that you don’t make learning all three of these a heavy responsibility that you have to bear.

  24. Sonali says:

    This year my resolution is to be bold and make the change I have been trying to for years. I do not want to live a single day without being my complete best person and do not ever want to feel that I deserve less.

    • Laura Dinosaur says:

      Hi Sonali,
      I drew the Six of Pentacles from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.
      You don’t ask a question with your resolution so I decided to just pull a card and see what it said to me. This is one layered and deep card and I feel like many things pop out that could be relevant.
      Relating this card to the change that you’ve been meaning to make: the relationship shown between the beggars and the merchant can sometimes refer to a relationship (any kind of relationship economical etc) that gives just enough to keep you in it, but not enough to completely satisfy you. The card could also relate to being your best person every day: don’t forget to be generous and share what you can. It could also be implying that you should remember to ask for what you need: Its okay to ask for things.
      I hope some of this is useful.

  25. Hello! My resolutions this year are to be kinder to myself (I tend to hold myself to this ridiculous high standard that I can never meet and thus I’m very hard on myself). I also want to do more art; I didn’t paint one single canvass in 2017. I also want to keep a Tarot journal. It will be a year of growth at any rate. 🙂

    • Ina Wood says:

      Hi Jamieson!
      I used the Tarot of the Crone deck, and the card I pulled for you is called crossroads- it corresponds to the Lovers in the RWS deck. In this image, a single red cloak with three hoods stands at the middle of a three-way crossroads. In this deck, there is an urgency to the card connected to the need to choose your path “like your life depended on it”. This may mean that your resolution to be less hard on yourself may have a more profound importance than what you’ve estimated. Connecting the card to the Lovers, it could be related to radical self-care and self-acceptance. Perhaps you are being called to dig deeper, take your wounds more seriously, and nurture yourself, both in order to heal and to come into contact with what lies within you. The creative practices that you mentioned may be one way of doing this. All in all I would say that this year could mark a turning point for you where ‘to love yourself or not to love yourself’ is the question.

  26. Karma Akasha says:

    Hello Readers! This year my intention is to take better care of my Spiritual Self, to free myself of negative relationships and things that I do daily that hold me back from stepping into my true power. That has been a long time coming! Any advice is much appreciated.
    ~ Karma

    • Meg says:

      Hi Karma! I pulled the Seven of Wands from the Fountain Tarot for you. This card speaks to me of determination and courage, triumphing against all the odds, and moving forward even when things feel overwhelming. You already have all of the power inside of you – trust in yourself to know which negative patterns to leave behind, and which to embrace. Stay strong! Keep going – you’re doing great 🙂

  27. Lindse says:

    This year I want to actualize my dreams of reading cards and coaching others. I’m a counselor who is disenchanted with healthcare and how it pathologizes people. We all have problems and we all can learn about ourselves to become more the whole person we want to be. Having said that, I do need to earn money to make a comfortable life. I believe this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Wondering what the universe thinks…

    • Sasha says:

      Lindse, your goals really resonated with me! So much yes to all of it.

      I chose the Wild Unknown deck for your reading because I think it’s great for breaking away from old habits and traditions. I pulled the Seven of Swords (if you don’t have the deck, have a look at an image Beth posted of it here: In this deck, there’s nobody sneaking about on this card, but there is a cute sly little fox peeping out. To me, it’s less about deception and more about guarding what’s yours – whether or not other people approve of you having it. It’s time for you to listen to yourself, and not other people. Maybe be a bit selfish as well. I’m guessing you give a lot of yourself to other people. Where is there space for you to let someone down so you can have time to get a coaching qualification, or take on some tarot clients? Do it! This might be one of those situations where being selfish now will mean you’re more able to help people later on.

      On the theme of guarding what’s rightfully yours, make sure you’re charging enough when you are ready to take on coaching/tarot clients. So many people in these kinds of professions feel guilty about charging what they’re actually worth, but you’ve said it yourself – you need to earn money to make a comfortable life!

      All the best with your coaching-and-tarot-reading future. You can make it work 🙂

  28. Martina says:

    My resolution for 2018 is to get to know my real self, shadows included and live in harmony with it in he material/ mundane realm. What can I do to achieve it?

    • Stacy Creamer says:

      I have a new romantic partner and my goal for 2018 is to focus on our relationship and be as good a partner to him as I possibly can be. In the past my relationships have suffered because I can be very independent and focused on my own goals. Very 9 of Pentacles:) This has served me well but I’m at a point in my life at which I would prefer to put the priority on love and companionship. So my resolution is to commit fully to my partner but I could use advice as to how best to do just that. Thanks!

    • Jody says:

      Hi Martina, I pulled the Five of Pentacles for you from the Enchanted Tarot deck so I’m thinking that it’s not going to be an easy journey. The image on this card shows a couple standing outside of a brick wall, the background shows nothing but clouds and stars, you’re stepping into truly unknown territory. The couple in this version of the card don’t look beaten down at all, one’s dress is patched and torn, the other looks injured, and they may or may not be adequately dressed for the cold but one is pointing at a distant goal, they are making the decision to move on and they look determined to get there. Take your shadow self along on every step of your journey, make sure that you’re traveling together and you will get to where you want to be, even if you don’t see the destination clearly yet.

  29. Meg says:

    My words for this year are “instinct” and “attention.” I’m a Scorpio and have an incredibly deep sense of intuition, but this past year I kept ignoring it in favor of my more logical head – and it blew up in my face. Ignoring my gut hasn’t worked out, so 2018 is all about embracing those instincts, and paying attention to the spiritual parts of me as well as the physical, daily life parts. I would love any additional insight or advice on how I can honor both aspects of myself, and listen to my intuition more deeply.

    Thanks all, and happy new year!

    • Cat M. says:

      Hi, Meg. The card I drew for you was the nine of pentacles. Having self-confidence and knowing that the work you did to understand the dual sides of your nature in 2017, even in the difficult lessons, will now come to harvest in 2018. This is the year of breakthroughs in this area for you. The card of the self-made person, the patient one, the one who has learned to be secure inwardly–which then manifests out in the world as security and abundance. You’ve built strong foundations in your instincts–now you can let them flourish and grow. Happy 2018!

      • Meg says:

        Thank you so much, Cat! This is really consistent with other spreads and advice I’ve received, so we’re all definitely on the right track. Appreciate your lovely words and happy new year!

    • Jane says:

      Meg, I pulled three cards for you using TdM.

      You have Temperance, world, and moon.

      Balancing, flowing and mixing your practicality with your intuition will help you create a whole new world.

      There’s a lot of water I two of these cards so I’m wondering whether some flower remedies would support you in getting the balance and flow of energies you’re looking for.

      Maybe douse for remedies, or ask a practitioner.

      Happy New Year.

  30. Cat M. says:

    My major resolution for 2018 is to allow my writing to evolve and to stop sidelining my creative work due to overwhelm, health concerns, and a busy schedule. (There are other minor resolutions, too.) My question or insights I would seek from anyone willing would be how to best accomplish this? How do I stay the course? Also, is the novel I have been working on for the last couple of years the project I am meant to be pushing through with? Thanks for any cards/thoughts. Happy new year!

    • rhys.morgan says:

      Hi Cat! For your writing I pulled the Magician from the Steampunk Tarot deck. He’s a very mysterious and very determined looking man standing in a pentacle, with a wand before him, a sword in hand, and a cup in the other hand. To me, that suggests that you already have the various tools that you need. But you might need to figure out a way to put them all into balance and make each aspect of your life work for you and not have one take over or control you. Hope that helps–Happy New Year!

    • Jena says:

      Hi Cat
      I used my Animal Wisdom Tarot and pulled The Serpent. (Its counterpart is The Tower.). In mythology the serpent is associated with wisdom. The sense that I get from pulling this card for you is that you are going to get some creative momentum this year that will jolt you into moving your writing along and getting it together. You’ve been making slow but steady progress so far but this year will bring a breakthrough. Good luck!

  31. jess.a.milliner says:

    Thank you for organizing this Beth! My goal for this year is similar to yours. My word for this year is Power. I want to fully embrace my own personal and intuitive power, and own it and not feel like I need to minimise or scoff at it. I want to develop more rituals, spend more time building my tarot skills by drawing and studying. I also have a 3 month old and a 3 year old, so getting time for myself is tricky! What do I need to know about owning my power and growing my practices?

    • Alison says:

      Jessica Ann the card I drew for you was the Two if Air from the Gaian Tarot deck. A woman with her eyes shut is listening to the sound of birds behind her, holding something carefully in her hands. It speaks of becoming still and quiet to hear the voice of your own intuition or of Spirit. Of finding space to be still and to honour what is precious in the silent space.

    • mandie.sue says:

      Jess, your card is the 8 of Swords, with the energy of Persephone, Queen Vashti, and a tightly cocoon-bound almost-butterfly.

      Bound up in expectations and conventions, you might feel small and trapped, like there is no way out of your situation. You might even feel like you’ve gotten here by your own choices, and so you have no right to complain, like you are duty-bound to answer whatever is asked of you.

      But like Queen Vashti, who refused to dance naked for her husband’s friends, your answer can and sometimes should be, “No.” Own your dignity and self-respect. Not everyone will like it. Vashti was banished for her refusal, but with a husband like that, I have to think her life probably improved with being free of him.

      Like Persephone, who ate pomegranate seeds in the underworld and so was hidden to stay, you can negotiate the terms of your situation. She rules as Queen in the underworld, bringing light and softness even there. And half the year, she returns to the surface, living her life as she desires, meeting her own needs. The earth flourishes because of the joy her return brings to her mother. Tending your own needs brings good things to all.

      And like the cocooned caterpillar, you must know that the butterfly is already inside you. This transformation cycle is full and ripe and waiting to be realeased into the wind.

      The bottom line, Jess, is that you are full to bursting with Queenly power, and your deepest self and the world at large are waiting for you to fully recognize, honor, and embrace the fullness of your whole self.

      Blessings, friend.

      • Jessica Ann says:

        Wow thank you so much Mandie! The eight of swords is a card I’ve NEVER drawn before! (I’ve only been practicing tarot for a few months but it’s amazing how the same cards keep coming up, and others never do!) I so appreciate this. Will be coming back to this to read again.

  32. Jane says:

    My new year focus is on Knowing my True North.
    True North defined as
    “Knowing my True North gives me the courage to focus my energy where I believe it should be rather than what is pleasing to others. In doing so, I live courageously, freely and without resistance to change. True north is not a final destination: it’s a path, a journey, a yearning to explore and connect to life’s purpose.” ( source Malacollective)

    So my question How do I Know my True North?

    Thank you


    • Amy says:

      A beautiful intention Jane. The card I pulled for your question was the Five of Swords. This tells me that you will know your true north when the chatter inside your head falls silent. Anything that gives you that deep sense of peace, that clear-headed/clear-hearted feeling is worth pursuing. Anything that remains untouched by self doubt. Trust yourself. You’ve got this!

  33. Lydia says:

    My resolution is to observe the wheel of the year more closely and to mark the turning of the seasons. I want to be more in tune with nature – I know I feel happier when I do this, but its hard to fight the feeling that I don’t have the time or I’m being self-indulgent by doing things I like.

    • chris says:

      Hi Lydia
      I drew Temperance from the Serpentfire tarot
      Here is a link to a video with a flipthrough
      It is a beautiful card! The keywords are: beautiful alchemy and the mantra that goes with it is: in order to understand the whole, i must engage both the yin and yang.
      in connection with your resolution i would say that the message is:
      go and be self indulgent and make time to connect with nature and to observe the wheel of the year, but don’t beat yourself up when ‘life’ gets in the way and leaves you with less time and energy than you had hoped or planned for.

  34. Alison says:

    My resolution is to learn to pause and listen to my own intuition and wisdom and to TRUST. Trust is my word, my goal and my desire for this year.

  35. mandie.sue says:

    I’m still working on my intentions for the year, but I am noticing again and again references to Self arising in my vision work. I’ve spend the past couple of years with my energies tuned to the needs of others even while I tend my education through grad school.

    So what I need to know now for 2018, I think, is how can I put myself first? Even typing that question feels icky because I’ve been told so often that’s not acceptable. I resist in so many different ways and for so many different reasons. How can I tend my Self, first and foremost, and have that be ok with me?

    • Jody says:

      Hi Mandie! I drew the Two of Swords for you from the Enchanted Tarot deck. A woman stands calmly in the center, balanced on the edge of a petal, between two swords. She’s holding a large white feather fan over her head but the night sky in the background is peaceful, the moon shining clearly and light breezy clouds. She not wearing a blindfold in this deck but is clearly able to see the world around her. Everything about this image says balance but not one that you can just settle into, you’re going to have to keep reminding your super smart grad school brain that you’re not robbing everyone else by putting yourself first sometimes. The calm and insight that you will gain will benefit them all as well. I hope you have a great year!

      • Mandie McGlynn says:

        Thank you, Jody! I like your read on this Two of Swords. I usually read it as a block, and that’s how I feel; I like the reframe of vision and intentional balance. I’ll keep reminding myself. 🙂

    • odetomysocks says:

      Hi Mandie! The card I pulled for you is The Tower from the Welcome to Nightvale deck. The image is of a person gently clipping flowers from a tall cactus while two vultures circle overhead. So, pay no attention to the voices swirling over your head, telling you to not to put yourself first. Re-writing your inner monologue is so very hard, but this “put others first at all costs” business is a tower that will fall in 2018. 🙂

    • Simone says:

      Hi, Mandie! I’m very very new to this, so bear with me.

      I pulled the Knight of Swords for your resolution, from the Salvador Dali tarot deck. I think maybe the swords here, to do with logic and reason, could imply that it’d be helpful to remind yourself regularly of the arguments for putting your Self first. Even though you can feel icky about it, there are good solid reasons for doing it. I think this is also an encouraging card in its presentation of a figure rushing forward to fulfil his ambitions. Perhaps the Knight represents a figure you could aspire towards as you focus on tending the Self?

      • Mandie McGlynn says:

        I love it, Simone! Thank you so much for this reading. It’s funny that Swords came up for two of you and cards I think of as “creative destruction” for two of you. I need to have a talk with my brain about the logic of putting myself first, and burn that self-sacrificing shit to the ground so I can rush to meet the fulfillment of my ambitions! Thanks again. ?

  36. Amy says:

    My intention for this year is to claim my sovereignty. The past two years have been very tough & I’ve found myself almost afraid to set goals.

    How can I bring the energy of sovereignity into my life more?

    • Merete Veian says:

      Amy, how can you bring the energy of sovereignity more into your life?

      The Empress, the Death card and the Justice (sun & moon tarot)
      Use the nature to find your balance so you can fight your battles and come out strong.

      The Empress indicates it is time to claim your sovereignity. The energy is from the earth, of all things that grow in real life, in nature.
      By being outside, sit in the sun, go for a walk, feel the weather on your skin and the explore the changes in the seasons, can bring more energy into your life. For inside; herbal tea, flowers, stones collected outside.
      The earth element in tarot also speaks of work, of doing hands-on thing. Finding time for practical work, a hobby, creative work, can heal the soul and also bring more energy back into ones life.

      The Death card indicate rebirth, as a phonix rises from the ashes.
      I drew a pip card to look at in best way to rise from old, and got the Ace of Sword: Work it out in your mind before you fight your battles to claim your sovereignity. A lot of energy is saved in well laid (battle-) plans.

      The Jusitce tells of how the Empress, the ruler of the land, find a balance between right and wrong, heart and mind, yin and yang, so that she can win her battles.
      From the pips, I got the nine of Pentacles, – gain: Can you win a battle by offering flowers from your true heart instead of using the sword?

      The best to you for 2018, Amy!

  37. Caro says:

    My resolution is to live more deeply and with more soul. Instead of taking on loads of different practises, I want to simplify, but like Beth, embrace my power as a witch. I intend to follow the wheel of the year and moon cycles this year, so that I am more aligned with nature and the seasons. What would be the best way to own my power and witchiness, and incorporate the natural cycles into my practise?

    • Eulalia says:

      Hello Caro 🙂
      Your card is Devil from Circle of Life Tarot. Devil card says that some of the things we do are limiting our freedom and we have to be cautious what teachings/values we trust. In mythology Devil uses superficial knowledge to trick people. Devil card says that you should be self-independent and aware. In your studies always compare different resources, be critical and ready to change your mind (even if it’s painful). Don’t waste your potential!

  38. Jena says:

    My resolution this year is to find the time and space to spend more time on my spiritual development and less time working. I have two freelance jobs and volunteer with a hospice in my town. I want to spend more time with my cards, my herbs and my Reiki practice. That means learning to say no — basically undoing a lifetime of conditioning. How do I do this?

    • Hi Jena- I drew the King of Pentacles for you. When you’re saying no to something, think about how that allows you to say yes to other things. Focus on how your goals of personal spiritual development will benefit your community in the long run. Sounds like you have skills as a healer. Even if you set boundaries around serving others in the short term, it’s in order to return to that role down the road with increased strength and competence, which is a very generous thing indeed to those who would benefit from your help.

      • Jena says:

        Thanks Tessa! I’ve never had that card come up when I do a reading for myself. You’ve given me a new way to look at saying no. It’s a big help. Happy 2018!

    • Talia says:

      I drew The Magician from The Wild Unknown Tarot. This is the card of action and purpose, of consciously choosing where to put your energy. It speaks to the enormous power at your disposal, the power to shape your life as you wish, to create what you want to see in the world. The Magician indicates that you have all the internal resources necessary to walk the path of your intention with courage and awareness.

  39. Laura Dinosaur says:

    Hi everyone,
    My resolution this year is to focus on my witchy work and be bold and open with it. I want to keep on learning and incorporating my witchiness into my art and politics. I want to know how to keep prioritising this and not get the magic squeezed into the background by the daily grind of capitalism!

    • rhys.morgan says:

      Hi Laura! I pulled the Eight of Pentacles in the Steampunk Tarot for you. It features a young apprentice embellishing pentacles that they’ve already made. So for you I think it’s taking all the foundations of your everyday life and finding ways to add your witchiness into things you’re already doing. It will be lots of hard work, it might take some melting stuff down and building it back up again, but in the end it’s worth it for those beautiful new pentacles and new life! Hope that helps–Happy New Year!

      • Laura Dinosaur says:

        What a great card for what I was asking! I love it when the tarot does that: comes up with something very relevant. Thanks very much.

  40. Rebecca says:

    My intention this year is that I am worth listening to. I want to listen more to the needs of my body, mind, and spirit. I need to assert my needs, wants, and thoughts in the outside world. Living in an ableist world has taught me that I need to make my words acceptable to others at all times and that I am wrong by default. I need to foundationally unlearn that.

    • Aubrey says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      The card I drew for you is the Student of Pentacles from the Mesquite Tarot. What speaks to me from this card is the quiet resolution to keep doing this internal work. This is not a flashy reveal or an instant transformation, but rather the small moments every day where you claim your voice. This will rebuild the foundation you are seeking to change, bit by bit, in a way that is solid and strong. When it feels hard or too slow, remember that learning/relearning takes time. The student doesn’t get there on the first day! What a beautiful intention, and I hope this year brings you clear energy to achieve it!

  41. My intention for this year is to be more consistent with my good habits– which has been my intention every year for a while now. As with last year, I drew charts in my journal to track my behavior. I’m working on physical health goals (medication adherence, physical exercise), spiritual health goals (meditation adherence, Tarot exercises), and putting more energy toward my creative projects. My roadblocks are job stress and mental health issues. Any advice would be much appreciated. 🙂

    • Jane says:

      Hi Tessa,

      I drew the Six of Pentacles for you (from the Sasurabito tarot). This card is all about generosity, and this deck shows two people reaching out towards each other. My reading is this for your situation is about doing what you can to take the best care of yourself, and cultivating generosity and non-judgement towards yourself. Good luck!

  42. chris says:

    Ha! Drawing cards for others is so much fun! I totally forget to post my own intentions for this new year…. the focus will be on becoming my own guide and mentor, trusting my intuition and paving my own spiritual path. showing up for myself and doing what needs to be done.

    • Eulalia says:

      Hello Chris 🙂
      Your card is 10 of pentacles from Circle of Life Tarot. It depicts woman giving birth to a child with help of a midwife. The message of this card is that we can make our most personal dreams come true. The pain and struggles are not our enemies, but necessisty of nature. Be proud of your work and self-confident, but not conceited. Aristotle said, Humans are social animals.
      Good luck!

  43. Talia says:

    My intention this year is to go deeper into my witchy/herbal practice, to play and learn and dance with it in a way that feels nourishing and empowering. Ultimately, I want to cultivate joy, vibrancy, and resilience in the face of my fear and uncertainty. I want to feel confident enough to use these magical tools to offer care and nourishment to others. How do I take this next step?

    • rhys.morgan says:

      Hello Talia! I pulled The Empress from the Steampunk Tarot for you. This Empress reclines on a couch with her hand on her (maybe) pregnant stomach. In her other hand, she’s holding a ball of energy crackling between her fingertips. The book that comes with this deck has a really great explanation of this: this Empress is creating from her own self, digging deep down and going through sometimes messy and sometimes painful bits to create something amazing and wonderful! So for you maybe it’s digging through that uncertainty and fear and knowing that even those help shape something amazing at the end. Hope that helps–Happy New Year!

  44. Jody says:

    Trying to boil my year down into one intention is a huge task! Two words that have come up with increasing frequency lately are “ritual” and “solitude” so I am resolving to bring more of both into my life. The bigger challenge will be carving out and guarding the solitude from both external demands and internal doubts. Any thoughts or advice from the cards on how to accomplish this?

    • Sophia says:

      Trying to boil my year down into one intention is a huge task! Two words that have come up with increasing frequency lately are “ritual” and “solitude” so I am resolving to bring more of both into my life. The bigger challenge will be carving out and guarding the solitude from both external demands and internal doubts. Any thoughts or advice from the cards on how to accomplish this?

      Hi Jody! Forgive me, I’m still feeling my way to tarot.

      I pulled the Five of Wands reversed in the Personal Space Tarot deck. I think there’s an obvious way that this card fits your situation — the five warring wands from different hands can feel like five external demands hammering down on you — but I think there’s a more subtle interpretation that might help, and I think that’s what the reversal is pointing to in this case. There’s an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote about writers not being one person trying to be many people, but instead “a writer is a whole lot of people trying so hard to be one person.” I think sometimes, when we get pulled in different directions, it’s not just that there’s so much going on in the world; we have a lot going on inside of us, and a lot of selves that want to be fulfilled, and sometimes that’s what’s going on with external demands. They’re actually a part of us that we are nourishing (usually in the form of a role with another person).

      The reason I’m bringing that up is because I think this is a card about the way internal parts can vie for top spot. This is helpful and cautionary. The helpful way is that I think the card is encouraging you to remember that choosing a particular part of yourself during this year of solitude shouldn’t be a reason to turn back, and that in some sense, we’re always doing that choosing. If there are external demands on you, think about the ways that they might represent identities you want to own — or not — and decide accordingly. The cautionary part regards the internal doubts you mentioned. The critical part of ourselves is a self, too, and one we often think gets to decide who we really are. But just like all the other selves, you’re picking who you identify with. So in this year of ritual and choosing yourself, don’t be afraid if it feels like there’s a lot of selves to choose from, and remember that you get to choose.

      I hope this was helpful — and I think a year of ritual and solitude is a beautiful thing.

      • Jody says:

        Hi Sophia, thank you for the reading! That quote pretty much sums up how I feel a lot of the time and I will definitely keep it in mind.

    • Rebekka says:

      Hi Jody

      I picked Mother of Stones in the West (queen of coins) , Spider Woman from the Haindl deck for you.

      She is at the centre, still and silent. She knows. She creates.

      To me this means that you have the means within you to create the space you need. At times it may be hours (a labyrinth worn into the rockface), at other times it may be minutes (the fly away strands of a spider’s web). Both have merit.

      Both have the still center where Spider Woman awaits.

      • Jody says:

        Hi Rebekka, I have to look up this deck! Thank you for the reading, the image you describe is exactly what I’m craving, I’ll try to keep my eye open for opportunities.

  45. rhys.morgan says:

    Hello everyone! My intention this year is to nurture myself and grow. This means getting into a fitness practice that makes me comfortable in my skin, continuing creative writing and painting, delving deeper into tarot, and reaching out more to other people. I appreciate any insight, and Happy New Year!

    • Laura Dinosaur says:

      Hi Rhys,
      I pulled the Ten of Swords reversed from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.
      When this card turns upside down all the swords fall out of the person and the situation is improved, but not permanently. I think this card is implying that you need to take this chance to pay attention to the underlying issues to make sure that your new positive changes have room to take hold and change your life.

      • rhys.morgan says:

        Thank you so much Laura! I’ve had problems in the past with making resolutions but not really addressing the root cause of why I’m making them. Or I’d make them and forget to remember why I made them so they actually ended up hurting me instead of helping. So this is a really timely reminder–thanks again!

  46. Jane says:

    My intention for this year is to be more loving and to put energy into cultivating relationships, with myself and others. I found this hard this year as I had a surprise break-up with someone I still think is wonderful, and I’ve realised that I was hiding my feelings from them (and from myself) to try and make things less awkward. I want to be more open with my feelings, even when it’s scary or I risk disappointment. I’ve finished this year feeling like I’ve retreated from feeling anything, and I want to be more open-hearted this year.

    • Elise says:

      Hi Jane, I asked the question: How can Jane be more open with their feelings in order to put more loving energy into relationships? (with self and others)

      I pulled the Six of Swords from Dreaming Way Tarot. This suggests to me that the journey ahead will be challenging, but the result will be a better destination than where you currently are in your emotional and relationship paths. It says that in order to reach your destination of being more open and loving, you must be willing to be honest with yourself and experience emotions that may not feel pleasant. By rowing through them, you open up the possibility of seeing that your emotions are not as scary as they seem when you tuck them away. This card says: commit to looking within yourself and risking pain along the way. Know that you are on the right path, and that perseverance and caring for yourself will allow you to care honestly about others as well. Wishing you a safe and meaningful journey!

  47. Aubrey says:

    My intention this year is to claim my magic as well. I want to find my voice as a witchy healer, and not be afraid to step onto that path. My word for the year is Valor, and I recognize the call to courage and strength. How do I get from feeling small and scared to where I want to be?

    • Em says:

      Hi Aubrey,

      I’ve pulled the Akashic Records card from The Starchild Tarot for you. I strongly feel that realising your dreams as you’ve set out above is your destiny: use this knowledge to step into your power!

  48. Em says:

    My resolution is to continue to embrace and develop my spiritual side without stressing what others think. I also feel my career needs to be more in tune with this, but how do I take steps towards it when I’m a part time lawyer and Mum without endless pots of money to retrain? Thanks so much for any advice!

    • Stacyann says:

      Hi Em, when I was shuffling I heard loud and clear, “take it one step at a time”. The card I pulled for you in 19- The Sun. 2018 looks very bright for you, especially if you stay connected to your inner child, that aspect of you that is full of life and is playful. You will have the energy and stamina you need when you can involve this side of yourself in moving forward in you spiritual development. Have fun, you can embrace a new light-hearted way of moving through life.

    • mandragoing says:

      Hi Em :).
      This is my first time in this community, I wish all of you a happy new year!

      So, I’ve pulled for you the 10 of Cups Rx, from the Ostara Tarot. I feel that the card is suggesting you to be practical and to keep in mind the whole picture, so maybe your dream will not be fulfilled immediately, but it will take a lot of small steps. The first one could be to understand if you want to change career and, if so, what you want to pursue instead of the law. Then to plan accordingly, maybe trying to put some money aside for a course or something like this.
      Also, try to get the support of your family, because this could help you see your present life in a different light: if they participate in your spiritual life, or acknowledge it, they could help you find opportunities for change in your career.

  49. Stacyann says:

    In 2018, I want to feel more connected, energetic, and self-assured. I welcome these energies into every experience of my life!

    • Alodie says:

      Greetings & Happy New Year from Portland, Oregon Stacyann,
      The card I pulled for you is the Page of Wands from the Shadowscapes deck:
      She sings a song of confidence & assurance drawing attention to her with her creativity and passion. She knows her mind and is direct and forthright. She tells you, Stacyann, to take ACTION with your desires and dares you to seek out opportunities that may be frightening but have so much potential.
      Blessings on your journey,

  50. odetomysocks says:

    One of my resolutions is to find harmony between my (latent) yoga practice and my spiritual practice (which draws from both queered Christianity and some witch things). Tips for going about this?

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Odetomysocks,
      I pulled the hangman for you. You are a powerful trailblazer that will assist others in their authenticity in the coming year. This is so truly needed in our world and Even very small steps towards creating new realities are a treasure. Do what comes natural without harsh judgement of yourself. Again you are already perfect!

    • Moises Om says:

      Hi odetomysocks,

      I just pulled the four of coins. This tells me its time for you to relinquish that forgotten passion or love and perhaps for you its important to figure out which of these gives you the most stability/joy and make that one a bigger part of your pie. Found out which of the two you have better control of at the moment and go for that!! Somewhere there is trapped energy so perhaps you may even want to take up both but whatever decision you decide its important to follow your heart and go with your forgotten joy.

  51. mandragoing says:

    Ops, it took a bit longer than I thought to write my answer and someone had already posted theirs :).

    One of my resolutions for this year is to go to the next step in the study of Japanese: I want to be able to read a whole comic book, even if it’s a children’s comic book, in Japanese! But every time I tried it, I felt like I am still not ready. I am really struggling doing the step between the workbooks and the actual language, as written by native people. What could I do?

    • Alex says:


      The card I pulled for you was the 9 of Wands. I think this is very fitting because it’s all about being close to a goal but not there yet. It also says that you can do it. You can get over this hump, you just have to keep trying.
      I pulled from the Urban Tarot and the image is of a postal worker in NYC pushing a mail cart in the snow. That work is hard and often goes unrecognized but it so important to everyone.
      Keep trying! You can do it!

      • Gwenelan says:

        Thank you very much :)! You also used the deck I’m obsessed with in these days, awww! I will keep the advice in mind and keep going!

  52. Simone says:

    One of my key resolutions is to find time for reflection and focus – to step away from being distracted by my phone and laptop, and to carve out space for myself to read, think, play games, or even just sit with myself without doing anything. What might help me achieve that?

    • Nicky says:

      Hi Simone,
      The card I pulled for you is the Wheel of Fortune from the Wild Unknown Tarot. In making this intention you are already half way there. Know that the timing is ‘bang on’ for you to make these changes with relative ease. Pulling Tarot cards is a really good way to start!

    • Nicky says:

      Hi again Simone, it also just popped into my head to share that growing and tending a plant/s is a useful bridge towards sitting with yourself and away from being distracted by technology.

  53. Elise says:

    My intention for the new year is to try to find my hope again, after a difficult year that left me feeling hopeless and helpless. I want to have strong and supportive relationships, I want to find a partner who wants the same things I do. But in order to get that I need to have hope that my goal is possible. I need to articulate ways to work towards it and envision the future I want for myself in 6 months or a year. I’d like to get away from the idea that feeling sorry for myself is the solution to ending my suffering and grief, and instead work towards solutions to build a life worth living.

    • Rhiannona says:

      I drew the 6 of Wands from the Gorgon’s Tarot for you. It shows a woman with a determined look on her face, celebrating a victory after hard work or maybe a long battle. Her victory is celebrated by her community as she shares and let’s other’s benefit from her wellbeing, too. She wears a beautiful dress and has rings on her finger and toes. Beauty and music emmanate from her.
      She tells you that by determination you can come out of a hard battle victouriously and content. She also tells you to share your joys and victories with a community. Don’t isolate yourself or let ego cloud your perspectives.

      You are a whole and beautiful woman with great potential and you have a community that is rooting for you!

  54. Sophia says:

    . My intention this year is to focus on getting a career. Towards the end of 2017, I quit a dead end job that was a 60+ hour commitment for too little money and got into a web development intensive course, which started in December and will end in March and has good prospects of getting me employed by the end of the year. I am loving the school work, and though I am terrified of the actual job searching portion, I am so glad to be out of my previous employment.

    Here’s my worry: I think this might be a career I’m good at and potentially one that, through both monetary compensation and the actual work I would be doing each day, could be a sustainable one. That said, I still feel so disappointed in myself that I am not doing anything moral, and that, if I’m being honest, I crave the time I get on the weekends for introspection.

    I’ve been framing it as making sure I can take care of myself before I start trying to take care of something more, but it’s a constant worry. Any insight from the cards?

    • Nikk says:

      5 of Swords (from the Shadowscapes Tarot)

      In this card, there’s a winged person holding a sword but holding their hand in front of the blade as if to shield it. There are two black swans also holding swords.

      This is to say that this year will be one of choosing your battles. It might not be one of outright success, but one of knowing what battles to fight and when. You’ll be able to chose which of your many considerations need your time and attention and be able to apportion your energy accordingly. The gift of knowing how to approach a challenging time is yours this year.

  55. Alodie says:

    I feel a powerful pull to focus my energy for growth and healing around relationships. To use mindfulness, self-compassion and courage as I heal my mind and heart from codependent patterns. I wish to release the pattern of trying to manage or control other people’s thoughts, feelings & reactions, and to be honest & forthright in speaking my truth.

    • Katarzyna says:

      Hello Alodie! I got a page of wands for you. It tells me that to achieve your goal it would be good to be proactive and focuse on small, tangible things. Not thinking too much about the idea and what you want to achieve but instead focuse on a few most important relationships and nurture them on a daily basis. Good luck beautiful & brave soul! <3

      • Alodie says:

        Ah yes! The card you pulled for me was the card I pulled for Stacyann! Beautiful synchronicity! Katarzyna, many thanks and blessings for the New Year.

  56. Alex says:

    My word for this year is SEEN. I want to take up the space I’m entitled to. I want to assert myself in my job and be seen as capable and talented. I want to be vulnerable and to allow those close to me to see me. I want to see the best version of myself.
    What should I keep in mind as I work in this?

    • Lindse says:

      Hi Alex,
      I drew the Ace of Swords for you from the Tarot of the trees. The Ace of Swords is about thought and intellect and using the power of our thoughts. Of course we can use them for goo or for not so good. In order to be SEEN I think we have to see others. I don’t know you, so I don’t know if you think you put yourself out in your work or if you let others take credit for your work. I would offer that being interested in others, seeking information and offering your best is really showing up. Where can you show up that you may not be? I think people want to feel understood and heard. If you can use your intellect to do that, I think it is half the battle. Kind Regards to you as you embrace 2018 as your year to be SEEN.

    • Lydia says:

      Hi Alex, what a great word! I pulled the Queen of Pentacles from the Next World Tarot for you. This is somebody who tends and grows beautiful plants against an urban, sometimes harsh, backdrop. Remember that the things that make you different and unique are some of your greatest strengths. By caring for and nurturing yourself, you will, when you feel able and compelled to do so, also be best equipped to nurture those around you.

  57. Lindse says:

    This year I want to actualize my dreams of reading cards and coaching others. I’m a counselor who is disenchanted with healthcare and how it pathologizes people. We all have problems and we all can learn about ourselves to become more the whole person we want to be. Having said that, I do need to earn money to make a comfortable life. I believe this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Wondering what the universe thinks…

    • Hi, Lindse! I pulled the Strength card from my Robin Wood Tarot deck. The universe seems to think that you need to call upon your inner resolve to move ahead in the direction of your dream. You have the counselor credentials already, which is a great starting point for coaching with appropriate fees to support you. You have all the power and compassion you need to shift into an alternative therapies space and shift traditional thinking. Go!

      • Lindse says:

        Thank you so much, Joanne! The strength card is one of my favorites. So appreciate the gift of your reading. Best wishes to you for the new year. Kind Regards,


  58. hamsadhwani says:

    Happy 2018 to everyone! I hope 2018 is kind to you. This year I want to finish all that I have started. And I want to make this into a habit. I struggle with perfectionism and hence the issue with finishing things.

    • Hamsa, Hand of Protection and Blessings, your card from the Keepers of the Light oracle deck is:
      The Myriam =Sacred Vision
      Choose to forgive in order to heal. See the light in all

      My sense is that your focus could shift to the Journey, to the Process, to pleasure in the doing. There us a village in Egypt where the women are paid to make crocheted, beaded scarves (usually for belly dancers). In each scarf, there is one “wrong” bead … e.g., a black beaded scarf has one red head … because only The Divine is perfect. Yet, our imperfections are manifestations of our individual moments, a freedom to simply be. As you forgive yourself for being human and not The Goddess, you can find greater joy in your own projects and allow their completions … stepping into your role as an expression of Divine Creator in human form

        • Mar-yannu says:

          You areare welcome. More came through about the card! Sacred Vision would ask you to look at the relevance and value of a project. Perhaps you have changed since initiating and the goal, completion, is no longer important. The Myriams suggest that you have permission to change your mind. Sacred Vision would offer you the ability to “see” the value before you begin, whether it is cleaning the bathroom or finding a cure for cancer. And you still can give yourself permission to change your mind, direction, to pause and re-evaluate. Freedom. No pressure

  59. Sasha says:

    Beth, this is such a great thread! Thanks for posting it.

    My intention this year is to live according to what my circumstances are and not what I think they should be. I have a chronic illness and work part-time but recently I’ve found myself trying to match my friends’ lifestyles and energy levels. How can I dial it back while still working towards my creative/career goals AND not becoming a complete recluse?

    • Sam says:

      Hello Sasha,

      I find your resolution wonderful, and am very happy to draw a card for you !
      The card I drew is the Four of Feathers of the Wanderer’s tarot. (traditional four of wands if I am not mistaken)

      I find this card to be very soft and delicate. A tiny candle is glowing, protected by three feathers, another one is lying under it. The three candles for a sort of projective roof over the candle, and the whole feels kind of like a hand holding gently the candle. I had to get my guidebook to offer a deeper reading, as I am very new, but I could see right away a lot of tenderness in this card.

      Reading a little teaches me that this card is a card of retreat and rejuvenation. It is entirely valid to have a rythm of your own, needs and different energy levels than those around you. Try to listen to yourself, your body as well as your mind and tend to the needs that they communicate the best you can. Try a few things and see what makes you feels better when you are down. Is it a movie, sleep, meditation, a certain type of food, crafts…?

      Do not be afraid of taking care of yourself.
      Take time to refuel when you need to, your social life as well as creative work will thank you later.

      If you must remember just one thing it is this : treat yourself with tenderness.
      (and the little candle that you are shall glow !!!)

      PS: you are the first person I ever read to, it was a pleasure and an honour, thank you so much. I also hope my english is tokay as I am french…


      • Sasha says:

        Thank you so much, Sam, this is a beautiful reading! What you said about tenderness was really good for me to hear. I’m honoured to be the first person you’ve read for 🙂 (et votre anglais est parfait!)

        • leah says:

          Sasha i responded to you below (didn’t understand the “reply box” tip… but fyi going to add it here so it doesn’t get lost… lucky you so many rich readings to draw from!

          I think no one has replied to Sasha so I am going to read for them…
          while still thinking about my own resolutions…

          Sasha Hi!

          What a beautiful and powerful intention for yourself in this world of rush rush amid the ableism that permeates everything… remaining invisible to most but glaring to those of us who have no choice but to see/know/experience it…

          The card i drew was from the Runic Tarot, where the major arcana are 3 sets of 8 runes and the suits are the 4 seasons with 52 weeks of the year, each card corresponding to a week / season / astrological symbols.

          The card drawn was the 18th rune – BIRCA, it means rebirth/awakening, fresh beginnings and new adventures and corresponds to the astrological signs of sagittarius and capricorn (how fitting as here we are having just moved solstice to now sag into cap). It speaks to this time of year: the last month and the coming month in your life. It symbolizes birch, and is about fertility (in the widest sense). It suggests a time of new beginnings, a decision to change your life, and accepting new ideas. Birca is the feminine archetype representing mothering, healing and bringing forth life. Like in the spring, after winter, the birch leaves are the first to emerge. Or old european folk traditions of beating birch twigs for prosperity and to revitalize after winter. Perhaps for you this coming year here is a symbolic birth taking place, where you are focused on your own regeneration and care. It speaks to a time where you are making some major changes in terms of your health and your philosophical approach to it, it is a rune of make-overs and transformations in terms of home and family, and seeking pleasure from sexuality. It heralds a period of growth (physical and/or mental/emotional). Thereis something there also about something you may have considered a “lost cause” being reclaimed, and flourishing in new beginnings.

          Blessings to you!

    • Hi Sasha this is Amy I do the five of Pentacles for you from Doreen virtue’s Angel deck the message seems to be that this is a time to really let go of how we imagine our life should be and let the conditioning of our beliefs that have kept life away from us to just flow out of us and out of our hands like coins to the ground all this condition beliefs about security and identity and money are holding and controlling you in your life but it’s time to surrender and let them go you can have a life that is so much more fulfilling if you allow yourself to be more vulnerable and exposed to life itself be real and raw you don’t have to hide behind organization or control of finances or security or stability if you let go of these tight conditionings then you can stop resisting yourself and resisting your real life and let the magic happen.

    • Evvie says:

      Hi Sasha! Happy New Year! I can relate to your question, as I have a couple invisible, longterm illnesses. The struggle is real! As I went to draw a card for you, the Seven of Knives reversed from the Slow Holler Deck jumped out. I usually get a warning on the theme of self-sabotage when I see the 7 of knives/swords reversed. Balancing all that you have on your plate when you have a chronic illness can be like a tightrope act, and there are real, physical consequences when you slip and fall. It’s can be enormously frustrating, and it’s not your fault that you’re in this situation! However, there is a warning here about taking on more than a part of you knows you can handle, perhaps from a mindset of thinking you’re clever, wily and tough enough to push past your own thresholds. In truth, there’s only so far we can push ourselves, and it’s not a reflection on your merits, character, work ethic, cleverness, or strength when you run into limits others don’t have to reckon with. You are strong and tough and clever as you are, limits and all. Do you have a strong impulse to “tough it out” or push yourself? If so, this card recommends keeping that impulse in check. Listen to that pesky inner voice that frets and worries, and asks “am I going too far here?” “Did I sign on for too much?” That part of you might be annoying, but it’s there to help. You may have to remind yourself of times when you’ve gone too far and worked or partied past a limit, and tipped yourself into symptoms or injury. There’s a little tough love here. Recall the Rider Waite image of a man with an armful of swords sneaking off from an enemy camp. What’s his game plan, where is he going, and how can he possibly hang onto to an armory’s worth of weapons, tip-toeing off on foot, without slipping, getting cut, or giving himself away? That last part of the image calls to mind a feeling of needing to hide your illness from friends or minimize your limits in social and professional circles. Sometimes that’s a game we just have to play, but it’s a tricky one, and it’s so easy to slip and reveal more of our limits than we may be comfortable sharing. Only pick up the number of swords you can carry without cutting yourself. That might be a different number on different days. Just remember, sometimes an hour of rest, even at an inconvenient time, can save yourself a week of work lost to injury. Swords are the suit of logic, mind and reason. One way we can compensate for illness and limitations in our work and social lives is to get really organized and strategic behind the scenes. “Work smarter not harder” isn’t just a matter of reducing workloads to make room for more luxuries, it’s an absolute necessity. Try to find a balance between an intuitive/emotional sense of what you want to do versus what your body needs on any given day, with a brutally logical tally of what absolutely needs to get done versus what you absolutely cannot do on any given day. List those out in bulleted columns if it helps. Finally, know that it’s a tricky process, and it’s absolutely fine to feel frustrated and angry at times, and to get the balance wrong at times. Let yourself off the hook for feeling crummy about it all on those rough days. I hope this is helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions. Wishing you a wonderful, fruitful, creative, and balanced New Year!

      • Sasha says:

        HI Evvie,

        Thank you so much for this – I feel very called out, but in a good way! I absolutely have a habit of trying to outsmart my illness and ‘tough it out’. Lots of good advice here.
        Have a great New Year yourself!

        • Evvie says:

          Lol! Sorry to call you out, but it’s all in the spirit of love and solidarity! I have a feeling you’ll be able to navigate this well in the coming year. <3

  60. Nikk says:

    2017 was a year of needing to shore up the foundations of my life. I started a new job after moving back to the city I went to college in. It took almost all of my energy in the second half of the year to lock these things down and get intouch with living in a new city, connecting with friends, and starting a new job.

    Now I’m 2018 I’m turning my tides to look for joy. I’m starting out with the physical in order to lessen some chronic inflammation in order to be able to tackle some big goals down the line & also move towards a world in which I am able to make art & write again. I want to be happy & artful & in community & also embrace the patchwork that is my life and can’t always be perfect.

    • rhys.morgan says:

      Hi Nikk! I pulled the King of Pentacles in the Steampunk Tarot for you. This dapper gentleman is standing by a fire smoking a pipe. I think it’s really more an affirmation that you’re going on the right path by starting with the physical–once you’ve been able to manage some of your chronic inflammation, and set up solid systems and plans to give you a firm bedrock, then you can go forth and create and embrace community and life! Hope this helps–Happy New Year!

    • Casanna says:

      Hi, Katarzyna. I think you missed a reading for Nikk;-)

      And there we go with you: the card is 5th wands. It is warning you you live in a reality that isn’t connected with your environment. You’re not possibly taking into account others around you, only listening to what you believe you need, and this is making you act for receiving or giving waiting for a return, and is also taking you from others’ love. You may need to work on your inner self and set your true living map, taking appart other considerations, and act from there, from the real you, not looking for rewards or people returning what you’re doing or what you expect as rightful. Have a happy new year, and fullfill your goal, good luck, dear

    • Mélissa Castro-Harvey says:

      Hi Katarzyna! I wrote a reply and then something occured and it was lost. I see that in the meantime, Casanna answered as well, but instead of drawing a new card for someone else, i’ll re write what i had for you.

      The card i drew for you is the Ace of Cups, from the Wild Unknown tarot.
      I think it fits perfectly with your intention for the year but it also tells tou to not think too much of what you want a relationship to bee, for the moment. Let things happen, have fun, be confident and observe this new energy. Its like in spring when everything begins to grow. A flower needs to be small before it grows and a tree needs to be a seed before it becomes big ans beautiful. Take your time.

      I hope this resonates for you and i am sorry that i cant really say it as i would like, for english is only my third language!
      Happy new year!!

    • Lucy says:

      Hello Katarzyna,

      Katarzyna, the card that showed itself for you is, number 7, ‘The Chariot’. I used ‘The Herbal Tarot’ and I love what this has to say to you.

      The Chariot signifies a peaceful warrior who is free from past patterns that have influenced him in his decisions and which have kept him from achieving his desires. The blue in the picture show his connection to The High Priestesses’ consciousness and his openness to listening to his inner guide. He uses this to create balance and this is reinforced by the Ying and Yang symbol on the chariot – balance in all things.
      In this tarot, a herb is assigned to each card and The Chariot has Cyperus rotundus as its herbal ally. Cyprus is thought to assist us take the middle path, it regulates energy especially for those who experience mood or energy swings. It encourages the triumvirate of the mind, body and spirit to function together for the greater (and happier) good.
      So, for you Kartarzyna, I think there is a lot for you to think about. The peaceful warrior is no good if she does not know her goals/desires/needs; you have set out yours beautifully, you know what you want. Coming loud and clear is that she will need a balance in all thing, that is, mind body and spirit. You are ready for this but need to keep your focus. I think self care is paramount because when you are looking for the qualities you describe, you need be giving off the same vibrations.
      This is such a positive card for you I think. It is a ‘can do’ card that acknowledges us as rounded human beings, full of potential. You have all you need achieve your goals if you harness the lessons of the Chariot.

      Love love love.

  61. Nicky says:

    My intention for the year is to carve more of an advisory/design arm to my gardening work.
    What would be the best approach to take?

    • Indigo says:

      I drew the Page of Swords, from the Aquarian tarot. Pages are students, and swords is all about the intellect, ideas, turning ideas into action. I wonder if there is some learning that would help you make this a reality. Maybe you need to learn about the actual work – is there someone who does similar work that you could learn from, even secondhand? Are there courses that would benefit you? Remember that you are learning, so build in time and space for mistakes and false starts as you go. If you treat your intention as a learning project, it might make your approach more open and be more rewarding in the end.

    • OKAY WORDPRESS WILL YOU WORK FOR ME THIS TIME. I see you have gotten a reading already, Nicky, but I am pretty sure I did mine for you first so I am hoping really hard it goes through this time…

      Motherpeace Tarot, Ten of Wands upright. There is a lot of energy involved here—perhaps too much! Whatever you do, Nicky, be careful not to overextend yourself.

  62. I set New Moon Resolutions, rather than one seemingly overwhelming 12-month commitment. each resolution can be renewed until I “get” that change, or a new resolution established … so 13 goals, 13 successes instead of 1 annual success (hopefully). To begin my journey this calendar year, i have an overarching theme: I intend to attract clients whom I can help and at the same time, to allow my work to support me financially. What actions will support this goal? Thank you for Guidance from the Cards!

    • Rebekka says:

      Hi Mar-yannu

      I drew the Three of Swords from the Haindl deck.

      It speaks of sorrow, but a sorrow that nourishes when it is seen and awknowlwdged. I don’t know if that fits anything in your life but I would say, without knowing the work you do, that I think there is something you need to look at, at old wound, that once seen will release needed nourishment that will aid you in achieving what you want.

      I hope that was helpful.

      • Mar-yannu says:

        Rebekka, that was VERY helpful and on point. I think I can skip over the work I tell clients to do (spiritual counseling/psychic healer/medium/channel). Thank you very, very much

  63. Rhiannona says:

    My resolution is to take my life into my hands. I’ve been battling with health issues for the past years and have lost a lot of faith in my potential to actively make the changes I feel like I want and need. What can I do to regain this faith?

    • K says:

      Rhiannona, two cards flipped while I was shuffling for you, so I’ll give you both! Five of Cups (from Shadowscapes), which in this deck I always read as “let yourself feel the feelings and then let them go”. Acknowledge all the things you’re feeling and have felt during this time. Forgive yourself for the times when you didn’t feel strong enough or driven enough or anything-enough and give that you a little bit of kindness.
      Eight of Cups: Sometimes I think it speaks of retreat, but this time I think means to leave behind the unsatisfactory stuff “outside” and go searching inside. Not everything out there is within your control, but what’s on the inside is up to you. Maybe there aren’t easy answers or quick fixes, but anything you find in there is yours to keep. Don’t be afraid to go looking!

      • Rhiannona says:

        Wow, thank you so much, K!
        The two of them feel so complementary to each other, so good of you to post them both! Eight of Cups has been a lot on my mind lately and I’ve always felt a strong connection to the theme of the Five of Cups, too.
        I wish you all the best for this New Year!

  64. Joanne says:

    My intention for this year is to finally open to listen to my own “channel” and use that information to open other folks’ hearts to their own inner voices. I’d love to know what I still need to do within to open that channel. 🙂

    • leah says:

      Hi Joanne!

      I drew the daughter of pentacles from the wild unknown deck – the image is a fawn standing facing front (slightly to the side) under a rainbow.

      She speaks to responsibility, kindness and support. She is usually found behind the scenes rather than in the spotlight. Although shy she is hard working and responsible, handling details and logistics well. People can depend on her as she has vast amounts of inner strength. She thrives in nature.

      So perhaps for you this could be suggesting you take time in the places that restore you for the work you want to do supporting others. This card seems to affirm the work you want to do to be of service. If it feels like the daughter of pentacles here is representing you now or as you would like to be, then she could be asking you to accept the important roles you play and the hard work you put in behind the scenes without needing to be front and center. Tune into your inner strength for guidance and don’t abandon your inner child, this card is moving you through the whimsy and imagination and delight of a dreamer channeled into the pursuit of your adult dreams. Use your unique talents wisely, with care not to become too self-absorbed along the way. With a clear head and strong resolve you are capable and competent to you your gifts for good to sustain and support you and your community.

      Happy New Year Blessings to you!

      • Joanne says:

        Thank you so much, Leah! I wasn’t actually expecting a Pentacle viewpoint, which is one reason it means so much. Yes, being of service and not getting caught up in being guru-ized is important to me, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t accept a guiding role. Also, the imagery fits perfectly with what I realize more and more is a need for me to nurture myself in the physical environment and give myself a break from the people world in order to be a better servant. 🙂

  65. Rebekka says:

    My word for the year is Roots. Last year was hectic so my intention is work on my grounding.
    Our youngest was diagnosed with infantile autism and mental retardation at the beginning of 2017 and the journey so far has been hard. I know I need to put my roots deeper down to weather the storms ahead.

    So a tool, a piece of advice, something to look to would be good.

    • Hi Rebecca I’m using the Aleister Crowley deck. The card of drawn for you is the chariot and The Chariot has such a beautiful smart energy about it this is a important energy that commands leads and carries out a goal and plan although you have been shouldered with a burden you are strong enough to carry it I see you looking out for the little ones protecting them and being a strong provider. The card seems to highlight your ability to take command be confident and own your domain be the Empress of your home the protector and provider and the strong pillar to which others will be safe. You’re energetic and flexible use your energy to master direct and fulfill your tasks will power I would also recommend regular self care routine such as getting a massage to help you stay grounded and cared for.

  66. Hiya my intention for this year is to relocate with my husband. However, I am very torn about where to choose. We have three choices, stay nearby, go nearer to my family in US, or nearby friends in Europe. Any insight is helpful ??

      • Indigo says:

        Hi, Amy, since you got skipped I will read a card for you! I pulled the 6 of cups from the Wild Unknown deck. I love the image on this card, with a beautiful pine tree above ground, and under the ground a rainbow-colored profusion of roots spreading out in all directions, looking very much like another tree under the ground.
        In relation to your move, I think the card is asking you to think about your roots – which of these moves brings you closest to that which nourishes you? It could be close family/friend relationships, it could be some deep ancestral roots, it could be some activity or place that feels particularly nourishing… if you think about your choices, with this image in mind, does one or more of the places feel right?
        Also keep in mind that there isn’t often only one right answer – all the places you are thinking of are probably great for their own reasons! So maybe you can focus on, how can you continue to strengthen your roots, when you choose where you are going to live?

  67. Mélissa Castro-Harvey says:

    2017 was very hard and very good for me. I turned 30, i got the job of my dreams, where i am very happy, surrounded by inspiring women in a feminist environment where i can grow and learn. I have an appartment i love with people i love. I learned to love myself more and be more confident.
    In 2017 i also kind of lost my soulmate. A person i spend the last 11 years with and who i still love very deeply.

    I find myself on this first day of 2018 not knowing what to wish for. I feel happy and confident but shattered and in deep pain at the same time. I guess my goal for the new year would be to heal.

    • rhys.morgan says:

      Hello Melissa. For you, I pulled the Six of Swords from the Lo Scarabeo Mermaids mini tarot deck. In this, two merpeople sit in a boat with six tridents. One uses oars to push the boat from a dark, cloudy, stormy background to a point of light off the picture plane of the card. I think this card might be saying that you will heal, eventually–that it’s dark and stormy and painful right now, but eventually you’ll move into a place of healing. It will take time, it will take lots of work, but you’ll get there. I really hope this helps, and good luck with your healing in this new year.

      • rhys.morgan says:

        Oh and Mélissa, it occurred to me after I posted. There are two figures in this boat, so it might be at this time, you may need someone else to help you reach your goal of healing. Perhaps a therapist, a close friend, a spiritual advisor, someone else to help you along the way. Best of luck.

        • Mélissa Castro-Harvey says:

          This actually made me cry. I think it s spot on. Thank you very much for your insight, a very happy new year to you.

  68. Sam says:

    Hello hello,

    I am very glad and grateful to be part of this collective energy and dedication towards each other. Thank you so much Beth for this beautiful project !!!

    My resolution for this year – I am finding it as I write to you – is to try to feel entitled to my feelings, emotions and thoughts.
    I have a tendency of always doubting myself, even for things I am sure of. I always try to listen to everybody’s opinion, I weigh things. But in the end I don’t take my own opinion seriously enough, my reasons seem to never be legitimate enough for myself (which makes it even harder to communicate to others)

    So I would like to trust myself a more. And if possible be more assertive when I discuss my life with loved ones who just want what’s good for me but don’t really listen to me… haha
    Thank you for any little piece of magic you might pass on !

    • rhys.morgan says:

      Hi Sam! I really sympathise–this is something I’m working on myself. For you, I pulled the Knight of Wands from the Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore. This dapper young lady stands in a desert setting and looks assertive and bold, ready to take on the world. But I really like what Barbara Moore’s manual says about her: this young lady is in love with the qualities of the desert around her…but she already has them within herself. She’s looking for them outside herself, but they’re already there inside her. So I think for you, it’s accepting that hey, yes, your own opinions and passions are enough! Don’t let your loved ones determine the validity of your opinions and thoughts. They’re your thoughts, they are valid, they are enough, and you can be fierce and passionate and speak up about them. even when other people disagree. Be a little reckless and bold sometimes 🙂 I hope that helps, and Happy New Year!

      • Sam says:

        Hello Rhys !

        Thank you so much for this reading, it felt like a hug 🙂
        I will definitely work and my boldness and recklessness !
        Wonderful year to you !!!

  69. Evvie says:

    Hi All! First off, thank you Beth. What a lovely way to celebrate the New Year together! Your resolution of owning your magic was so inspiring, and something I think I needed to hear at the start of this year. I’ll be chewing on the phrase “internalized witchiphobia” for a while, for sure.

    I just got out of my first Saturn Return, and I would love to make 2018 the year my creative career finally takes off. This includes healing some baggage with finances and money. Any insights or strategies on how to make that happen and follow through would be incredibly helpful. Thanks in advance to anyone who pulls a card, and a very Happy New Year to all!

    • Solaris says:

      Hello, Evvie!
      My card for you is the Devil. There is a time period of December 21 to January 20th. This is a good time to make a new start on how you view and use money and finances.
      The Devil is about keeping on doing the same thing you have always done and not seeing that a change needs to be made to break free from those old habits that are holding you back from successfully accomplishing your new financial goal. Be careful not to return to old habits with money. The Devil can also be a Capricorn who is helping you or hindering your progress. Best of luck with your new journey.

      • Evvie says:

        Hi Solaris,

        Thank you! I laughed when I read this, because I never want to see the Devil around money but it’s so apt for me – lol! A lot of the beliefs and thought patterns I have trouble letting go of around money fall into the Devil’s territory, and they definitely keep popping back up. Don’t know any Capricorn people in this context, but I think that actually gives me a thread to follow in my birth-chart. Very helpful!

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Evvie! First of all, I’d like to offer congratulations and solidarity on your first Saturn Return! Your resolution really resonated with me; I’ve also just came out of my first Saturn Return with a resolution towards working on my creative career. (Side note: I’d be interested to know if Capricorn rules your fifth house). Anyway, the car I pulled for you was the Seven of Pentacles from the Smith-Waite deck. I think this card resonates SO MUCH with the Saturn-in-Capricorn vibes happening right now! The Seven of Pentacles is a card that indicates work and diligence, which Saturn in Cap will back you up on, but it’s also a card that merits reflection. Have you been putting in work for what you want, or has the scope and nature of your desire changed? Are you tending to the parts of yourself that are important, or is it time to prune a bit? In my version of the card, a person is regarding a towering vine of pentacles, but the single pentacle at their feet seem to go unnoticed. Is there anything you’ve overlooked that, given a little attention, might bear the best fruit of all? The Seven of Pentacles tells us to work hard for what we want; keep going, and steer the ship a little bit (or a lot) if necessary! You know best what you need, and you may find that you’ve got resources you weren’t aware of. Incidentally, I pulled a second card for clarity, and IT WAS THE TEN OF PENTACLES. You’ve totally got this. Happy New Year!

      • Evvie says:

        Hi Sarah,

        Thanks so much for this! Aaaahhh it’s so good to see those pentacles! 😀 Some great questions to journal on here too. “Is there anything you’ve overlooked that, given a little attention, might bear the best fruit of all?” Yeah, you got me. One or two long projects on the back-burner might be more fruitful than what’s on the front-burner atm.

        I have 6th house Capricorn actually. So my return was just in my 5th house and it was a challenging but very productive 3 years creatively, at least behind the scenes. Saturn going into 6th house Cap now could get charged for me. I have some strong natal aspects there, and I’m trying to get my creative work to also be my (6th house) job work. Fingers crossed – I think it’s going to be an interesting phase.

        Best of luck and well wishes to you with your creative work too! Cheers!

  70. Indigo says:

    My intention for the year is to state my desires out loud, every day. I am so used to pleasing others that I often don’t know what I actually want, and I find it terrifying to speak it out loud. But I need to know. So every day, as many times as I can, I’d like to remind myself of what I desire.
    What can the cards tell me about this process?

    • Since Nicky now has two readings and that might shortchange you, Indigo (as the last commenter before I actually got my comments through!), I’m doing a reading for you!

      I’m feeling compelled to draw from the Mythic Oracle for you. I drew Perseus, whose card is subtitled Courage. Think of the story of Perseus and Medusa. I have Thoughts on Medusa, but for now let’s consider only this: her gaze could turn people to stone. Terrifying! Literally petrifying!

      And Perseus faced her anyway. Eyes averted, yes; looking at the reflection of his fear instead of meeting his fear head on. But he faced her, and he defeated her. And from her death sprang Pegasus, whose hooves struck the earth at Mount Helicon to give rise to the Pierian Spring, whose waters provide inspiration.

      You don’t have to look your fear in the eye. But you do have to face it. Speak your truth, Indigo, Speak your desires.

      I wish to add that if you don’t succeed one day, well, fall down seven times, get up eight. And tomorrow’s a new day. Good luck, and happy New Year.

  71. Okay. I did Nicky a reading over an hour ago, and have finally got the comment through, so now I can participate myself!

    This tarot-spread spell sets my intentions for the year.

    My resolution, which is a somewhat different beast, is to complete one of my novel drafts—Stagecraft by current preference, but my plan is, when I inevitably bore of Stagecraft, I’ll return to The Motion of Light; when I inevitably bore of The Motion of Light, I’ll return to Stagecraft!—by Solstice. In one year, less a bit, I will have a complete novel in first draft.

    • Merete Veian says:

      At first, I asked my playing cards if you will complete one of your drafts as you put it in your resolution. I chose Queen of Clubs (QoW) for your significator as a hardworking woman.

      Q?? 2?? 9??
      Your significator showed up, so this is your cards. 9?? tells about a wish fullfilled, and as this is in the last position here, it is a yes! to getting a draft completed in time. 2?? indicate minor trouble, to seperate, so your choice to switch between the two drafts tells that to finish one draft, switching and seperate the two, is a good choice. The number 2 goes to 9, from little to a lot, but changes color from black to red, from trouble to success, and 9 also indicate changes, – again it points back to your plan on working on two drafts at the same time.

      Your card for this resolution:
      6 of Wands from the Trionfi della Luna by Deviant Moon.

      You are on your right path of finding energy to create your book.
      Don’t doubt your natural talen. Do embrace your strenghts and skills in writing.

      The image shows 6 stakes parted in two groups of 3, then woven together in the middle to create a symetrical 4 by 4 grid. Leaves sprouts on the stakes, and 4 flower/buds are present.

      • Merete Veian says:

        So sorry. The playing card icons didn’t show up. It is the Queen of Clubs, 2 of Spades and 9 of Hearts.

        Good luck with your bookwriting this year!

      • Thank you, Merete!

        I…don’t know where your handle comes from, if it’s your name or what, but the thing I immediately thought of when I saw who was replying to me? The Titan Muse Melete, whose name means Practice.

        (I observe also that I have spent a lot of time in Sailor Moon and Yu-Gi-Oh! fandoms, and absorbed some quantity of Japanese cultural and linguistic oddities by osmosis, and one linguistic thing about Japanese vs English is English distinguishes L’s and R’s and Japanese not so much!)

        I’m going to take that coincidence of name as an additional facet to your message: practice, diligence… 🙂

        • Merete Veian says:

          lol This is my name, but as all synchronicity, I also take this as an impotant by-message to the reading;-)

          Again, best wishes <3

  72. leah dolmage says:

    I think no one has replied to Sasha so I am going to read for them…
    while still thinking about my own resolutions…

    Sasha Hi!

    What a beautiful and powerful intention for yourself in this world of rush rush amid the ableism that permeates everything… remaining invisible to most but glaring to those of us who have no choice but to see/know/experience it…

    The card i drew was from the Runic Tarot, where the major arcana are 3 sets of 8 runes and the suits are the 4 seasons with 52 weeks of the year, each card corresponding to a week / season / astrological symbols.

    The card drawn was the 18th rune – BIRCA, it means rebirth/awakening, fresh beginnings and new adventures and corresponds to the astrological signs of sagittarius and capricorn (how fitting as here we are having just moved solstice to now sag into cap). It speaks to this time of year: the last month and the coming month in your life. It symbolizes birch, and is about fertility (in the widest sense). It suggests a time of new beginnings, a decision to change your life, and accepting new ideas. Birca is the feminine archetype representing mothering, healing and bringing forth life. Like in the spring, after winter, the birch leaves are the first to emerge. Or old european folk traditions of beating birch twigs for prosperity and to revitalize after winter. Perhaps for you this coming year here is a symbolic birth taking place, where you are focused on your own regeneration and care. It speaks to a time where you are making some major changes in terms of your health and your philosophical approach to it, it is a rune of make-overs and transformations in terms of home and family, and seeking pleasure from sexuality. It heralds a period of growth (physical and/or mental/emotional). Thereis something there also about something you may have considered a “lost cause” being reclaimed, and flourishing in new beginnings.

    Blessings to you!

    • leah dolmage says:

      Oops – missed the “reply box” tip… lol

      i am going to look for another thread for someone else that hasn’t gotten a response and do another reading for them!

  73. K says:

    If I have a New Year’s resolution (which isn’t something I usually commit to), it’s probably something vague and wide like “I want to decide I’m worthy. I want to be enough for myself.” If I’m forcing myself to say something more concrete, I’ll say that, this year, I want to actively and consciously attract positivity and love into my life, learn how to shield properly, and try more new things (even if they seem daunting. Especially if they do). If someone wants to reply, what kind of energy should I keep in mind to go about this?

    • Brittny says:

      Dear K,
      I pulled the Devil of the Wild Unknown Tarot in answer to your question. My first thought was eek. But when you take a minute to think about what’s in this card, it makes total sense. I love the call to action in this card. The urgency. Attracting what you want and living life bravely are quite the resolutions stemming from realizing how much you need/want these changes in your life. Pursue them relentlessly ! You are onto something crucial, so don’t let go ! Let that fire of realization spur you on !
      Hope that makes sense to you !!
      Happy new year and all the best to you !

      • K says:

        Thanks Brittny! I really appreciate the reading 🙂 I think it’s a great interpretation of the Devil card! I used to not be so fond of it, but I’ve learned to read it as “allowing your power to be taken away” when I’m reading for myself. I think it’s a really great thing to keep in mind that I’m the one holding the reins!

    • Aimee says:

      Hi K! I don’t think this is too vague at all, and it resonates with me! I drew the 10 of Cups for you. I think this one is about finding a spiritual and emotional home. Coming to resolution on your own heart-work and reaching out to others to practice kindness and generosity. Find your own idea of happiness. Perhaps a bit of “you get what you give” if you want to attract love in your life.

      • K says:

        Thanks for the reading, Aimee! I can’t deny that this was a nice card to see. Also, I loved how you said “heart-work”, it’s such a perfect description <3 I’ve done a ton of it this year, and it’s really great to see it described that way!

  74. Merete Veian says:

    Thanks for this, it was so fun to draw cards for Amy!
    This year, my word is detatchment. It is for both mind and body, the old routines and frame of mind, material things I let declutter my space, old habits.
    My card this year, is the Fool (22).
    How can I best walk this new path by working with an elemental energy?

    • Marete, the card I drew for you is the Prince of Wands out of the Urban Tarot deck. In this card, the Prince is cast as a journalist, leaning over the news desk and pointing a finger straight out towards you as the audience. Even though the elemental energy of this suit is fire, it’s being harnessed by a strong dose of reason and intellect. You’re not attempting to detach your passion towards your belongings, or how you spend your time. There’s still lots of room for inspiration and new energy, but it’s being channeled towards the next path that you want to walk, and your Prince gives you the tools to control whether you stay on course or wander.

      On Instagram, Lionharts has a January Tarot challenge running, and today’s theme is The Fool. So I thought you might resonate with some of the ard pulls over there as well! If you search #thejanuarytarot you may find some other good readings on the beginning of the Fool’s journey.

      Blessings on your new travel!

      • Merete Veian says:

        Thank you, Olli!
        This was a stron read, and I will take it with me. As a Gemeni, I tend to be all over the place, and I can see I should use my mind, my intelect to choose where to put my energy this year. And yes, if I know myself, I will probably delay some of the decluttering, so if the Prince will give me a helping had to walk the best path, I will follow for sure!

        A wonderful year to you, Olli!

  75. Brittny says:

    My resolution for this year is not to shy away from my spiritual needs and also to build my trust in my own abilities. Not my strong suit !
    Do the cards have any insight for me?

    • Hannah says:

      Brittny! I drew a card for you from my Dreams of Gaia deck: IX of Water. The card depicts a figure grasping her heart, looking up toward a celestial light. How fitting to address the matters of spirit and self-trust!

      The card is all about openness and emotional enlightenment; it asks us to consider the boundary between the emotions we can choose and those we cannot. We need the less desirable aspects of the emotions (like shyness and distrust) because they are teachers. They provide the necessary counter to fulfilling emotions.

      The work of spirituality and the essence of our spiritual needs is to choose when to let these emotions influence us (both in response to the present and in response to memories of the past or dreams for the future) unseen within our unconscious and when to bring all of them into the light so we can respond to them consciously and directly. To see your shyness, to see your distrust of yourself is part of the work. You are doing the work. As Beth said above, you’re not broken.

    • Kat says:

      Hi Brittny!
      Since you say this isn’t your strong suit, I grabbed my New Orleans Voodoo Tarot. I find it very empowering, so I thought it might be a good choice for you. 🙂

      I drew a 9 in this deck, in which 9’s are representative of the force that flows between spirits in voodoo tradition. They’re spoken of as “convergences of energies that support the individual strengths.” I drew the 9 of Air (Rada in this deck), which is about forging powerful connections between elements.

      This suggests to me that building trust in yourself is, in no small part, related to harnessing your own power. It also suggests that through your own power, you can forge powerful connections to nurture your spiritual needs. These connections aren’t necessarily people, though; in voodoo tradition, they might be elements or spirits as well.

      I would also say that the card suggests that making sure you’re grounded in your own self and power will make nurturing your spiritual needs and energies easier. I think that in practical terms, that probably means making sure you’re engaging in self-care, and also listening to yourself.

      On a personal note, where spiritual abilities are concerned, I understand needing to build your trust in yourself – listen to your instinct! I took Beth’s tarot course here,and that was one of the biggest lessons I took away, particularly since my interpretations were often right on (or at least in the ballpark) without consulting any books or websites about what the cards were “supposed” to mean. Intuition is powerful!

      Happy New Year!

    • kaylie moon says:

      I’m a little nervous doing this honestly, cause i’ve never pulled cards for myself, and am still working on my intuition when it comes to interpretation.

      but heres what i got; i pulled judgement.
      my initial intuitive thoughts, when looking at the cards are this:

      observance, intentions trickling down a mountain in little drops dipping off of trails of a stream, which then goes down to a garden that needs some tending, but is essentially offering nourishment to that garden.

      so when i put those observations together, my take is that connecting into your spiritual needs and connecting into being able to trust yourself means being able to look objectively at what has and has not worked for you, refining the way you look at life and your experience, and allowing those intentions to create paths that nourish the parts of you that need some extra loving. tend to yourself, tend to your needs, your emotional, spiritual, physical needs, and if you can do that, you will naturally follow the path to nourishing your desires (self trust and spiritual connection)

      realign yourself with the things that feed you, in order to accept your lifes calling.

      i hope that helps and makes some sense.
      lots of love.

      ps i used the wanderers tarot. its my newest deck and it is already my favorite out of the 5 i own.

  76. Lucy says:

    I have had two very difficult years involving a traumatic event with one of my children and the distressing fall out of the months and months following. So much sadness, anger and yes, sometimes hate towards the perpetrator.
    I have not always felt that I was strong enough to get us all through this and sometimes I haven’t been.
    However, I have found reserves I didn’t know I had. ‘One thing after another’ describes how I have felt and so powerless.
    I then lost my mother two days ago, it is very sad. We had an ambivalent relationship and there will be fall out, loss and grief for what never was. I am running on empty.
    Nonetheless, in 2018 I want to lift my head, increase my self care and do something fun. I want to laugh, I want my family to laugh and enjoy a lightness we haven’t had for some time.

    • Lucy, your comment was the last one here when I opened this page a few hours ago, and it’s still looking like it hasn’t been replied to, so I will now.

      I drew the 8 of Chalices from the Fey Tarot deck, which is a card I see fairly frequently in my life. It’s about a spiritual and emotional journey: the fairy close to the front of the card is looking a little nervous about the long steps between them and the chalice at the top of a spiral behind them. The crescent moon is shining below the chalice. For me this card pops up because I have such a long way to go to get through my emotional and spiritual journey, and it’s kind of a reassurance, that while it will take a while to get to the top, there’s the acknowledgement that it’s hard but I can keep going. You sound like you have a lot going in in your spiritual and emotional journey, but all you have to do is keep picking your foot up and taking the next step, and this card echoes that.

      Wishing you lots of love.

      • Lucy says:

        Hello SJ,
        thank you for noticing I had not had a reply, I decided this was part of the process and my lesson is patience. Form this reading I wanted to be told the difficulties would all be over and resolved and that we can move on to lighter times. Silly, I know.
        I know that this is not realistic at the moment and in fact there is much to do and much to heal to get there. Thank you for reminding that I need to keep going and that I need to practice patience. I will have a look at the deck you used it sounds gentle and reassuring.
        I wish you a happy and healthy new year and thank you again, Lucy xx

  77. leah says:

    This is such a beautiful thing to do – thank you Beth!

    I am blissfully content in the relative solitude of being with my cat out in a cabin in the snowy woods for the past week but for this full moon and turning of the year it is really nice to have this sharing with other people! Of course we are never really alone – so far up here we have been visited by otter, chickadee and some other little paw prints leading up into the trees (maybe flying squirrel?)!

    Ok – i am going to try this for me now… <3

    my hope / intention / resolution for 2018 is to expand / enable / embody a greater spirit of connection.

    The past year has brought some huge changes and openings for me to value myself, love and care for myself, and find some deeper expression for / connection with the magic i feel coursing through me and everything. I have also been working hard on sensing and expressing my boundaries with myself and the universe about being “enough” and understanding that while i do my part, there are many parts. I have been working on remembering it is not all up to me, and that i am not alone. I have also been making daily offerings of water for its wisdom to flow freely and be held.

    So in 2018 i want to seek out and embrace more opportunities for collaboration, and to be grounded myself while working with others. I would also like to figure out how to bring all the water bearing aquarius airy energy of intellectualizing emotions down into my body and find ways to channel that into more creative projects and activities – adding some more fire and earth and doing / action energy to the mix and allowing for a greater sense of balance in my life.

    Blessings for the coming year and Gratitude to you All!

    • leah says:

      No worries if it doesn’t just in case this pops up for anyone looking for someone to do a reading for I got missed! back in the city now… sigh/deep breaths. Thanks Witches! <3

  78. Hannah says:

    My resolution for this year of 2018 is to resist the temptation to wallow unnecessarily in doubt. I wish to turn instead to resilience and positivity when faced with challenges, while knowing the I will never eliminate doubt or pain in their entirety.

    • Mary Silla says:

      Your card is the Ace of Pentacles (or disks, as I drew it from a mini Nicolette Ceccoli deck). This suggests opportunities to improve your grounding and material comfort. I think this could help your resilience by reminding you of the endless potential to improve small things and basic needs. It also suggests that having realistic and practical goals is a good way forward.

  79. Kat says:

    The new year is probably going to be one involving a lot of change, for me. I will find out in a few months whether or not I got into a PhD program, as well as where I’ll be moving (which will be to a place I’ve never lived). I am starting on a new, large writing project in a writing workshop as well – my first foray into “serious writing” since a few years ago, when my PTSD got really bad.

    When I was thinking about a theme for my resolutions this year, I came up with “moving forward.” That, overall, is my goal. I came from a difficult background, so mental and emotional recovery has been a long process. Yet, in the past year, I’ve made immense progress and gained a lot of strength. Now, I’m ready to take what I’ve learned and make the future into one that I envision.

  80. Carmen says:

    Upss, I read this evening for Yarezka, but forgot weiting my resolution: This year I want to consolidate my love relationship. I want to skip from intimate friends into couple, a bit of engagement…
    Thanks ?

  81. kaylie moon says:

    i answered for brittany, not realizing that other people had already commented >_> the layout is weird, i wish it said how many replies someone had xD

    anyway, my intention is to connect deeper into myself, my partner/family, and my spirituality. hopefully these connections will aid in feeling secure and a stronger sense of self worth, and maybe even a sense of contentment or happiness one day.

    what are your thoughts on that?

    • Luna says:

      Hi kaylie moon! I drew the 10 of Pentacle’s whilst I was considering your question. I’m quite a newbie with reading, but I see this card as a good sign! Although Pentacles are more usually connected to the material world, I think in this case it’s signalling that with dedication to your spiritual goals you’ll achieve the contentment you’re seeking. The card also speaks to me of family, have you spoken with them about your intentions? In doing so you could bring a wealth of support and richness into your spiritual journey. Good luck my love!

  82. Liz says:

    This year along with my health issues that need to be sorted I want to develop my existing business but also push my witchy business forward as that has takena back seat while other things were worked on. Can I do it all?! What will help me achieve that?

    • Luna says:

      Hey Liz. After reading your question I pulled the Queen of Wands, which is a great sign! It sounds like you’re preparing to have a lot going on in the year ahead and the Queen of Wands tells me that you can absolutey do it all. To address your final question, I think this card suggests that being consciously committed to your goal, and trusting in your abilities will be key to your success. And if you ever get stuck remember this queen knows you’ve got this!

    • Hi Liz–this is a complicated question, whether and how to keep all your balls juggled in the air at the same time! You asked, “Can I do it all?” and I pulled the Knight of Wands from the Urban Tarot deck, which is The Rock Star. (See it here:–the-knight-tarot-cards.jpg )

      The Knight of Wands is air in the suit of fire–headstrong, action-oriented, and flammable. It sounds like this combination of projects that you’re proposing is going to be a wild ride and one that other people will talk about. Rockstars are not actually known for making great life choices! But if you look in the background, you see a guitar and a bass player in the background, playing support and keeping a steady beat on all the songs that are being belted out by the singer under the lights. So, I think this card also may be telling you to assemble and nurture the rest of your band so that you can pull off this fiery wonder in 2018.

      Blessings to you, Liz. No single one of these projects define you, and you’re all the richer for integrating them together!

  83. Mary Silla says:

    There are lots of things I want to commit to, like selling my art (which I said last year), dance classes and paying off debt, (I also mentioned face cram and letting go of a crush last year and… Did ok on the face cream!)
    I have one main goal. I get very stressed and grumpy at times, when I’m tired or bored and can get into weirdly awful accidental arguments with people. I’d like to work on staying cheerful and polite, even as pure surface, to make other people happier and to make me feel less guilty afterwards.

      • Carol Ann says:

        Hi Mary, I picked the Queen of Wands from the Linestrider Tarot. This queen likes to plan and do! She is loving and caring, but she always stands up for herself. Take good care of yourself. Be well rested. Make a good plan before you act. Use some of the sands energy to move forward in a positive way!

        • Mary Silla says:

          Thanks! That’s really useful. O definitely need to make better plans so I can rest more and thus be less grumpy!

  84. Aimee says:

    I’m coming off of two years of an incredibly difficult and stressful time working at my organization, an NGO advocating for tenants’ rights. The work is much of my life, and I approach it with a desire to learn and grow from others. I have been hitting a wall in getting what I need from those I have respected, and been disappointed with my elders in the movement.

    I’ve decided to move into this year with confidence in my own position, having done the work for several years, and the need to listen to my own voice and desires instead of making them secondary. I want to shelve petty internal political battles and instead pursue my passion to teach and write to help develop new leaders. I want to learn new ways to express my love, not a giving up of my own compass and desires to replace them with another’s, but nurturing a situation where there is a balance of power, and I feel I am respected.

    • Sam says:

      Hello Aimee,

      It seems to me that your post hasn’t been answered yet, so I tried to pull a card for you.
      I pulled the Wanderer of Stones of the Wanderer’s tarot (it corresponds, I believe, to the Knight of pentacles)

      The card represents a person with long hair standing as if they were floating in a strong wind. The person has two long gems in both their hands and I think they look kind of fierce that way ! There are little glitter signs (that’s how I see them anyway) around their body and on their head and belly button. They seem balanced and grounded, shilling outside and inside. This person seems to be on their way to take on the world ! And your resolutions sure speak to that.

      However, I find the dynamic movement of the hair very interesting, and the Wanderer’s guidebook helped me explain this feeling. It says that this card is asking to “let go and travel on the winds of fate” “to journey and discover”.
      The way I see this card’s meaning is that through your experiences, the deceptions you lived but also the skilled you acquired you got to learn how you wanted to approach things, where you stand. That is the fierce person holding the gems that I see. You have the equipment, and the attitude. I therefore have no doubt that you will manage what is thrown at you.
      Just don’t forget to stay open to Life’s gifts. Now that you have found your ground, allow yourself to loose it a little, let yourself be surprised, taken in places you didn’t expect. Give yourself the gift of experiencing life unfettered, let your hair float in the wind as you move on in life.

      I hope this reading speaks to you and accompanies you on your journey !
      Tender wishes for this year to come !

      • Aimee says:

        This is so lovely. Thank you Sam! This really resonates strongly with me and I appreciate the detailed description of the card itself. 🙂

  85. chris says:

    Ha! Drawing cards for others is so much fun! I totally forget to post my own intentions for this new year…. the focus will be on becoming my own guide and mentor, trusting my intuition and paving my own spiritual path. showing up for myself and doing what needs to be done.

    • Jo says:

      Hi Chris! I pulled the 9 of Coins for you from the Sakki Sakki tarot, which feels like a wonderful affirmation of your intentions for the year. This self-sufficient woman is walking in her garden with poise and confidence, knowing that she has created a universe in which her needs are provided for, everything is growing abundantly, and her own past efforts largely responsibile for the health and sustaining environment in which she now finds herself. It sounds like you’ve been doing the work and it’s paying off – congratulate yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labors!

    • Merete Veian says:

      Hi Chris!
      I chose the Lumina tarot for you, and the King of Cups showed up.
      He is supported by the Star and the Sun.

      This card is a sign that when you focus on your intention for this year, you will shine, day and night. Trust in yourself and use your heart as well as your mind, as you walk this path of known and unknown wisdom.

      The chacra colors in the star and sun card, red-orange-yellow, supports the trust you have in yourself as you are confident to lead yourself (red), create your own path (orange) and use your intuition/ your gut feelings (yellow).

      You might get support by looking into how you can strenghten the rooth, the sacral and solar plexus chacra. If you are into a stones, or if you like to walk barefoot and dance barefoot in the grass?

      I wish you the best for on this journey, Chris!
      Stay strong.

  86. This isn’t really along the lines of what you’re talking about, and maybe it’s not a good resolution, but I’d really like one day this year to get paid for some of the work that I do. It would be a good sense of validation that I’m not just a drain on others all the time. So I’m hoping to get some kind of legal internship over the summer, and not harm myself by doing so (my body does not have the same capability as most people’s).

    I miss having a sense of community, too, and I’d like to build that up again somehow. If only I can get through the days.

    • Nyna says:

      SJ Witchling, this seems like a perfectly good resolution to me!

      The card I drew for you is The Termite Swarm, which is an original major from the Delta Enduring tarot. The Delta Enduring tarot draws on the symbolism of the deep American south, where flying termites swarm harmlessly but furiously for a few days every year. This card symbolizes the essentially temporary — though potentially recurring– nature of the swarm you’re living with now. Be patient with yourself. Relax a little. You are not a drain on your community. If it’s impossible to go out one night, there will be other, termite free nights. Don’t give up, but you don’t have to force it. Better days and clearer skies will come.

      • Thank you, Nyna! That is interesting, especially how my disease is talked about how it “flares”, like it sounds like flying termites are like. It does feel like a swarm of a lot of symptoms at once, but more never-ending. I hope it can turn into more termite-free nights.

    • I think that’s a good resolution. Certainly you more than deserve fair pay for your work!

      On the subject of how you can build a sense of community, I drew Lovers from the Motherpeace Tarot, turned right. The card isn’t necessarily about sex or romance, but it is about passion. Turned right, it’s about being proactive about that passion—taking the initiative.

      And, like, you know me, right? You know I know how hard that is when spoonie!

      But, well. Someone’s got to get the ball rolling. Better be you. 🙂

      Best wishes, SJ, and happy New Year!

  87. This year my theme is illumination, and my intention is to move out of this period of chaotic change and growth and into a mindset where I keep my time sacred. I’ve always been a distracted squirrel, and I’m learning to say “no” to things I don’t want and get reasonable about my expectations. But I’ve also got a turbulent personality and I want guidance on how to make this intention stick.

    • Eulalia says:

      Hi Olli,
      Your card is Emperor from Circle of Life Tarot. This card is usually red to represent his passion and inner heat. But he’s the ruler of his emotions. Emperor card is about self-discipline and responsibility. He tells us to not make excuses. But he is also a person that makes his own rules and guides other people.
      If I would know how to become more self-organised I would do it! I always thought that simplicity of Emperor card is the opposite of artistic chaos of the Empress. So maybe we should start with organizing our space 😀
      Good luck!

  88. Luna says:

    I’m coming into this new year having ended a four year relationship in November. My intention for the year ahead is to get to know myself better, and to work on honouring and trusting my intuition (as well as learning to read tarot). What advice can the cards give me to help with this?

    • Kat says:

      Hi Luna,
      I’m using the Steampunk Tarot to do this reading, because I often find the deck to give good advice about independence and self-reliance. The card I drew for you is the Knight of Swords. In general, knights in this deck are just that – very independent and self-reliant, and very focused on their goals.

      The Knight of Swords in particular is about executing plans based on clear and rational logic. The caution, on the other hand, is that flying off into action without any kind of plan can be detrimental.

      You are at a stage in your life where you are rediscovering things about yourself, particularly your personality, your needs, your wants, apart from another person you’ve been close to. It stands to reason that you should make sure to take some time for yourself, and to think through what it is that you need. This Knight suggests to me that you have a lot of energy ready for improving your situation in the ways you want to, but that you should balance that with taking care of yourself and taking time to listen to what your heart has to say about what it needs right now.

      Happy New Year, and best of luck!

  89. Stacy Creamer says:

    Reposting in case anyone has a chance to give me a one-card reading. I’d so appreciate it! Thanks! I have a new romantic partner and my goal for 2018 is to focus on our relationship and be as good a partner to him as I possibly can be. In the past my relationships have suffered because I can be very independent and focused on my own goals. Very 9 of Pentacles:) This has served me well but I’m at a point in my life at which I would prefer to put the priority on love and companionship. So my resolution is to commit fully to my partner but I could use advice as to how best to do just that. Thanks!

    • Loren says:

      Happy New Year Stacy! I pulled the Star from The Dreaming Way Tarot. What a lovely card! Be generous with your love and be vulnerable. You are already on the path and that light of the star is shining down on you guiding the way. Let your love pour out of you and enjoy the dreaminess of it all. Romance doesn’t have to be practical or make sense.

      Your intuition will guide you because it already is! You know that your goal focused self can’t force this because a relationship is a bond rather than an achievement. Relax and don’t be so focused on where the path leads, enjoy the stroll into your heart and your partner’s.

      Sorry, I’m super new to this so I hope this helps. <3

      • Stacy Creamer says:

        What a lovely, thoughtful reading, Loren. Thank you SO much. I really appreciate it. And you seem quite accomplished and confident! Thanks again. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and fulfilling 2018. And enjoy the Super Moon/ Wolf Moon!

    • Lynn Summers says:

      Hi Stacy,
      I decided to pull two cards for you because love and relationships are important. I used my Morgan Greer tarot (over 25 years old, and well loved). I received the World – a wonderful card to receive. I find that in you are currently at a place where your 9 of Pentacles self is ready to have it all this time around. I am not saying that you won’t remain independent, because this is who you are, however; since you are recognizing your very independent self and how you are willing to commit fully to your relationship, the World says you will have an easier time committing. This is completion of one cycle and the beginning a beautiful new one. You can do this, be a bit softer, realize you don’t need to be so independent. Let go of the reins a bit. Also, I received the 9 of Cups – another beautiful card. The wish card, all about happiness. This is saying, yes to what you want.
      One thing I want to point out that I “hear” is that don’t try to change who you are, but rather find and be with the man who respects and is fine with your independence. Being who you truly are is the only way to live your life. Much happiness and Happy New Year.

  90. Jo says:

    My word of the year for 2018 is Strength. I’m a bit intimidated by it, but hopeful that I can come to identify more with it as the year progresses, particularly in relation to my sensitive, introverted nature. I’d like to feel I’m making more of a positive difference in the world than I currently do. I hope to stretch myself a bit and gain confidence as a result, but all within the parameters of looking after myself and not exhausting myself by trying to be someone I’m not.

    • Jo, tonight I pulled Warrior of Swords from the Starry Cauldron tarot

      She’s a think-on-her-feet kind of lady knight, air of air, thinking at the speed of light, making use of whatever tools she finds at hand. She has a sense of adventure – perhaps this can fuel your confidence and stretching yourself. Your sensitive, introverted nature will keep you from overdoing it – I sense this knight is here to support your inclination to step out of your comfort zone. Ask a lot of questions until you find what feels true for you – there are many ways to make a positive difference. Your challenge may be to find one that allows you to come from a place of your strengths, and then follow through.

      (I’ll send you a DM with a picture of the card – she even looks a little like you.)

      • Jo says:

        Jet, this is such an insightful reading and resonates in a very affirming way with other visits I’ve gotten lately from the Queen & Knight of Swords. Thanks so much for noticing I’d been missed and taking the time to read for me. A very happy 2018 to you!

  91. Nyna says:

    The last few years have been miserable, and I’m finally starting to feel like a whole, sane, capable person again. My Saturn return is finally over, I’m turning 30, I trusted my whole weight to my support network and found it held after all — and now I’m finally feeling like I can move forward. But I’ve got nothing, practically speaking, going for me — no home, career, partnerships, etc.

    So my resolutuion for 2018 is to finally start to build something. I’m just not, you know, entirely sure what..

    • Veronica says:

      Hi Nyna, I pulled the Ace of Autumn from the Fairy Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine to guide on your question. This card is speaking to me about new beginnings in the material world. So you will br totally manifesting something new in 2018. It feels more oriented to your job or career. I eould focus on this aspect and let the rest (partnership, home, etc.) unfold as a result of this one. Hope this resonates with you.

  92. Eulalia says:

    My intention for new year is to give a strong push to my pagan group (we’re hellenic), to break the stagnation. We don’t live in the same cities and it is hard to work together and organise meetings. Should we do this? How to do this? Any advices?

    • Lindsay says:

      Hi Eulalia,

      I pulled XIII – Death for you in thinking about your pagan group. I actually love this card, and happen to pull it every year at the new year. If you think of death also as rebirth, as a clearing away and making room for something new, there is actually a lot of hope and possibility in this card (I relate it to the idea of the phoenix as well). It sounds like your group needs a fresh start, perhaps to determine who is truly committed, as it sounds like you are, to pulling together with a common intention. It’s okay if not everyone is, if some folks are moving in different directions, but this leaves you free to deepen your connections with those who are on the same path you are, those who are equally committed to working together across the distance.

  93. Veronica says:

    My resolution for 2018 is to feel confident on the unfolding of events by taking actions based in a connection to my intuition. Any word of advice on what can support me on this is highly appreciated.

    • Francie says:

      Hello Veronica! I drew the Three of Swords for you. The Three of Swords witnesses the pain and sorrow you have experienced, and asks if that pain may be making it hard for you to trust your intuition and your wise inner voice. It also reminds you that, while you have been hurt, you also survived. Your survival is a testament to your resilience, wisdom, and creativity. This card invites you to remind yourself of those qualities whenever you start to doubt yourself.

      • Veronica says:

        Thank you Francie. Taking these words with me to accompany me through 2018. May this be a blessed year for you.

  94. Loren says:

    My word for this year is ACTION. Emotionally, the last few years have been very difficult and my depression has led me to be stagnant in most areas of my life. I need to grow and I need to move and I need to learn how to trust my intuition instead of fight against it. What will assist me this year in meeting my goal?

    • K says:

      Hi Loren, for you I drew King of Cups. You’ve experienced a lot of things in the past few years. You’ve felt a lot of things, and not all of them were good. But now that you have, you are a deeper and fuller person because of it. Whether you know it or not, you’ve learned and grown from those experiences (even if what you’ve learned is what NOT to do, etc). Face the person you are from everything you’ve felt with the compassion you would want to receive from someone else, and act and grow and move with the clarity of who you are now. (I hope that was helpful in some way!)

      • Loren says:

        Thank you for this reading so much, K. You are so right that I need to show compassion to myself. I appreciate this beautiful and insightful reading.

        K, I hope you have an absolutely beautiful and fulfilled year.

  95. Lindsay says:

    I have great confidence in taking action in many ways in 2018. The card I am focusing on is The Magician, for bold decisive action, but my great confusion/hesitation lies in a stagnating relationship. My partner and I both got very busy in the last months of 2017, and didn’t find time for each other. I wonder if in 2018 I let that go, and move forward alone, or if it is worth putting in the work to reignite our relationship, as I do still love them very much. Will holding on to this relationship hold me back or help me move forward this year?

    • Jennifer says:

      Lindsay, I have drawn the Ace of Pentacles for you. You are in the beginning phase of a prosperous venture. A seed is planted, and that seed takes root, grounding you for the future. I can’t divine what this might mean for your query, but I bet you can. A lovely card!! Good fortune headed your way… <3

  96. Francie says:

    My intention for this year is to be intentional about receiving. It’s so hard for me to ask for help directly and receive help offered. That’s challenging in immediate/obvious ways, but it also makes it harder for me to be accountable about the things I do receive and to achieve the right balance of giving and receiving in my life.

  97. Jennifer says:

    My intention is to get out of my head and into my intuition. I want to stop approaching my life like something is wrong with me- like I need to fix myself constantly. Too much searching for the next thing I can and should do to make improvements. I want to breathe and BE. To learn only to listen to my intuition, my higher self. Take a higher view…

    • Mar-yannu says:

      Jennifer, from the Osha Zen Tarot, I pulled the King of Fire / The Creator. It speaks directly to your desire to BE, to accept yourself. The book says, “… you are standing in the way. Just move aside, then the masterpiece (within you) will be revealed.” I sense that if you begin a practice of writing and burning, you will be able to release the doubts, hesitations, and connect with your Higher Self clearly. Just write stream of consciousness, be self-pitying, petty, resentful, altruistic, idealistic, magickal … do not edit yourself and do NOT read it, write “love” all over the writing then burn immediately. Profound process (from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron). Also, look into a QHHT session. Expensive but worth every penny! Life changing and direct communication between you and You. You’ll love it

      • Jennifer says:

        Mar-yannu, thank you- wow! I have Julia Cameron’s book and journal, yet I’ve set the practice of writing aside. Your guidance is fantastic- I really have wanted to connect with fire more- it’s the element I’m least comfortable with. This is a marvelous idea, and I will absolutely take your advice. And I’m going to look up QHHT now! What a great personal message to have received on January 1st. With much gratitude,

  98. Joanna says:

    I am setting an intention of listening more, of re-assessing and re-seeing a situation. Of building on last year’s productivity and change and fostering more…

    • Lara says:

      Hi Joanna,
      I pulled the 4 of Coins from The Fountain Tarot for you. For me this often appears when there’s some really beautiful things I have happening but I am ignoring them or counting them as nothing. Maybe it means to look at your surroundings like you say, with the fresh eyes of someone new and seeing all your gifts.
      I hope you find some gorgeous gifts all around you.

    • Georgia says:

      Joanna the card I pulled for your question was the Daughter of Discs (Motherpeace deck) the element is Earth for daughter and discs is earth. This tells me ur energy comes from your body. So listening from ur body – gut feeling. So perhaps listen to what ur body is telling u when u r trying to listen (not from the head) or reassessing or re-seeing. It may be that u need to take time to listen to yourself first before evaluating. It could be meditating or having some alone time. Your truth comes through your body.

    • Carol Ann says:

      Hi Joanna, I picked the 10 of Pentacles from the Linestrider Tarot. I think of this card as a happy, and content family from the youngest to the oldest. As a 10 it is a number of completion and starting again at a better level. I think it represents a good environment for you to continue working on your goals. It seems that you want to use all of your senses , listening,seeing, doing, thinking, and don”t forget feeling! Have a wonderful New Year!

  99. Lara says:

    i don’t think my comments posted earlier so I’m reposting, sorry if it duplicates!

    My theme for this year is Passionate Involvement, and growing roots where I live. I want to create a home, a relationship network, explore how I can have different levels of intimacy with partners and friends – it’s idealistic; I want to have more gradients between friends and lovers, and more openness and love and support.
    Also passionate involvement in the sense of community. 🙂

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Lara! I got a very interesting card for you and your question – the reverse High Priest. I think this is great for you, especially with your interest in blending and blurring the boundaries between friends and partners. I think this card is telling you to be open and maintain and questioning and critical attitude towards what it means to be romantic partners/ friends/ building a home and community according to societal norms. You get to decide what is right for you. (Bonus I looked at the shadow card at the back of my deck and saw the Star in reverse so that’s a really great sign for making your wish a reality. Wonderful!

      OK I have 2 intentions for this new year. 1) I am working on being a better adult – making more an effort to cook for myself and keep my living spaces more clean and organized and I feel like my discipline is lacking. I know I feel so much better when I have this stuff more under control. 2) I am working on trying to find my life partner and having healither attitudes towards dating and relationships.
      Thank you so much!

      • Lara says:

        Hi Rachel! Thank you for your thoughtful words and the bonus card too! 🙂 That really makes me feel good. I will copy them down here to remind me. What interesting reverses for answers. Thank you very much 🙂

      • razinthia says:

        Hi Rachel!

        I pulled one card from the Wild Unknown for each of your resolutions. For the “be a better adult” resolution, I pulled the Hierophant. This often appears when it’s time to seek outside help from a trusted mentor, a book, or something structured. Consider finding an organized plan for adulting that works for you, such as blocking out time, gamifying your habits (I use Habitica and I love it), or inviting friends over to hang out with you and drink tea while you cook and/or clean.

        For relationships, I pulled the Hanged Man, which suggests to me that in order to have healthier attitudes towards dating, it would be to your benefit to first figure out what’s really important to you in a partner. What are you looking for? What’s a dealbreaker? What do you need in order to be happy but also maintain your most authentic self? Then, the Hanged Man offers you a paradox: once you stop looking everywhere for your partner, you might just trip over them right under your nose.

        My resolution is to learn how to better focus my energy, so I can make the most of the time given me each day for work, for my own projects, and for play. I want to create without getting caught up in being self critical and then scrolling through Facebook to escape the voices in my head that tell me my creations aren’t worth anything.

          • Carol Lidle says:

            Hello Razinthia, I picked the Page of Pentacles for you from the borderless Rider Waite. I think this Page would encourage you to “follow your bliss”! Perhaps learn or create something new. Try setting aside a certain time of day to work on your art projects or whatever it is you like to do. This page moves slowly and steadily toward his goal. You can too! Good luck and Happy New Year! Remember being different and original is good!

  100. Georgia says:

    Hi I am Georgia my intention is to learn tarot, astrology and grow my spiritual knowledge from a practical space. So rather learning formally through a structured course, I will teach my self. I will learn through reading, podcasts, blogs, using my senses, meditation, looking inward, reading any signs, messages through dreams, visions etc.

    • Trace says:

      Hi Georgia, interestingly the card I drew for you is the 3 of Earth from the Good Tarot, which suggests that you would benefit from teamwork and building a solid foundation, dedicated collaboration. A joining with others to bring forth whay we have chosen to co-create. So this would suggest that even though you are not looking for something formal and structured perhaps there is some benefit from a course. Perhaps even Beth’s? I will be doing a student in a course called, Pull, Pen Paint which is learning tarot through journaling

  101. Carol Ann says:

    Hi Joanna, I picked the 10 of Pentacles from the Linestrider Tarot. I think of this card as a happy, and content family from the youngest to the oldest. As a 10 it is a number of completion and starting again at a better level. I think it represents a good environment for you to continue working on your goals. It seems that you want to use all of your senses , listening,seeing, doing, thinking, and don”t forget feeling! Have a wonderful New Year!

  102. Carol Ann says:

    I am having trouble picking a guiding word for 2018. I”m thinking of the word “be”. be more mindful and in the moment, try out new things, enjoy life. My husband is retiring soon and I know that life will be changing a bit for us. So I guess I want to keep moving forward in the New Year and embrace what it brings!

    • Crystal says:

      Hi Carol Ann!

      The card I drew for you is the 6 of Pentacles. This is the generosity card (a potential guiding word, perhaps? This card speaks to enjoying the fruits of your labor and sharing your prosperity (however you define this for yourself, may not be money necessarily). Perhaps this change in you and your husband’s lives will open up more time and space to mentor others, volunteer, or otherwise give back to the community. You will both be taken care of, so relax and enjoy this exciting new chapter! 🙂 Happy New Year!

      • Carol Ann says:

        Thank you Crystal! You really picked up on how I am thinking and feeling. Perhaps do more volunteer work with my Reiki. You have given me some new things to ponder. Blessings to you!

        • Crystal says:

          My pleasure! I really enjoyed doing the mini reading. I’m glad it was insightful! Good luck! Volunteer reiki sounds amazing!

  103. Trace says:

    I am hoping this year to focus on my arts practice making it my priority and really being authentic in what I put out there.

    • Hi Trace,
      For you I pulled the 9 of Pentacles from the Anna K deck.

      The woman in this image looks so composed and willing to be observed it made me think of that part of authenticity. Peace and self-acceptance in front of others.

      She is well-dressed, but calm, not doing an effort-full performing. What we see of her beauty and riches are all what she’s chosen to show (the art, the deliberateness of what We observers see), and she wears them (shares/“performs” them) as part of her essence. With comfort in her own skin.

      That sounds to me like amazing art. <3

      • Trace says:

        Thank you Amy, now that is a wonderful and very reassuring message and image. I shall hold onto it as I grab hold of my courage and step into me.

  104. Carol Lidle says:

    My word for the new year is “be”! Be more mindful, more involved , while being true to myself. My year card is the Hermit, which to me means spending time going inward! I guess I want to be more outwardly focused. Any insights?

    • Kristin Forde says:

      Hi Carol! I drew the Daughter of Cups from The Wild Unknown for you. The image on this card is so sweet and innocent, yet brave. A young duckling is radiating her own creative and loving energy. There is a beginning, newness marked by this card. And to me, also vulnerability. My take from this is to integrate that Hermit card with the energy of Daughter of Cups – to offer you stability and self protection while taking risks by allowing yourself to BE out there! Happy New Year! ????

      • Kristin Forde says:

        Those question marks were a (comical) error! They were meant to be emojis….one being the turtle because the Wild Unknown’s image of The Hermit is a tortoise.

        Wishing you the bliss of being. <3

        • Carol Ann says:

          Thanks Kristin for your insights. I like the idea of combining Hermit energies with the Daughter of Cups! And yes I am familiar with that tortoise! I have copied your comments into my journal. I think it’s going to be a very good year!

  105. Crystal says:

    In 2018 I would like to cultivate better balance between my work and personal life. Work, when I let it, can take over and sap all of my energy. I love my job, but I don’t want it to be my everything or completely define me. I need more space, time, and energy to cultivate the creative and spiritual aspects of my self. What can I do this year to better find this balance?

    • Kathleen says:

      Hi Crystal,
      As far as I can tell you don’t have a card pulled for you yet, so I’ve pulled The Lovers for you from the Dreaming Way tarot. This card shows three people, at least one of whom is not clearly gendered, who are all holding hands – I’m not myself polyamorous, but from my friends and acquaintances who are, I’ve learned that when you are balancing something precarious or time-consuming, anyone who tends to dominate or be demanding will throw the whole thing off and everyone suffers. So in context of your job, perhaps there is someone or some situation you need to practice saying no to, or even just asking for time to consider first? Or perhaps your job self and your personal self can be in better communication? If you feel they’re not talking to each other (and it seems perhaps your job self is taking all the air in the room), at the risk of stepping out of my lane I’ve fallen in love with doing morning pages this year (3 pages, freehand, anything at all that comes into your head, first thing in the morning.) The clarity and self-knowledge and re-integration of my various selves has been a process of real self care and creative rebirth. Best to you in 2018!

      • Kathleen says:

        My intention for this year is to be thoroughly absorbed, engrossed, and focused on what I am doing – in this case, I have my (newly invigorated) work, my creative pursuits, and my health, which has been poor and neglected. How can I stay focused and avoid constant distraction and the leaking away of my energy toward things like social media and general dithering?

        • Amy Jane says:

          Hi Kathleen!

          I used the Wild Unknown deck and pulled the 8 of wands for you.

          For me this card is connected to speed, direction and (sometimes) a message arriving. The image in this deck is of lightning coming down on a circle of sticks that reminds me of logs shaped ready for a campfire.

          All of this tied to your intention makes me think of intensity and purpose and power. There is preparation (i.e., the laying out of the ‘fuel’), and there is that unforceable, unpredictable, infusion of power (the lightning).

          My connected response to you question is something about momentum. Power. Set yourself at the top of a steep hill with your goal at the bottom. Take that first step, let the gravity of your intention/purpose pull you forward, one foot after another.

          The warning in that image is to keep your feet under you. A tumble may hurt, and it may keep you from reaching your goal.

          Blessings on your new year!

        • Amy Jane says:

          My thought/ambition/curiosity for the year is wondering if I can add one consistent thing to every day of the year.

          Well, technically it would be two things: Getting up before my family’s day starts in order to walk 38 minutes on the treadmill. I’ve had weeks in the past — Once months– when I walked every day at 5 am. It was magic for both my mental and physical health, and I want to make it real and now again.

          Maybe more than the “can I?” (I’m not interested in predictive readings) I’m asking/looking to the how. I want to train my body and mind, to prove I can do this much, invisibly, for myself.

          Any practical (or validating) input?

      • Crystal says:

        Hi Kathleen!

        Thank you so much for the insightful reading. First off, I love that the lovers card in your deck is not heteronormative- so awesome! Your interpretation of the card in regards to how much space these different parts of my life/self are taking up is spot on! I have a tendency to say yes to too many things professionally which became very clear today when mapping out my work commitment to dos at the office today. Practicing boundary setting and like you say, getting these different parts of myself to communicate more harmoniously, is great insight. Thank you!! Happy New Year!

  106. Georgia Hodges says:

    Hi Trace

    Thank you for your insight through the cards. I have enrolled in Beth’s course Dec 17′ Which has been a great platform to start with.

  107. Amy Jane says:

    [Grr, sorry, the “reply” function keeps embedding instead of dropping down. This is me trying again.]

    My thought/ambition/curiosity for the year is wondering if I can add one consistent thing to every day of the year.

    Well, technically it would be two things: Getting up before my family’s day starts in order to walk 38 minutes on the treadmill. I’ve had weeks in the past — Once months– when I walked every day at 5 am. It was magic for both my mental and physical health, and I want to make it real and now again.

    Maybe more than the “can I?” (I’m not interested in predictive readings) I’m asking/looking to the how. I want to train my body and mind, to prove I can do this much, invisibly, for myself.

    Any practical (or validating) input?

    • Trace says:

      I would be making it super easy on myself, so easy it would be silly not to do it. So just get up 15 minutes earlier and do 10 minutes on the tread mill and then slowly increase both. And I find it works best to focus on one thing at a time rather than trying to make too many changes all at once.

      • Thanks, and you right about too many changes (tho the 38 min is the solid for me— it’s an antidepressant thing, so that happens full-born for me. The shift is daily/consistent time).

        And another embarrassed sigh: I wasn’t trying to say I don’t like cards pulled. Hmm.

        More that I’m with Little Red in descriptive (over predictive) use of cards, and I do want a reading, just not a yougotthis/nevergonnahappen type, so I was trying to explain… anyway. shrug

        Happy sunlight-returning everyone 😉

        • Trace says:

          ok a card it is then. I drew 6 of Air from the Good Tarot, which equates to Swords. A rite of passage, a necessary change in thinking to gain greater wisdom. However turbulent the water is at the moment, i trust that if I calm create within, my outer conditions will soon calm too. I am conditioned to expect trouble ahead, but I have shifted my awareness and know that I can choose to believe that stepping into the unknown will will bring me to what I truly desire. I am in a transition to something better.
          Hope that helps.

    • Danielle says:

      Hi Amy Jane,
      I drew the King of Cups from the Spiral Tarot for you.
      In relation to your question about HOW you can maintain a consistent ritual of training the body and mind, you will become a master of flexibility and emotional timing, keeping your currents under control– more like expertly navigating the waters– to follow the ebb and flow that could otherwise break your focus on this task. Bend with the tides and allow yourself to create a routine or series of routines that adapt to your situation and get you to your goal of greater body and mind clarity. This may not be the time to commit to a strict 5am schedule of a single type of exercise for the whole year, rather, create several rituals that can fill your need for routine exercise, and if one falls through, perform another ritual from your list at your next available opportunity, sending yourself love and acceptance, because sometimes life gets in the way, and at those times you will need the balance these rituals provide the most. Have a gentle body care ritual for the days you are most vulnerable, and ambitious or novel experiences to treat yourself when you feel outgoing and on top of the world.

      • Amy Jane says:

        Danielle, this is very useful imagery, with the tides and routines and rituals.

        I’ve desired more ritual in my life, but hadn’t thought about regular exercise as an expression/practice of that. Thanks.

  108. Kristin Forde says:

    My intention for the New Year is to pay attention to that which I want to grow – specifically aspects of relationships that foster abundance, resilience and joy – while releasing the tendency to focus on aspects of relationships that scare me. Insights?

    • Angela says:

      Hi Kristen!

      I pulled the six of wands for you, (from the next world tarot! You could find the card @croadcore on instagram if you want to see this beauty).

      I’m going to describe the card a bit because it’s beautiful.. there is a restful, long haired, brown skinned person, with a small arm tattoo on a platform of wands. They are sitting on pillows that say decolonization/rebirth with flowering vines around them, comfortable clothes. and the moon resting in the sky. Their gaze is looking off in the distance, restful, like they’ve won a victory and is enjoying their own presence.

      What you focus on, grows. I’m to ask a few questions, and give a few ideas to guide you in finding yours.

      Have you habitually focused on scarcity and lack, to prepare yourself for the worst? This pattern could feel familiar, maybe painful or scary, or it may be your own fear of getting too close. Do know your heart/body’s response to intimacy? What does that feel like in your body, to focus on what scares you? How can you reassure yourself?

      How do you focus on the parts of the relationship that feels safe? (If no part of it feels safe in your body, that’s totally ok! Please approach relationships with as much self support and support from Team You as you can! )

      How does it feel in your body, to be curious and excited about, that you want to grow? We all grow to our best in the right environment of safety, care and attentive presence. Do you feel this from yourself and your partner(s? This kind of reciprocity works to create a space between you that is nuturing, expansive, and resilient.

      Sometimes, structure and consistency support us in change, consistency in ourselves brings consistency in our relationships.

      How can you create a practice (something you may repeatedly, haphazardly, occasionally, consistently do) that supports you in noticing the aspects of the relationships you want to focus on? Choose something body/physical based, to come out of your thinking and into noticing sensations, if that’s possible for you right now.

      One thing I like to do is when I drink tea, each sip I notice something I’ve enjoyed, I have appreciated. It’s something daily that I’ve linked repeatedly so I don’t need to plan it anymore.

      ::Asked very gently:: are you ignoring anything your feelings need to tell you in focusing on positives? Or, are you teaching yourself how to feel safe and notice the good?

      Genuine positive thinking also includes acknowledging and welcome all of your emotions, including the ones we don’t often like to greet, like shame, guilt, fear, blame, grief. Can you create space to notice those feelings, accepting positive joyful abundance, and fear/scarcity both, while uplifting the resilience? Can you hold them each and hear what they’re telling you without going into fear response?

      You’re doing so well, in seeing your patterns, in setting an intention, in asking for insight and support in continuing to hold that intention. You’re telling the truth to yourself and holding yourself gently accountable for where you bring your attention and awareness.

      May this card bring you ease, support, and clarity, may you know we’re holding space for you to be as you are.

      • Kristin Forde says:

        Hi Angela! Thank you so much for such a loving response and interpretation. I must say that my new year readings are all giving me a sense of optimism! The Six of Wands feels very encouraging. I wasn’t able to find an image of the card but am loving everything I’ve seen from this deck. If you are willing, you could send a pic to my Instagram @keforde.

        I really appreciate your gentle question about ignoring feelings. This is the trick….to honor my feelings and corresponding needs without creating a negative loop by magnifying the fear and discomfort without noticing the needs that are actually met and the joy in front of me. I’m on the path and the 6 of Wands is perfect encouragement. Thank you again!

        • Kristin Forde says:


          I was able to see the 6 of Wands from New World. I love it so much. Really contemplating the relationship between decolonization and my intentions. I think there is a very powerful message for me to realize. 🙂


  109. Danielle says:

    My intention for the New Year is to allow light to shine into my life, to allow myself to enjoy the good, and to overwrite a belief that I do not deserve good things in my life. Daily meditation and swimming exercise will assist me in making this body/mind shift, but I would like to know how best to smooth the wrinkles of past emotional trauma.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Danielle

      As I was shuffling the cards, the Wheel of Fortune (Rider Waite) fell out upright. I drew another card for clarification and balance which was Magician reversed.

      These cards signal to me that the way forward is to consider the nature and role of chance in your life and relax expectations that knowledge and worth comes from control and mastery and visa versa. There is wisdom to be found in our playful, naive/innocent, spontaneous and foolish side, the unknown and unknowable.

      The wheel of fortune tells me that the bad things that happen in your life are a challenge, and difficult to be sure, yet they are not always as a result of something you have or haven’t done. The magician reversed says ‘let go’ to me; over-control can be counter-productive and willpower is only part of the answer. Your desire to enjoy life perhaps lies with honouring the positive attributes of the Fool card: faith, gut feelings, listening to the present moment in order to better see reality and the best next step along your path.

      I haven’t done a reading for anyone in a while so I hope this makes sense to you and is helpful. Please feel free to discard anything that doesn’t resonate.

      Many warm wishes to you this year .

  110. Melissa says:

    My intention for the New Year is to listen for and understand my inner voice. I’d like to learn how to listen to my gut without fear being the main/only perspective-taker accompanying it. To listen with love, wisdom and compassion for myself and others, to listen with energy, intelligence, focus and faith that align with my best self where possible and take action where necessary. My intention is to better understand where all this doubt is coming from and how I can best learn from and deal with doubt in various situations.

    • Stella says:

      Hi, Melissa! Your intention very much resonated with me.

      I pulled the Four of Cups from the Wild Unknown. This card is affirming your need to set time aside for quiet contemplation. If you look up the card’s image, you would see a rat balanced across four cups with a crescent moon overhead. The rat is pausing, just out of reach of the moon’s illumination. But that light is so close, and you have the resources you need to take your next steps forward.

      I’m very new at tarot so I hope that makes sense. Best wishes for your journey this year!

      • Melissa says:

        Thank you Stella.
        I looked up the card (it’s a deck i’d never seen before and looks pretty cool. It’s definitely given me food for thought. 🙂

  111. Jen Rouse says:

    Hi Melissa! I pulled The Devil for you! I don’t buy into all the negativity around the Devil… I think the negativity is a response to what he represents: authenticity, embodiment, sensuality. He certainly doesn’t second guess himself, or worry about following his instincts – he’s free and unrepressed. I think his rootedness in the body is how he manages this… ‘listening to the gut’ as you put it.

    But there’s also something in this card about imprisonment. What oppresses you? Is it external chains, or are you holding yourself back, perhaps by listening to internalised negative voices? It’s good to look around (and within) and work out if there are ‘devils’ in your life that are yanking your chains and causing you to doubt your inner voice.

    Wishing you calmness and clarity,


    • Melissa says:

      Hi Jen
      Thank you for the reading and your honesty in not pulling another card cos wow! yeah the Devil does provoke very mixed reactions so it’s an interesting card. Your perspective on the card is one i haven’t thought of before so thank you for that insight and advice.

      • Jen Rouse says:

        Ha! Yeah, I dig the Devil (as a tarot card, I’m not really into Satanism!), but I know he gives lots of people the heebies. They’re all teachers aren’t they? x

  112. Jen Rouse says:

    My intention for 2018 is to come into deeper and more loving relationship with my body, its strength and beauty and deep wisdom. Every December I crash and get sick, and I think it’s something to do with being out of relationship with what I need energetically? I’m trying to explore how to love my body and honour its sacred needs more, through herbalism, lunar tracking, monitoring my energy levels, exercise/sleep… but also I have a busy and exciting life full of (really great but sometimes tiring) commitments, and a magic, feral two-year-old wild child to contend with, so like many mamas my physical self-care can often be the first thing to go when I’m pressed for time. Any tips? Time machine?! x

    • CrowSister says:

      Hi Jen, I pulled a card for you from the Slow Holler Tarot. I pulled the Visionary of Vessels! — which would correspond to the King of Cups in a traditional deck. The image on the card is the Visionary in a healing bath…they are surrounded by candles with live vines climbing the tiles and lotus flowing on the water. The Visionary has a seeing eye in the palm of their hand. This seeing eye is crying and the tears flow into a small red vessel to be held sacred. The water is flowing into the bath and so the surface of the bath is rippling and swirling.
      My first thought was how concretely appropriate a card for your intention of caring for and loving your body. Maybe take a magical bath right now!
      My second thought was….well, you know lots of ways to care for you body already…herbalism, lunar tracking, monitoring my energy levels, exercise/sleep the key is gifting yourself the time to love yourself.
      One wisdom of this card is about boundaries.
      You mention commitments that you love, that also wear you out. Where are you prioritizing others’ well-being over your own? In some of these commitments, is it possible you are over-caring? Are there recipients that are leeching and not offering anything to support you in return?
      It can be most difficult to protect ourselves, but essential.
      In the companion book: “Remember that all vessels are not meant to hold us and not everything is ours to absorb or to carry. The Visionary reminds us that boundaries are not the same as impasses or walls. You are not obligated to let everyone into your sacred space, especially not those who make toxic demands on your emotional labor.”
      Many blessings on your journey this year toward a December where you feel strong and well. Many blessings on your intention to love your body every day between.

      • Jen Rouse says:

        Thanks so much for this beautiful and thoughtful response! I read something recently about how we don’t all ‘ground’ to earth. As a Scorp/scorp/cancer I’ve always lived in the bath whenever times got tough but never recognised this as ‘grounding’. Yes to magical baths! Getting right back in my element.

        And boundaries, urgh! Aren’t they just a perennial problem?! It’s like the more stuff there is to do, the more sacred they become.

        Lots of love and gratitude to you x

  113. Stella says:

    My intention is to allow myself to create without constant criticism. I am struggling to finish a very big project, so that’s my main source of stress and worry. I feel I’ve gotten in my own way too much by thinking about what I should be doing, and how I can’t possibly achieve it, rather than envisioning and planning how it will be done. This applies not just to that big project, but smaller things too, like writing and exercise practices. I am setting an intention to trust in my creative process, which has carried me this far.

    • Ignacia says:

      Hi Stella
      I only have true empathy for you and you journey. What you are describing now it’s very similar to my own situation and your struggle resonates with me because is also mine. So, first of all, you have to know that you are not alone on this!

      The card I draw for you was XIX – THE SUN. What a great card for your resolution! The Sun is about vitality, enthusiasm, joy; and also honoring your true self… Seems like you’re already on the path you need to be, and now it’s time for you to take with your both hands all the wonderful things you have done and you’ll do in the future… there’s no doubt that you can create without listening to the voices of excess of perfectionism. The Sun tells me that you will finish your project and you’ll shine through it as you always imagine in your dreams.
      I’m very happy for you and the good intentions The Sun brings to you. Very glad our paths find each other in this space.
      I’m wishing for you to have the best year of your life so far!

  114. Meredith Liebeck says:

    My intention for the New Year is to focus more on my self care and to make sure I am practicing daily. By this I mean, my magick, meditiation and connection to my spirit guides. I am a healer and I do a great job at helping others heal and take care of themselves, but I have really fallen short with doing this for myself.

    With that being said, here is my intent broken down a bit more:

    Yoga (at least once a week)
    Meditation (Daily)
    Body cleanse (More mindful of what I am putting in my body)
    Practice my craft in some way (Daily)

    2018 is a year about my personal growth, because I am worth it!

    • Meg says:

      Hi Meredith– the card I pulled for you actually fell out of my deck while I (attempted) to shuffle it, I guess it really wanted to be seen! For you, the Ace of Pentacles from the Golden Klimt Tarot. Aces are the epitome of their element, and pentacles are the suit of materiality, physicality, and groundedness. In my opinion, this card is a solid note to ring in your resolution: stay grounded, and the physical actions you take towards your goals will have real impacts.
      Self-care is one of the most important parts of our collective direction this year, and I really feel the tide turning to a place where it is considered a valuable labor. I believe in you, good luck and happy new year!

  115. CrowSister says:

    My intention for the year is framed within my “word” of the year, and my word is actually a phrase! This will be the third year I’ve done this. practice…so powerful to use as a mantra in the moment for clarity, focus and a power boost.
    2017 was “Move and the way shall open.” This year my phrase is “Calling my power in…seizing the day.”
    2018 is for remembering who I am, for more action, for more stepping into and through fears.

    • Meg says:

      Hello, what a wonderful and powerful way of grounding yourself year-long! The concept of a mantra is very interesting, and is mirrored in the card I drew for you: the Ten of Wands. To me, this card says that you have a very well-rounded sense of your mental realm and your spiritual conceptions. Use this knowledge and power which you have cultivated to your fullest capability! Go above and beyond your past expectations in continuing your journey. Good luck and happy New Year!

  116. Ignacia says:

    My resolution for this 2018 is to find my willpower, exercise it and see it grow on me.
    I struggle with depression so it’s never easy to find the will on me to do the most simple things, but this year I’m determined to be my own boss -mind and body- to keep walking on my journey to become better.
    My willpower is the thing I need to keep more on tune for a while, to be able to do everything I need to do and be better as I always fight for it.

    • Meg says:

      Hi Ignacia. With the fullest of hearts, I empathize with you–my own struggle with mental illness has made the last few years challenging, and I know it can be so challenging to fight against the mind and body’s refusal to take action.
      The card which i have drawn for you is very fitting: Strength, from the Golden Klimt Tarot. She is powerful, enduring in the face of struggles and hardship. I see Strength as not domineering or as a power-weilding figure, but as someone who pushes and pulls herself through hard times. I see this as a powerful affirmation for you, and as a reminder to keep going even when the going is tough. You have within you and within your future the Strength that you need to endure and pull through.
      You can do this, you are so cherished, and good luck in the new year!

    • Kenna says:

      Hi Ignacia! Thank you for sharing your intention and speaking to the universe that you know you have the willpower to be the guiding force for your mind and your body.
      The card I pulled for you is “Tradition/Juno” from the Goddess Tarot. This card is associated with the Emperor. Juno was a goddess that protected women – from their first breath until their last. This card is about protection and trusting in women to help you fill protected. Maybe that is your social circle. Maybe it is the women of your past. Maybe it is the women and witches in this group here. Find the women that help you create structure out of chaos – and within those structures and traditions, you will find an infinite well of strength. Blessed be, dear one xo

  117. Meg says:

    This year, I am determined to use the progress I have made in the past two years overcoming self-destruction as a solid foundation to continue my work outwards into fostering and normalizing self-compassion, overcoming internalized fears and doubts, and acting with love towards the world around me in meaningful, concrete ways.
    I want to become more comfortable with being alone, and with letting go of social interactions that do not bring joy to my life. I also want to foster creativity and begin a meaningful body of artwork, without losing sight of the curiosity that brings me joy.

    • Ignacia says:

      Hi Meg
      I came to say thank you for your reading. Strength is a card I never had before and fill me with hope for this year. I put the image of the card as my wallpaper on my cell phone to have ir with me all the time.
      When I realized just now that still no one has pulled you a card and I decided to take a moment to do it myself because I so relate with your struggle.

      I draw the 6 of Cups for you, from the Mini Secret Tarot, so perfect for you at this moment! This card is all about good will and being kind; and I think is here as a reminder for you, to take care of yourself with kindness. We depressive people tend to forget how to treat ourselves with love; this year is important for you to learn to use the kindness you give to the world to yourself.
      Being kind and nurturing is gonna help you in beautiful ways, That feeling alone is gonna take care of the negativity, I think this card tells you that you’ll cut with the things you no longer need to do, and is gonna help you navigate the bad times. 6 of cups is about those little things that you do with love, no attachments. You need to make acts of kindness for yourself, and don’t feel bad about it; we all need a pat in the back sometimes.
      This card is also about enjoying life with a child-like attitude and I believe this has to be about the body of creative artwork you want to make. You clearly will not lose that sight of curiosity that bring you joy; such a nice thing to have.

      (Sorry if my writing is shaky, english is not my first language)
      With love,

  118. Kenna says:

    This year is about letting go for me. Releasing the weight of all negative narratives I have had latched on to my mind and heart for years. I see 2018 as the year I molt my old self and step into who I truly am, but I have lots of fear that the poisonous narratives will get louder as I try to banish them. I suffer from anxiety, depression and PTSD, so the voices telling me I am not worthy of peace are often loud. Thank you for this space and these blessings, sisters xox

    • Seda says:

      Dear Kenna,

      i’m a passionate newbie in the magical world of tarot and this is my first reading of another person. So, you’ll always be special for me:)
      As i pull your card from the “Wild Unknown” deck by Kim Krans i asked the question “What dos Kenna need to reach her true self?” Your card is “the Emperor”. It stands for stability and a clear mind. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, all must be a heavy weight on your shoulders. And i guess you’re a highly sensible and receptive person. So much to process in your mind and heart! On your card there is a tall tree standing still. You need this calmness and stability to be in contact with your true self without getting distracted by temporary highs and lows of life. The tree in you withstood so many storms, now it’s time to enjoy the peace you deserved and profit from all the ressources and wisdom your past taught you the hard way.

      If you achieve a certain level of clarity in your mind, everthing surrounding you will also be clearer, easier and calmer. That doesn’t mean to lose the warmth and excitement in your heart. On the contrary, the more stability your body and mind achive, the warmer your heart will get. On your black and white Emperor card the only thing which is colourful is the sun itself!

      But how to practice stability and clarity? The emperor also stands for protection and can refer to a paternal relationship. If you have a child or children, your relationship to him/her would be a great possibility to let your stable side grow.

      You wrote about your wish to let go. Last year i’ve read in a Buddhist book that “you have to empty yourself out first, if you want to be full.” I wish you a vast emptiness to full with all kind of colorful things!


      • Kenna says:

        Seda, Your reading is absolutely beautiful and that card is stunning. The sun reminds me of last year’s solar eclipse! I am a mother and I have a strong relationship with my father. Thank you for showing me that I am as much my roots as I am my branches. I will hope for emptiness so I can be filled with light this year xo

    • Merlin says:

      Hi Kenna, I drew the Queen of Wands from the Sasuraibito Tarot for you. This Queen could be you, pointing to your strength and indepence, She’s deeply passionate and creative, making plans and seeing them through to the end. Her face looks very peaceful as the stands in front of a beautiful cosmic sky filled with stars and planets, and her ally is the often misunderstood black cat – the way it’s sitting quietly in her arms I wonder if this points to those negative thoughts being subdued or lessened in their intensity, or simply working your magic whether literal or in the form of some creative pursuit/talent. She tells me you already are working on some of those plans for how to break free of your negative thoughts and as the creator of the deck notes in the little book that she is similar to the Magician, a master of her own universe, I suggest she brings you some very good vibes for the next year. If you don’t recognise yourself in this the Queen could very well be another person who will be instrumental in helping you work on overcoming those issues, court cards can be tricky for me to interpret. I wish you good luck with 2018!

      • Kenna says:

        Wow Merlin! This deck is gorgeous and the Queen of Wands IS me…she even has purple hair like mine! I see peace and strength, youthfulness and serenity in her. Her wand is a witch’s wand and she will use it to create a magical universe for herself – and I will do the same. Thank you so much for your reading xo

        • Merlin says:

          Thank you, that deck is my favourite from 2017! It does court cards so well even though I still can struggle with them. Their personalities shine so well through. I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to writing like I’m really sure of what I’m doing, so I’m glad she resonnated for you still!

  119. Seda says:

    I wish everyone an inspiring year full of big and small wonders, insights, love and mental and physical health. Thanks to Beth for enabling this positive and heartfelt space of sharing.

    This year i finally want to feel myself free and not dominated and shadowed by my fears and anxieties anymore. I want all my blocked energies flow and let the sun in me shine through everything i’m connected with. I want to be able to move myself and speak myself freely, not feeling like a prisoner in my own body and mind. I don’t want to be the fearful small child anymore and be a self-confident, authentic woman who takes good care of her inner child, her relationship and her friendships.

    And finally i want to find my very own way to combine my interests (writing, culture, psychology and spirituality) and focus on developing it without spreading myself to thin and moving away from my dreams like i used to.

    Thank you for reading my thoughts and feelings!


    • Carolina says:

      Dear Sena, your words find echo in my own soul, since I wander feeling the same fear and sensation of being small and defenseless. I pulled the Eight of Bows from the Wildwood Tarot for you, and this card tells me you need to integrate all your multiple selves (’cause you’re not a one-self being), pull yourself up with the strength of this multiplicity and start believing in your inner power, in your bright inner sun which can fill you and those around you with joy, light, warmth. wirsdom and passion. Have a great 2018!!! <3

  120. Merlin says:

    Happy new year everyone!

    For this year I simply want to make a lot of paintings. I’ve been depressed on and off for about 13 years now and the last few years has been especially rough because of some traumatic event. The last few months, after an awesome reading I got, I’ve been working much more on painting and making myself work even if I’m not feeling very inspired. Inspiration is a fickle feeling and I basically need to treat making art as a job. This is pretty much the only thing that has worked and making art has made me come further out of my gloomy mood. So the question is simply how to keep this up and make 2018 a very good year for art for me.

    • Svetlana says:

      Hi Merlin!

      Happy New Year & greetings from a fellow artist. For you, the Devil from the RWS was drawn. Before that, I got a vision of the 7 of Pentacles and that of a cozy little house in the snow. This may show you’ll enjoy some success and have a lot to look back on this year. The house may show you working from home comfortably, or “hunkering down” and making art more personal for you.

      The Devil shows some work to be done. You mentioned a traumatic event and depression- this year may see you addressing that head on. But with art, this card feels like you’ll be staring right at boundaries and maybe even making art from it. Coming from that dark place.

      The Devil can show us letting go of restrictions and dependencies, but I’m getting a real “face your fears” feel from it.

      Much success, Merlin!

      • Merlin says:

        Thank you Svetlana! I certainly live in a snowy area and I work on my art by my desk at home so I hope I will have some good things to look back on in early 2019.

        I agree that I’ll probably have to face off with some things I’m scared of. The RWS deck is one of my favourites so I’m glad to see that you used it for me. I’m not quite sure how to relate to the Devil and making art from that bad stuff.. Usually I’m not one for dark subjects in my art but I might give it a try. I’ve always been worried of sharing my art with other people because I’m super critical and I’m scared other people will be the same. That could be what I have to work on.. or simply turning around and look at who is the one holding the chains, like in the RWS card. I’ll keep him in mind for the year.

  121. Carolina says:

    This year, I strongly want to leave my shyness and lack of self confidence behind. I want to feel as a Goddess! I want to feel powerful, magical, sensual, wise, bountiful and brave. What should I do in order to reach that goal? Thank you, and have a wonderful 2018!!! <3 <3 <3

    • Karli says:

      Dear Carolina,

      What a loving and beautiful goal for yourself! I too would like to work on my self-confidence and own my own power in the coming year, only it never occurred to me to phrase it that way!

      The card I pulled for you is The World, specifically from the Dark Days Tarot. The World card represents that feeling of fulfillment we experience when all seems right with the world. Maybe a goal has been accomplished or a dear dream realized. Maybe we were finally able to let go of anxiety and connect with a deeper, more empowered self. Maybe it’s just a really beautiful day outside and anything seems possible. Whatever the case may be, we feel at one with ourselves and the world around us – complete, at peace. In this case, the World card came up reversed, meaning that there is something getting in the way of you feeling this peace and oneness. Is there a particular relationship or situation you lack closure in? Something nagging at your mind, making you feel stuck in place? Whatever that thing is, it isn’t serving you, and it’s time to let it go. This could be anything from a negative thought pattern to a toxic friendship. Maybe even a daily routine that isn’t quite right. Identify the thing, and make the necessary changes. Have a hard conversation, journal it out, or perform a banishing spell. Transitions can be painful, but take heart, a clearer, brighter sense of self is waiting for you somewhere on the other side.

      Many blessings, and a very happy 2018!

      • Carolina says:

        What a wonderful reading, Karli! Thank you very much. It makes a lot of sense to me. And the practical suggestions you gave me are great ideas! Thank you very much. Big big hug <3

    • debbie says:

      Dear Carolina

      I also read a card for you, but from the Dark Goddess Tarot, XX Liberation which shows Persephone. It works beautifully with Karli’s reading below so I thought to share it with you. Perhaps the inverted card speaks of taking a tiny step back to heartfully examine definitions of your gifts.

      It speaks to me of Reconciliation, a resolve to perhaps reframe. Can shyness and power coexist? What seeds can you sow that will enable you to see that you are already powerful and magical and sensual and bountiful and brave? And, additionally, can this reframing show you something about your purpose in helping others?

      Many Blessings

      • Carolina says:

        Wow, Debbie, your words are so enlightening! Thank you from my heart <3 I identify a lot with Persephone. Since I started learning about Tarot, the High Priestess card in the Mythic Tarot (showing Persephone descending to the underworld) became my personal “seal”. So a couple of weeks ago I had that card tattooed on my forearm. It’s a pity I can’t add a photo here to show it. Then I started reading Jean Shinoda Bolen and her work about archetypes and it all made even more sense. Your message is a magical seed and I’m sure I’ll have to take the time in order to analyse and feel and integrate its depth. What you say at the end, about helping others, is precisely something I feel I want and need to do: I have a ong history of deppression and alcoholism, and that wound can be a tool for helping others in a similar situation, and that way I can reinforce and deepen my own healing. Thank you so mucho. I’m saving these two readings (karli’s and yours). They shed a warm and bright light on me. Lots of love,

  122. Svetlana says:

    So, my resolution works on inner and outer qualities.

    To quit blaming and harping on bad past experiences.
    Heart chakra work.
    To have a game plan for my business, show up more often for it, and create some really awesome readings for my clients.
    To reach a few financial goals.
    And to better myself physically.

    • Rachel Marie says:

      Hi Svetlana! I hope you are having a great start to 2018 and I think your resolutions are empowering and important 🙂

      I have just started working with the Next World Tarot, which is a really deep and beautiful work of art, and I drew the 5 of Cups for you. I was hesitating sharing actually because it’s a challenging card haha but I think the way that the artist Cristy C. Road writes about this part of the journey is really positive. The way I understand it she brings focus onto the way that perception can change our internal energy. It seems like she is setting “false hope” in contrast with the real hope that we can find when we look for our own ways out and into new growth.

      So I think the bad experiences you wrote about may be making your vision of the future foggy which I can definitely relate to so hopefully I’m not projecting too much! I think you are at a good point where you are seeing through some of your dreams that weren’t what you really needed, maybe they were protecting you through some of the loss and that was an important job for them to do. And the dreams that remain are shining bright as ever! I’m guessing you will still have to cry over some things but the strength you have carried on with you won’t let you down. You have so much to teach your clients and yourself and your experiences of grief can be there for others through their experiences of grief. That’s not to instrumentalize the process, just to look for the connection and faith that the suit of Cups seems to share with us.

      I wish you lots of blessings and determination for your work this year, I am really excited for everything you are going to do in your community as a Tarot reader!

      Take care,
      xo Rachel

  123. Phoenix says:

    Happy New Year 🙂
    My resolution is simple. I just want to kick alcohol. So far, I’ve made it 3 days.
    That will also make my other side resolution easy to achieve … To lose a few pounds.
    Good luck, good health & much love!

    • Hi Phoenix!
      Congratulations on your first 3 days!
      I pulled for you the Two of Wands from the Sasuraibito Tarot, and I Forgive Myself from my DIY deck.

      The Two of Wands features a Vegvísir in the background and two intertwined branches in front of it. The Vegvísir is guiding you, helping you find your way, even if the road is unknown. The two wands are intertwined; there is stuff to unravel, decisions to be made before you can be on your way.
      You will get where you need to be, follow your own compass and don’t be afraid to make tough decisions along the way. Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself for making mistakes, or for losing your way.

      I wish you a wonderful 2018, and loads of good luck, strength, love, compassion, and health!


  124. Karli says:

    My resolution for 2018 is to take my work/creative life more seriously! I will find a job that will help me accomplish my financial and professional goals, and I will create concrete, doable goals to support my creativity. What do I need to let go of in order to be successful in these areas?

    Thank you, and happy new year!

    • Hi Karli,
      the thread seems to be a bit out of sync with resolutions and readings, so let me do a pull for you as well 🙂
      I love how clearly you state your goals!

      I pulled for you The Worlds from the Sasuraibitio Tarot and ‘I Check my Privilege’ from my DIY deck.
      The World is the completion of a (massive) endeavour, but also the beginning. For me, the world is also about abundance and success. I think that what this card is referring to in relation to your question is that you don’t have to do it all, accomplish it all, and tick all the boxes, to feel like you can relax and have met your goal.
      Step back every so often, see how far you have already come (be it through hard work or privilege), make sure you don’t just focus on the goal but also on the journey.

      ‘I Check my Privilege’ shows up for me when I need to count my blessings, when I need to acknowledge structures of power and oppression that pushed me forward at the expense of others (whether that is what I wanted or intended or not), and when I need to be mindful of what ‘hard work’ I take credit for. It is not about not acknowledging or being happy about where you are at, but about being aware, and ensuring others can join your journey forward when needed.

      I hope this makes sense to you!
      I’m not an experienced reader at all, sometimes the cards make perfect sense to me, but I had a tough time with this one. I welcome any feedback and/or additions to my interpretation!

      • Karli says:

        Thank you so much for that reading! I love your interpretation for the World card and the reminder to count my blessings was well-timed. I think when you are focusing on goals it can be very easy to get caught up in what you don’t have, so this makes a lot of sense to me! Thanks again 🙂

  125. Rachel Marie says:

    Hey everyone and happy 2018!!!

    My resolution for 2018 is to get back into music theory and lessons. This was really important to me in high school and early on in college and demands of things that I care about less have left me a little behind on my work in the past few years! Basically I practice often but I don’t have a lot of structure and I need more of it in my life.

    Thanks for a reading if you have the time!
    xo Rachel

    • Rog says:

      Hi Rachel Marie, Happy 2018 too ! I focused on your need for structure to help you get back into lessons and the card I drew for you is the 6 of Wands. A card of success for sure! It led my thinking that perhaps success in your life can inspire and enable you to seek out a learning structure or teacher who can help you. The card suggests you are supported well in this endeavour by your efforts and perhaps the structure you seek you will choose due to its successes too. Hope this is helpful, All the Best with your music and your new year. Rog

      • Rachel Marie says:

        Thanks Rog!!! This is one of the cards where I was thinking yesterday “wouldn’t that be nice if…” because it’s one of two cards I drew for an online class shadow work class I’ll be doing until this fall. I’m so glad to see this card and I’ll put your interesting interpretations to use. Best wishes to you 🙂

  126. Hi all!
    Wishing you all a wonderful 2018!

    I’m still amidst formulating my 2018 plans, the last couple of months of 2017 were trying and tiring since my birthday is in two weeks I’ve decided to celebrate the beginning of the new year then. 2017 marked the beginning of a mental health journey for me, I learned so much about my boundaries and what I need. I want to turn those lessons into action and habit in 2018. To allow myself to be me I want to rest more, create more, connect more (with myself, Earth, and the Universe), and communicate my boundaries more clearly.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to pull a card for me!


    • Clara says:

      Hey QA!
      I drew the daughter of pentacles (from the Wild Unknown Tarot) for your New Year.
      It’s such a nice fit for your plans! I think the little deer on the card is telling you to look with confident optimism into the new year and reminds you to stay open for any adventure that might come along. The pentacles are all about work, hard work, but also taking pleasure in the work itself and not necessarily fixating on the finished product. Maybe that can be a reminder not to give up on your goals to create boundaries and work on your Mental health, even if the results don’t show up as fast as expected.
      Also, on the card the deer is standing under a rainbow, looking all protected by it. For me, that looks like a sign for community, others are (or have been) in a similar situation as you and are there to support you on your way.
      Best wishes and a happy 2018!

      • Thank you for your wonderful reading Clara! I will take this with me moving into 2018. I love your interpretation of the rainbow!
        Good luck with your Queer Knitting Club, and putting down roots in Nantes, this sounds like a wonderful way to do that.
        Happy new year!

    • debbie says:

      It is my hope that 2018 is a year of restfulness and peace for you.

      I was called to pull a card from Mary El Tarot for you, and I see that it is the King of Swords.

      The master of ‘No Mind’, the Grandfather of disciplined energy around thoughts, ideas and creation, a visonary, can walk softly on the earth enabled by the wisdom of hard earned lessons and his ability to hear the truth. His objectivity allows him to remember the essential goodness in all humans

      Marie White talks a lot about words in her accompanying book, and choosing with care and precision words that support and not cut. Are you a writer or speaker, a singer, or is journaling something that grounds you? This is very strong in her description, as in this is a calling of yours.

      It is a beautiful card, thank you

  127. Marcy says:

    Happy new year! I wish you all a magical 2018 🙂
    My resolution for 2018 is to cultivate mental stamina and clarity. I had a rough year concerning my mental health. I feel less depressed and more energetic, but I want to keep supporting myself no matter what, steadily, so that I engage with the kind of life I would enjoy living. To discover this kind of life , I want first to practice self acceptance. I’m done with the rushed, pressured kind of mentality I’ve inherited and I want to be more conscious in the way I think and what I want.

    Love to all x

    • C says:

      Happy New Year, Marcy, I pulled the Princess of Disks, The Daughter of the Echoing Hills for you! Here you are in the New Year, with a new beginning of the circle. Your experiences of 2017 may have caused you pain and plundered your space and energy, but I love that in your visualization for 2018 you are taking the reins, with powerful steps (support! engage! practice! be more conscious!) in your intention. The Princess of Disks lets you know that in moving through your past experiences you have built strength and knowledge, upon which you can draw to craft your future. And, the “rushed, pressured mentality”? The boots-on-the-ground aspect of this Princess will help you to “be here now’, cutting the crap in a situation, and paying attention to your intuition. You’ll find what you want (and don’t want), and will find most of it is already within you!

      My Best To You,


      • Marcy says:

        Thank you so much, Celeste! I haven’t used the Thoth deck, and was recently thinking about buying a copy to get started with studying it. So, this is a wonderful coincidence that you pulled my card from that deck. Princess of Disks gives me so much hope for the future. I’ve never been so excited before to see an earth element card in a new year’s reading. As an earth sign myself (Virgo) I tend to downplay my core element, thinking that I miss others (fire – excitement!, water-intuition! and so on) but it looks like I play in my field now with greater confidence.

        Thank you again, and I do wish you have a wonderful year! 🙂

        (I really want to pull a card for you Celeste, or another, will do so asap since I don’t have my deck with me atm)

  128. Clara says:

    Happy New Year Everyone!
    This year I want to start a Queer Knitting Club. I am in a new city (Nantes, France), so maybe this can be a nice way of getting to know people and also feel less alone with a craft that I really enjoy doing and would love to share with others.
    Thank you for taking the time to pull a card!

    • Rachel Marie says:

      Hi Clara + Happy New Year!

      I wasn’t sure if you had a response yet and I wanted to draw a card for you since I am living abroad in the north of France too, in Lille 😉 I pulled the 8 of Cups from the Next World Tarot. The picture is someone riding their bike up into the sky and the artist Cristy C. Road specifies in the book that they built the bike!

      I think you have a lot of energy on your side riding the wave into this new space and though new people can take some time to warm up to you I know that associations and shared activities are a big hit in France and I’m sure you will find some fun and progressive people through your Queer Knitting Club. Since the 8 of Cups seems to be about going off towards spiritual adventure I am sure whatever you were looking for when you set out will be a beacon through moments of solitude and self-exploration. And based on the Next World Tarot your DIY skills were one thing that you didn’t need to leave behind. I have heard good things about activists and DIY in Nantes, I hope you will find those networks welcoming to you! I think the 8 of Cups is a good sign that the move holds something important for you that is worth the change and unknown.

      Meilleurs voeux and good luck with your projects!
      xo Rachel

      • Clara says:

        Thank you Rachel! I will keep your reading in mind for the coming weeks. It means a lot, especially coming from someone in a similar situation!

    • Carojulie says:

      Hello Clara,

      I did not find an open question at the end of the thread, so I went back a little and decided to pull a card for you eventhough you already had a reading by Rachel, I hope you and her do not mind ?

      I pulled the Ten of Cups for you, from my beautiful Stella’s deck. It shows a beautiful tree standing in the air, with its roots in clear water, and it bears ten full cups as fruits. The ten cups contain many blessings : bread, fruits, flowers, a crown of laurel, fish for abundance, a castel tower, jewels and crystals, a pretty bird, and a beautiful pentagram. All the elements are gathered in this Cup cards, in the most beautiful way. I think you will made a success of your Knitting Circle, and I sense that it will bring you even more than you think. Comradrie, pleasure, creation, satisfaction, but also new means to affirm your magic. I am happy that I pulled this beautiful card for you, for it is full of promises. And the Ten of Cups also means that you will find a family of sorts by setting up this Queer Knitting Club, and it will warm your life in many ways.
      I send you my warmest wishes for 2018, from where I live in France : in the beautiful city of le Puy en Velay in Auvergne, where I like to knit myself (were I nearer to Nantes I would beg to join your club)
      Bonne année !

  129. debbie says:

    happy new year everyone <3
    this is the first year for me in many that i have not had a clear word or concept emerge
    i’ve had some loose intuitive messages about ‘rainmaking’, not in a money making sort of way but in the way of bringing more kindness into our world
    perhaps your reading can help me to clarify this concept and what this message is for me

    In kindness

    • Caitirin says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I pulled the Five of Pentacles for you, which is definitely a card which needs some kindness. To me this is just asking you to keep your senses and thoughts open to ways that you can invite people into the warmth. Whether that’s in a basic physical way like donating hats to a homeless shelter or being more aware in your community of who is being left out at the table when things are being considered. Look for ways to make inclusion more explicit and examine how you can make things more welcoming for people or groups who feel left out in the cold.

      Also I love that you want to find more ways to bring kindness into the world. That’s a wonderful intention and I thank you for it!

      • debbie says:

        Dear Caitrin

        Thanks so much for the reading, and your graceful delivery!
        This was just what i needed to hear.
        I do love your explanation of inclusion and along with some other recent events it’s really got me evaluating my abilities to empathisize, especially around things i can’t directly relate to.
        So listening is a kindness, yes? Giving undivided attention with no expectations, just being in service to others. Sorry, some rambling. I do think it’s good energy and I believe I will go with it.
        In my weekend browsing I came across an article that suggested, if you aren’t sure where to start something try the 3 square feet around you
        I think that I’ll give that a go with myself and the family, it’s a good start.

        Many Blessings for an Abundant Year

  130. Caitirin says:

    Hello all,

    I find myself struggling to set intentions for the new year. Over this last year my wife and I have struggled a bit with financial security so I sort of want to ask about abundance but I feel like I already know what I need to on that front.

    So I suppose that I’m wanting to know how I can cultivate healthful practices next year. There’s been a bout of ill health around me lately and I want to know where I can draw strength to make healthier choices in my life.

    • Siobhan says:

      Hello Caitirin,

      I pulled Strength face up from the Dust II Onyx tarot, then pulled four of pentacles and Ace of wands face down from the Tarot de St. Croix.

      The Strength you need is an animal mask – you can wear it without being it
      – walk tall.
      It is a wind whispering to you on the beach while you build.
      It says
      “it’s ok to want to feel secure; it’s ok to seek control,
      build it in your bones first: with food and movement.
      Make of your body the castle, the new home.
      There, Strength and security will take root; it will ignite,
      it will pass through you and out into physical manifestation.
      start very small.
      One spark is enough.”

      Hoping that made any kind of sense and that this serves. <3

  131. Siobhan says:

    My word for the year is everything….
    I almost didn’t say more. chuckles I’m in a super nebulous moon today. umm, hmm.

    What might that mean?
    What might that NOT mean?

    If that’s too weird y’all can skip me, I’m willing to let the question stand. =D

    • Rebekah says:


      I drew 2 cards for you from The Wild Unknown Tarot (3rd Ed.), one for what “everything” might mean and one for what “everything” might not mean.

      In answer to what your word of the year might mean is The Fool. It might mean one or more new beginnings. It might mean spontaneity and excitement become your companions this year. What are you excited about, maybe that you haven’t done or seen before? It might mean leaving room for unexpected blessings, for all the ways the Universe takes care of us as we follow our path. That part seems important, too. Follow your path. Be prepared to take leaps of faith and watch the nets appear.

      In terms of what it might not mean the Ten of Pentacles appears. It might not mean your bank account is overflowing and you get your dream home just yet. Perhaps this is the journey the Fool takes you on and you can’t quite get to the pinnacle in one year. It’s okay if it takes longer. That doesn’t mean you’re without any and all gain for 2018. You will assuredly gain wisdom along the Fool’s journey, new experiences, and maybe an abundance of joy and delight.

      Blessings on your journey this year!

  132. Rebekah says:

    I want to integrate the different parts of myself this year, the wild and the civilized, the inner and outer, to become more whole and integrated. That’s my main resolution. I also want to find a living space of my own and make it sacred.

    • gangewifre says:

      10 of Cups blessings to you my friend! Candles lit, sitting at my altar, & shuffling my deck of The Wild Unknown tarot, I meditated on the polarities you mentioned & the concept of integration, as it applies to you (& human folks in general) as well as in your living space (so nice to have a space that is both wild & “civilized”!). Out jumped the 10 of Cups! Cups are my personal favourite suit, & lovely to visit with when seeking things like balance. I love the imagery in TWU version – bright rainbow threads, feeding into & out of the cups, sustaining each other with that radiant, positive energy the TWU guidebook speaks too.

      I feel like this is sweet reassurance from whatever source reassures you (Mama Earth, the Moon, a deity, etc) that you’ll get there, that you’re getting there. Things are happening! No need to worry about balancing & integrating, as these things are actively occurring & unfolding for you – have you noticed? Is there a way you can tune into how it is you are already manifesting integration – maybe something you have overlooked? Pat yourself on the back! Garner up that enthusiasm via celebration of what you already have achieved in this regard!

      This energy is delicious & comforting in regards to a home space, too – a joyful space is waiting for you, criss-crossing rainbow threads weaving you on your way. TRUST that you can & will make it happen.

      • Rebekah says:

        Thank you so much! This definitely struck a chord. The journey to both has begun, and this really is a continuance, and the 10 of Cups is certainly a good omen.

  133. gangewifre says:

    My goals this year are a bit more concrete, in terms of actual actions, than they usually are – often I’m trying to invoke healing or work on words that are nebulous (“health” or “happiness”). I want to open an Etsy shop this year, which I wanted to do last year but was amazed at all the blocks my little ego put up, from procrastination to outright self-doubt. I’m looking for small gleanings of what I can do to support myself to create a shop. 🙂

    • Rebekah says:


      Your resolution struck a chord in me, so I read for you, too. I hope you don’t mind. I also used The Wild Unknown Tarot, and 2 cards popped up: the Two of Swords and the Son of Swords. I couldn’t believe it.

      The Two of Swords speaks to indecisiveness and mental blocks, the “procrastination and outright self-doubt” you mention, I think. I know the head vs. heart inner conflict well, which I think is why your ego put up blocks. But the thing is, you know, deep down, what you want and how to get it. Uncross the swords, lay them down, and expose them to the light. What would love say? Don’t let that be eclipsed by fear.

      As for the Son of Swords, well, he knows what he wants and he goes after it. He doesn’t wait. He gets a move on, with laser focus on his goal. What could possibly trip him up? Looking for others’ approval. For him, it’s often the Father of Swords (or King of Swords in other decks). Whose approval are you seeking? That could provide some valuable insight. Also, sometimes he forgets to take time for sleep, self-care and connecting with others. Don’t forget these vital pieces of the equation in keeping yourself from becoming depleted as you pursue your goal.

      I hope this helps, and that you have a blessed 2018!

  134. C says:

    Beth, and EVERYONE,
    Thank you so much for all of this! It’s been a challenging week between well-below zero temperatures, shorter days, and the back-to-work thing, and I swear, your posts may have been the only thing keeping me one hop in front of the net! For 2018, I want to distill, I want to be authentic, I want to approach my increased job responsibilities and home situation capably and fearlessly, I want to choose love in everything!

    Happiness to All in 2018,

    • Anise says:

      Hello Celeste!

      “I want to choose love in everything” – it seems my deck picked up on your last sentence to echo and reaffirm it. The card I drew for you is the Ace of Cups from the Thoth tarot.
      Did you notice you were using a water metaphor when you spoke of “distilling”? (Now imagine me raising my glass to you before I go on…)

      What I find remarkable about the Ace of Cups imagery is the sheer volume of overflowing water, much more than the depicted grail seems to hold. It reminds me of one of those stage magic props which have a hidden tube attached to the bottom, creating a self-refilling container that is impossible to empty. (Also, in the Thoth deck the card is painted in an array of rainbow colours, which may hold a special significance to you if you identify as queer.)

      In times of an increasingly threatening political atmosphere, it can happen to us that we are overcome by sudden fears of scarcity, even if our situation is still relatively secure. (This holds true especially for people who have experienced real-life scarcity – of food, love, money, support – in the past.)
      But Love is not a commodity, and one of its most fascinating qualities is that the more you share, the more you will have.
      This year, there may be times when the tangible issues and very real limits of your job and housing situation will start to wear down on you. Look inside, and know that there is a spring that will never run dry. Be generous with your Love, and when you share, remember there’s more where that came from.

      I wish you all the best in 2018!

      • C says:

        Thank you, Anise, your reading clarified what I’m seeking, and truly speaks to the heart of my intention. Have a wonderful 2018!

  135. Anise says:

    I’m late to the party, hopefully someone will read this!

    The astrological woes of being a Water/Air character… I feel like in the last years, I’ve come far in nurturing kindness and understanding, and being less afraid to share my love with others. But what I’ve lost along the way is my airy edge, the fun, the social nature, the daredevil-ness, the mindgames (in a non-psycho sense, ahem). I would appreciate a message from the universe how in 2018 I can better bring the two in balance.

    Thank you so much in advance – and Beth for hosting this!

    • C says:

      Ha. While concentrating on how you can regain “my airy edge, the fun, the social nature, the daredevil-ness, the mindgames (in a non-psycho sense, ahem)”, I pulled… the Prince of Disks. Maybe how you feel now? From your explanation above, you’ve put in the work to become kind, understanding and sharing, possibly harnessing the steadfast unwavering determination that this card embodies, and maybe you’ve kept grinding on this with your head down, and have “become comfortably numb”. The Prince of Disks sits in the middle of the Tree of Life, a place of balance, Asking for more information, I drew the Ace of Wands, Root of Fire. So… Water/Air Character, now welcome a new inspiration, consciousness, outlook, life phase, who knows? It may not be easy to give yourself to this gift and use this energy while influenced by the Prince of Disks, but as you ask for a balance, I believe you WILL temper the raw energy of this Ace, and passionately create something meaningful.

      My Best To You,

      • Anise says:

        Oh snap, the two elements I’m missing! Instead of fixating on what’s already inside of me (water/air), I could intent to complete the puzzle. I love the Ace of Wands energy, I definitely need something fierce to give me a push. “Comfortably numb” describes perfectly how I’m feeling.
        The Prince of Disks also reminds me of my closest friend, I think they would be a good starting point to expand my social circle.
        Thank you for taking your time to read for me!

    • josie says:

      Anise, your question really resonated with me while I was trying to choose somebody to read for, so I’d like to offer you a reading too.

      Using the Mesquite Tarot, I drew the Six of Pentacles. This card carries a message about generosity. According to te Mesquite Tarot guide, the Six of Pentacles calls us to “receive, replenish, and give with intention.” In your journey towards embodying and reflecting love more, you’ve certainly been taking care of the ‘giving’ part of this call—but have you been making sure to receive and replenish, too? Are you remembering to be generous to yourself? Sometimes in committing to reflect love we forget to absorb it, too—and we forget that our own souls need nurturing just as much.

      Then I drew the Novice of Wands, asking for a brief clarification. The card depicts a figure dancing alone around a fire, their wand laid down for now, but still in a prominent position. The background is soft and muted: this is a scene of joy and abandon, but shot through with a gentleness. The fire renews; fire can mark transition and change (to ‘pass through the fire’ is a common metaphor for coming through something big). Fire can also destroy, its true, but with wisdom and care, you can control it, use it to warm you and nourish you—and whatever you choose to summon from the ashes tomorrow is yours, yours, yours.

      Know your power and goodness. Trust in the process (you are not a finished article!). Be gentle with yourself.

      Lots of love


  136. josie says:

    this year i want to recommit to what sarah gottesdiener calls ‘the work of love’. i want to bring love to all i do, to all my interactions—and to myself. (i find this very hard to do because i’ve been multiply traumatised and my silly brain tells me it’s my own fault.) i also want to do real work towards finding my path and being able to stop underselling myself and my talents. we shall see!

    now to scroll the thread and find somebody to read for!! 2018 blessings and good wishes for all.

    • Ignacia says:

      Since this closes today I was looking for people who hasn’t have a response yet and I came to you! I believe your resolution is absolutely beautiful and I hope you can make it.
      The card I draw for you was The Empress – III, from The Wild Unknown Tarot; such a great card for the journey you wanna take this year. As you know, The Empress is a very strong woman, and to me, what makes her strong is her ability to share all the abundance she has, because she knows strongly that the more you give without expecting anything in retribution, the more you get. There’s also a part of this card that invite us to be more connected with nature; I would recommend you to look it close and see how life is all around us and all the lessons we can learn even in things as simple as taking care of your plans.
      Your path is going to be clear before you know it… the power of the empress is with you. Channel it!!!

  137. Abby says:

    Happy new year everyone! I’m so grateful this thread is still open, Beth’s post today spurred me into participating despite hesitations and fears. Ok. My word of the year is Ownership. Owning myself, speaking my truth and not muzzling myself anymore, asserting myself, not letting others lead me to doubting my feelings and intuition. At the same time I want this ownership to lead me into more abundance and financial stability. I want to change jobs, do something I really like and build something, probably a business. I’m still not clear how to do it and what exactly to do. A lot of fears but I want this year to be the year I say yes and stop being scared of failing.

    • Brianna says:

      Hi there Abby,
      I personally resonate with your word of the year. Mine is “confidence,” and my mantra is “just ask,” and I don’t mean asking, as if for permission, but rather, gaining confidence to speak my desires. Gonna work on it! The card I pulled for you, concentrating on “ownership” is the Ace of Swords; pure air energy. In this image, a femme with black hair sits on a stool, staring straight at us, with hair covering one eye, revealing the other. This person clutches one red rose in their left hand. The right shoulder sleeve is pulled up revealing a tattoo that says: “rest in power.” Maybe they’ve just had this done, since the sleeve is pulled up?

      I think the creativity you seek, to develop business or change jobs, is there in you now. You’ve got the energy, and the ideas. Be discerning how you use your energy, so, yes, lean into that intuition. Since this is the Ace card, it’s kind of uninformed. It’s up to you to decide where this energy will go. What it will manifest. How best can your creativity serve others and yourself at the same time? What does financial stability mean for you? Don’t be afraid to make “the wrong decision,” just trust that as you make leaps or simply step forward, you may “rest in your own power.”

        • Abby says:

          Thank you so much Brianna! You’ve lifted my heart. The words “rest in power” really resonated, I guess this is where I need to start. It is so intimidating and so exciting at the same time. I think I’ll use them as a mantra whenever I feel fear. I love your word of the year! Thank you for reading for me!

  138. Carojulie says:

    Hello Josie,

    I pulled the Eight of Wands for you, from Stella’s tarot. I shows the traditional wands flying fast in the air, and also a tall lady standing proudly with a wand in her hand, brandishing her magic wand with much determination, and she sends a letter flying in the air with her magic. I think that you will achieve your resolutions faster than you think ! And you can not only find your path but obviously you are also very able to show the way to others and impress everybody with your assurance. I see you in this image, and you are beautiful and full of magic. Also, this beautiful lady is wearing a deep brown gown and she is surrounded by a soft orange light : I read this as meaning that you can find grounding in warm self love.
    I send you many wishes of love and confidence for 2018.

    • josie says:

      Thank you so much for your reading and your warm, beautiful words! xxxxx It’s so intriguing to be invited to view myself that way, instead of feeling small and disempowered and insignificant! Time to get in tune with my Eight of Wands side, I think! Much love, Caroline xxxxx

  139. Carojulie says:

    Hello friends !

    I need to sort out my life and my mind this year.

    The last few years have been difficult roller coasters, emotionnaly ; I had to deal with death of loved one, anger, depression, harassment at work and feminine health issues. I think that things are slowing down at last, but I am left feeling a little bereft, and I need to pull myself back. I need to sort out my feelings, make sense of my life, and put some order in my mind and in my life, starting with my home wich at the moment is an awful mess.

    During the worst of depression and anemia, I did not have the energy to look after the house much more than the absolute necessary, and the result is that a lot of mess has accumulated. My home is so messy that I cant think straight, and I know that my work starts by putting some order in my house and tidying and cleaning around.

    I do not believe in the fashionable minimalist decluttering methods that crowd the internet these days.
    I do not want to get rid of all my stuff, because mostly, I like my things and what makes my life. But I need to sort my things out and put them in order, for sure. And, probably, in doing so, I will find a few things that I need to part with and give away to someone who will need them more than I do.

    That is a lot of work and I do not know where to start, honestly.

    Thank you ! And many 2018 blessings to you 🙂

    • Chameo says:

      Carojulie, I’m answering you first from my heart and experience, because your situation resonates very strongly with me – that is, it mirrors my own. I’ll pull a card for you after, but first – start by asking for help from friends and loved ones. Set aside your embarrassment (I get it, honestly! I literally lived this just three weeks ago), and be clear and honest about what kind of help you need. The universe WILL answer you – in my case, a friend of my daughter’s came over and washed an accumulation of dirty dishes that had overflowed both sinks, the pantry counter and half the pantry floor. I’m going to post this, and then I’ll pull a card for you and post again with that. Be kind to yourself, love, and let others be kind to you also.

    • Chameo says:

      I ended up drawing four cards for you and making it a straight-up daily reading. The cards are the six of cups, the nine of crystals, the ace of cups and the eight of crystals. I used my own Everyday Powers deck. It features a fifth suit, Crystals, which represents spirit (Universe, magic, higher power, pure energy – what have you), and two of those showed up in your reading, alongside two cups. That combination suggests that what will make a difference right now is a lot of loving, healing energy from unexpected random directions. The six of cups as a base/environment suggests that you are affected right reminiscence. It can suggest a childhood friend or reminders of the past – but it also can suggest that you’re clinging too closely to old expectations. It’s followed by the nine of crystals, named Entropy. In the natural progression of energy->matter->energy, the bonds that hold everything together decay, and the result can feel chaotic and out of control. That seems to be where you are right now – you’ve recognized that the chaos is affecting your mind and your ability to advance. The ace of cups suggests the beginning of a new loving energy in your life. It’s in the position of the unexpected, so you may find inspiration or help in a new friendship or relationship. The final card is the Action card – what you can do next. That card is the eight of crystals, equilibrium. When your life is in balance, you can set a thing in motion and it will continue indefinitely. This you already know – once you “straighten things up” you’ll be able to get your life back into balance and move forward.

      • Carojulie says:

        Chameo, thank you so much for your kind words and your wonderful reading ! I am rather impressed by your 5 suits deck !
        I am going to follow your good advice, and I will ponder this wonderful loving reading. Thank you for the bottom of my heart !

  140. Brianna says:

    As I mentioned in my reading for Abby, my word for the year is “Confidence” and my mantra is “just ask.” In order to step into certain leadership roles of healing in my community, I know I need to learn to speak desire, and ask for help when I need it. It’s my responsibility to be fluent in the language of my own body, and caring for myself, so that I may be present for the healing paths of others. I wonder how I might step into more confident spaces, toward shining rather than shrinking. This past year I focused on strengthening my boundaries, and this year I’d like to get comfortable now being seen. My boundaries are in place… what is/are my next step/s?

    • Elaine says:

      For you I drew the Nine of Wands, from the Shadowscapes tarot. This card is about strength and vigilance, about minding your resources and keeping going, about watching your boundaries and dealing with challenges as they come. The wands in general are about fire and passion, and I think that this card is a good one for your ambition of helping to look after your community and shining. I don’t think it speaks so much of being seen, as of being there when you are needed; the guardian and the healer don’t usually take a really high profile, but they are important all the same. This particular card, showing the watcher on the high place, shows as well that they are not alone. In the background are eight companions, mounted as they are, carrying staffs as they are, and ready to help.

      I think that this card is saying, use your strength when it’s needed to look after your community and deal with challenges, but make sure that you conserve your strength for the long watch, don’t burn yourself out. And be confident about asking for help when you need it; people will see you and your efforts.

      • Brianna says:

        Thank you so much for reading for me. Illuminating! I appreciate your interpretation of a guardian/ healer’s position. Perhaps I need simply to embrace moving through the shadows.

    • Patrina says:

      Hi Brianna! This is my first time pulling cards for anyone other than myself but I am so happy and excited to do this!

      So I pulled two cards for you, one from the Shadowscapes tarot and one from The Wild Unknown. I focused on your desire to get comfortable being seen so that you may lead your community into/through healing.

      First i pulled The Devil from the Shadowscapes. To me this card imagery has a devil who is both beautiful and gritty. Not outwardly menacing or malicious. More like a natural creature doing harm without malice or intent, just curiosity, instinct, and nature. Holding a heart with webs surrounding it, examining it, while standing on a hollow rock. Below is a person in the rocks hollow covering their head with their arms. Above them is a key. Their wrist has a gold bangle with a thin red string tied from the bangle to a small gold lock embedded in the stone below their hollow.

      The detail that i really love though is the small sprite seated between the top of the hollow and the feet of the devil. She is fairly clean and bright compared to the dingy devil and the pale subdued person below. She seems to be tapping the devils shin to get his attention. Maybe to explain to him how his curiosity and nature has hurt and that the heart should be returned. Maybe to boldly request that he return the heart. Maybe just a bridge to connect the two so that they may both come to understanding… She is coming into focus with brightness into the foreground with a purpose and is about to begin with a small tap to the leg and a reaching up of her hands and her voice…

      The second card I pulled is the 6 of Cups from the Wild Unknown. It is a tall fairly symmetrical silhouetted evergreen tree with a shaded sky behind it. Mirrored below as if there was a lake is a crazy joyful tangle of multicolored roots that look like a bare ancient well established deciduous tree. The cups are evenly spaced along the right and left of the whole card setting boundaries for the tree but the roots are encroaching their line.

      Your community is strong and and tall and right now dark. It’s roots are the crazy joyful tangle of colors and directions. It will keep growing, and branching out below taking in all it needs and enforcing the tree above. The cups to me are full and never emptying and ready to keep pouring out water and nutrients as long as the tree needs them. This team of cups is all together, a complete solid unit even though they are 6 separate vessels in 6 separate spots. They are the unmoving vigilant support to enable the tree to do it’s thing: grow and be nourished and roots to deepen and tangle and go every crazy life seeking direction. Those cups may not look like exciting action filled parts for the tree’s success and life but they will not falter in their job to keep it nourished and taken care of, keeping in their close by lines even as the roots grow far past them to allow the tree to grow far above them…

      • Brianna says:

        Thank you so much, Patrina, for this reading! You’ve provided much for me to ponder and journal about. I’m looking forward to reflecting on The Devil. Interestingly, this card showed up for me in a similar reading I received this time last year. Saturn is in Cap now; time to continue the work . ?

  141. Patrina says:

    So my hope for the next year is “life, vibrancy, presence, centeredness, inspiration, glowing, creative output, focus”. Couldn’t find one word that really incompassed it all. 😉

    This is going to be long but i felt like i should tell my story if for no other reason to get it out and look at it as it is the entire reason for my current hope for the year.

    I have had a several year period of intentionally putting my joy, work, creativity, and unfurling on hold to pursue a long held dream. The time of planning and working on the dream was not without joy and creativity and using my strengths but it was different than being in “your spot” and doing those things that want to flow out of you naturally. And it was hard work too. Once that the dream came to fruition in June of 2016 (husband, 2 cats, and I moved from the US to The Netherlands after several years of dreaming, planning, action, purging, and HUGE leaps of hope), I spent the next year and a half in a strange state of cocooning.

    I was spent, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally… I was also elated and happy. I felt safe and like I could breathe fully for the first time in years. I felt immediately at home and have had, to this day, hardly any culture shock or discomfort with the change in countries. My body, mind, and spirit immediately cocooned. It was a palletable feeling.

    I could not think or function at a very deep or complicated level.I was happy and relaxed but I could not function with life stuff the way i used to. My organizational skills were on holiday. My focus was blurry and foggy. I got sick several times in a row worse than I have been maybe ever. But still felt so calm and peaceful. I had a disc in my neck herniate and that laid me up for weeks and a year later I still have to be careful not to aggravate it and have it go out again. But i still felt so happy. I was foggy and muddy and slow but healing and repairing and resting.

    But now I am feeling like I’m waking up and I don’t quite know how to start up again. I am so easily overwhelmed and buried by all there is to do and could be to do. I feel the urge to start, the warm fire revving up inside me but I am rusty and unsure of myself and my abilities and how to move those parts that have been in this reparative cocoon i’ve felt around me.

    I know what i should/could/want to do to some degree but it’s like the functions to start are stuck and wobbly. I am so excited to begin and see how it all unfurls and what it looks like. And i have no fear that it will happen, more like the fog is still just hovering around a little bit still so it’s hard to focus and understand which direction I’m headed and catch the vision for it.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Patrina,

      Thank you for your story – it was a joy to read your honesty, your worries, and how FAR you’ve come, even in writing that!
      I pulled the Queen of Bows (traditionally the queen of wands) from my Wildwood tarot deck for you.
      What I see here, for you, is a question; what are you hesitating over? Where are you pulling back, resisting? Because it’s in those areas that you will find the clear-headedness that you seek in your resolutions. The hare lives her life out in the open, away from burrows, and proudly strides in the moonlight in this card. She is alert, focused and moving forward.
      The Queen of Bows is urging you to take that lunar energy and examine yourself with eyes of truth. Look deep at what you might not want to look at, consider the ‘why’ in your hesitations, and you’ll find your answers. Oftentimes when we look at what is blocking us with gentle curiosity, we see that the blocks were simply unfounded energy or not quite as big, hairy and confusing as we thought they were.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Patrina! I am really moved by your story – I profoundly identify and empathize with your situation. I feel like I know that hazy state of being you’re talking about. The card I drew for you from the Fountain Tarot is the Seven of Swords. To me, given your circumstances, this card is guiding you to take action. Just pick something – any one, small thing – and do it. You might feel wobbly and uncertain of yourself, but no matter what the outcome, you will learn and grow from it. And that will help guide you as you take action on the next one, small thing. You don’t need to have a perfect plan or even feel completely ready – just put one foot in front of the other, one at a time, and that will lead you all the way out of this fog. I keep thinking of that quote from Glennon Doyle about how all you need to know is the Next Right Thing. And you do know what that Next Right Thing is. Sometimes it’s just getting out of bed. Making a cup of tea. Breathing in. Breathing out. Have faith in yourself and your own intuitive guidance! You got this and I’m so excited for you!! xx

  142. Shawna S. says:

    Hi friends!

    This year, I need to work on keeping my focus steady and determined. I want to climb the ladder at work, which means I need to maintain focus on my goals and put in the work to meet them. I also need to keep my focus steady with activity, I am so good at coming up with plans for exercise, but I have a really busy schedule, so one deviation from my schedule makes it easy for me to lose focus and of course, the easiest thing to put out of sight is the exercise plan.

    I need to reach some goals, not just for prosperity and health, but for the simple fact that it would spark more goals that I know I could make attainable.

    • Abby says:

      Hi Shawna,

      I pulled 2 cards for you, 1 from the Sacred Creators Oracle (SOC) and one from the SoulSpace Oracle (SSO).

      Your first card from the SOC was (30) The Sacred Flow of Yes – Reverse. This card usually means that things come effortlessly to us because we are exactly where we are meant to be. As it came out reverse, this could indicate that you are trying to force things. Are you maybe trying too hard to schedule? Maybe you have too many goals that are attainable that lead you to more goals, and so on and so forth? Consider the opportunity that is right now in front of you: you already know that deviating from your schedule makes you lose focus. How about re-working your schedule and loosening it up a bit? Maybe you need less activities so you have time for the real important ones. What can you remove? How about adding extra time to your activities to plan ahead for deviation? If exercise is important for you, maybe start small and reward yourself for any kind and any length of exercise you do. Feel good about doing what you can, it feels better doing something even if it’s just 10-15min than nothing – at least to me. 🙂

      The second card from the SSO was “Gezellig”, a Dutch word that means everything from “cozy to friendly, from comfortable to relaxing, and from enjoyable to gregarious.” I interpret it as, don’t beat yourself up if you deviate at times. Also, stay focussed on your goals but don’t forget to take care of yourself and do things you enjoy. What’s the point of climbing up a mountain if you don’t enjoy the scenery while you do it? :-))

      Wishing you all the best!

  143. Melissa says:

    Hi everybody!

    I’m coming in to this late, but hey! Better late than never!

    This year is a big year for me, energy-wise. I feel a lot of things coming to fruition, and I feel a lot of energy on my side, pushing pushing pushing me forward. But I also have my hands in a lot of pies, and my eternal question of a) what do I focus on or b) how do I give myself to everything always pulls me apart and drags at any resolutions I have.

    I’ve kept my year open of resolutions right now, focusing on the word and feeling of ‘brilliance’ for my year. I want to build, this year. Build physical things, move myself forward in the physical world, in a real ‘pentacles’-style kind of way (if that makes any sense at all). For example, I want to start reading tarot more, I want to put some art in some shows, and I want to start a podcast. Thinking time is over, now it’s just a matter of ‘how’ do I do all these things?

    Blessed be, this is such a wonderful exercise, and thank you all for your intentions and kind words. This thread is a joy to read!

    • Abby says:

      Hi Melissa, I wish you a brilliant 2018! I feel a lot of energy coming from your post and all the things you want to do. I pulled a card for you from the Sacred Creators Oracle and got (09) Integrate Your Knowing. The card shows a fox looking straight ahead (towards the right side of the card) with rays of light surrounding its head.

      The message is to really take time to identify what you want to do and why. Don’t tie yourself to the list of things or it might become daunting and take the joy out of you. And then use all your resources in what it is you want to do. So in a nutshell, prioritise according to ALL the resources you have, and don’t hesitate to seek collabs or ask help to others in the community.

      I hope it helps!

    • Shawna S. says:

      Hi Melissa! I actually drew 3 cards for you from the Next World Tarot deck. I was pretty excited to use this deck because it’s new and the mindset and energy associated with the deck is fierce and forward-thinking, perfect for the new year. I was pleasantly surprised by the cards I drew for you.

      First, I drew the Page of Cups, next the Teacher, and third the 10 of Pentacles.

      Beginning: The Page of Cups suggests that you prepare to take these projects “heart-on” because they are worthy of your time. While you want this year to be a year of physical building, it’s a good idea to enter into this battle with your emotions invested.

      The Act: The Teacher suggests that in order to follow through with your intentions for 2018, you should take your research and self-reflections and find a way to map it all out. Maybe you have a lot of goals, but mapping them out could give you the opportunity to link them together and make it so that your plans may be cataloged and achieved together rather than completed in their own individual moments.

      Onward: The 10 of Pentacles is materializing your own personal power and higher self, which you must take ownership of- you will achieve greatness as they light the way to prosperity and success, which will be defined by your own terms. Do not be afraid to make your personal power into a physical entity, we are most often our biggest enemy, not because we are overwhelmed by the numbers in our lists but because we are often overwhelmed by what it will mean to materialize the power we have and the goals we have our sights set on.

  144. Elaine says:

    I don’t have a resolution this year, as in a particular thing I’m going to do, but an intention as to how I do things. Last year was a watershed year for me, a time of consolidating, healing, and finding my feet. This year and in the future, my intention is to stand and move in my own balance; to protect my boundaries and to not fall or let people pull me off, in work or in relationships or anything else. I intend to look after my friends, and to never not be kind, but to not let myself be taken for granted.

    • Bethany says:

      Hello Elaine and blessed new year! I can sense your pain and resolve from 2017. I pulled for you the 8 of Wands from the Wild Unknown deck. The cards image is of a single stick in the grounds being charged with a lighting strike that illuminates eight shadowy sticks. The 8 of Wands speaks to me of your need for movement and change. News is on the way or maybe an actual move or trip will appear to you this year. Be ready to act when the opportunity arises! I wish you safe “travels” whether literal or figurative.
      Bright Blessings Sister. )0(

      • Elaine says:

        Hi Bethany, thank you for your good wishes and thank you for that card. I’ll reflect on the Eight of Wands; there’s work to be done!

  145. Sarah says:

    Hello beautiful humans! What a beautiful space here – reading this thread has made my day! Here is my focus for the year: let myself be seen. I feel like I’ve learned a lot this past year about authentically inhabiting my true self. Now I want to get comfortable with being seen for who I really am. Without squirming, shying away, or editing or overextending myself to please the viewer. As part of this, I will be applying for graduate school this year in a new field after a long hiatus from the “real world” due to chronic illness. That means I don’t have the same kind of credentials as other applicants, but that doesn’t mean I’m not qualified. I just need to be able to communicate the essence of who I am and what I’m capable of in a different way than most people. I also need to approach the application process in a way that is sustainable given my physical symptoms. That is to say, gently, mindfully, joyfully. I’m so excited but also a little scared – very much looking forward to seeing what your cards have to say about all this! Thank you so much in advance!

    • Abby says:

      Hi Sarah, congratulations! I relate so much to some of what you say. I’m in part working to be where you are – authentically inhabiting your true self. I felt you needed gentle energy so I pulled a card from my “Consúltalo con los ángeles” deck, which is not an oracle deck but for meditation purposes. The angel card I pulled was the Angel of Sincerity. You’ve done the work to be and live as your true self, don’t worry about anything and just communicate who you are in the most sincere and truthful way. Truthful with others but most importantly with yourself, no matter what. Speaking your truth will attract the right people/things to you and will quickly remove the ones that are not for you. You already know who you are and what agrees with you, keep doing it!

      All the best!

    • Natasha says:

      Hi Sarah,
      I draw The Moon card from the Mary-El Tarot for you.
      It reflects a period of inner gestation, and now you feel ready to step up into the world and let yourself be seen. There is these threshold between the lunar and the solar world, and naturally some fear comes up. Let your fear be a friendly advisor that takes care you don’t overextend yourself and burn up. Retrieve back into the lunar world when needed, to nurture and replenish yourself. Follow its innate wisdom that knows about the cyclical nature of the worldly phenomena.
      In the depths of your psyche you can find a fertile ground to bring your treasure into the world.

  146. Bethany says:

    Happy New Year! I hope I’m not too late!!!
    In 2017 I survived my recently diagnosed clinical depression, but not without the loss of my physical health. Today I learned that I’ve gained exactly 100lbs through my struggles to survive. I’ve received medical and mental assistance, but the rest is now up to me. This year’s seed of intention is to navigate the seas of change instead of letting myself be blown away. I hope to make 2018 a year of Change and Self Love. Thank you for your love in support.
    Blessed be sisters and brothers of my heart. May you all receive bright blessings this year! )0(

    • Abby says:

      Hi Bethany,

      First, congratulations on surviving depression in spite of all your struggles. I know it is not easy.

      2018 looks like a very supportive year for you. I pulled “Divine” from the SoulSpace Oracle. The card is interesting to me because the top part shows a white sun that shines in a purple sky with a yellow halo and the bottom part makes me think of the moon reflected on water. Here’s an image: To me, it means that despite your struggles, your divine essence shines brightly. The sun is much bigger than the small moon circle so trust that you are strong and worthy and forge ahead. Also, you mentioned the seas of change but the waters seem calm since we can see the moon. Do not fear to be blown away, you’re very clearly stepping into the sun. Also, the colours remind me of the chakras: purple (7th/crown) is enlightenment and transformation; it also offers protection. White is also sometimes the colour of the crown chakra, and represents innocence and purity. Yellow (3rd/solar plexus) is for joy, self-confidence and personal power.

      I also pulled the card “Children” from the Magical Messages of the Fairies Oracle Deck for positive and playful energy.

      Live this year with the innocence and joy that children have. Trust that you are reborn in a way. Reclaim your power. You are supported, loved and divine! Many blessings!

  147. Natasha says:

    I would like 2018 to be a year when in spite of fear and tremendous confusion about pretty much everything in my life, I listen and follow the precious, quiet whisper in my heart and keep on returning to it again and again.

    Love and peace to you all!

    • Megan says:

      Natasha, I pulled the Ace of Wands for you, a symbol of self-realization and awakening the inner fire of your truth and authenticity. Here intuition is completely honored and trusted, with no more time to abandon yourself or hold back parts of who you are. The fire of this truth burns away blocks and obstacles that might get in the way, clearing a path for new possibilities, potential and talents to unfold. This is a card of confidence and courage to face any fears and believe in yourself, taking the leap of faith to stay with your truth as that which is around you falls apart.

  148. Danielle says:

    Hi Natasha happy new yea to you. I pulled the 5 of vessels Ecstasy from Wildwood tarot. She is dancing under the stars at the beating of her heart that turns into a drumming sound. You know that quote “dance as no one is watching…” this year is all about that with the number 11 being the master number! This year in order to rely on your true power you will need to take a leap of faith into your own heart ! Fear nothing for you have your own back and empowerment will always start with self.

    This 2018 my business will flow I would love balance to be able to manage it with a smile!

  149. Megan says:

    My intention for 2018 is to connect more fully with my life, to stop hiding and understand more deeply who I am and what I have to offer. I want to uncover and honor my own desires and move from that place, with less fear & anxiety & focus on what is missing. I want to get closer to seeing the world clearly, without the overlay of my negative thoughts and beliefs, so that I can connect with others (and myself) with more ease and care and compassion.

    • Kim says:

      Hey Megan,

      I drew the 7 of Swords for you from the Wild Unknow tarot. You write that you want to stop hiding, and in a sense this card shows the situation you want to move away from: the little fox in the card is hiding one of the swords with its body, protecting it’s wisdom from being seen. However, the card shows hope too, because it shows what we can reach for: by just looking around us we can see that there is so much more for us to have, so many beautiful things we can achieve. This card shows that you can achieve what you desire, and that your resolution to step forward and discover what you have to offer can help you see what is out there for you. I also love that this is a Swords card, connecting to your resolution to see the world more clearly. You definitely have that in you! What you want is out there for you!

  150. Ignacia says:

    Happy New Year to all of you with all my heart.
    I already ask for my resolution about my mental health here, but I been thinking this days is that I really need to add a new one: I wanna stop thinking and planning and start doing. I wanna make all my plans the new reality of my life.
    Thanks to everyone for sharing… this has been beautiful.

  151. Kim says:

    I felt that I achieved a lot on a personal level in 2017, making me feel like I’m in a space of ‘enough’ now that it’s time to form resolutions for the new year. So my resultions are rather practical this year! I will graduate in 2018 so I want to make an effort to find out what I want to work with in this world and I want to find a job that makes me happy, contributes to changing the world for the better and will make me financially independent. I also want to start working for the local refugee organisation, I’ve been wanting this for a while but I keep coming up with excuses which I know come from a place of privilege, which I want to challenge.

    • Wow! Kim, I drew the Tower XVI for you from Salvatore Dali’s deck.
      As you say you’re graduating and have lots of things “up in the air” for now it seems appropriate. So I wish you good luck working through the possible chaos that comes with big change. The Tower in my experience looks worse than it actually is–It says that change is possible but sometimes things have to be shaken up a bit first.

  152. Hi, I’m Mary in Vancouver BC Canada. I do a lot of resolutions usually and then pick a “theme” more than a resolution. But yes, I do translate those to SMART goals sometimes. I do sacred circle dancing and one of my resolutions is to have 10 dances I could teach others without any instructions with me, and then to 50 that so long as I had the instructions with me, I could refresh myself briefly and share with others. And then (and this is it) to have a playlist of 100 that I’m getting familiar with the music but do not necessarily intend to teach to others–just to enjoy more when I’m dancing them by being more familiar with the music.

  153. Beth says:

    This open thread is now closed! Thank you so much to everyone who took part this year and shared intentions, wishes, hopes and dreams, and encouragement, support and tarot. I’m humbled by the vulnerability and love shared here. <3

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