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  1. Roger Sanders says:

    Thanks Beth, perfect timing! Just been musing on a spread and nodding off…its almost midnight here in NZ….where the King of Wands represents one side of a dilemma, your post perked me up and I’m going with mentor and architect, nicely summing up the ‘Kings’ involved.


  2. kshanexx says:

    thanks Beth! i just started with the Wild Unknown yesterday and the familial names of the court cards is presenting a bit of a challenge for me as well. especially since i don’t have much to draw from on the subject of ‘family’. it’s difficult for me to consider what traits these ‘individuals’ possess without feeling like i’m inherently first gendering, then stereotyping them. so then i try to reverse the ‘roles’ and realize i’m just doing it again, but in reverse. like you, though, i do feel it is more accessible to the royal naming of a lot of decks; i’ve never been able to relate to ‘page’, ‘knight’, ‘queen’, ‘king’, as a raised-poor-working-class, currently-poor, disabled, queer individual. ‘family’ names seem more organic, in a sense. they’re at least things i grew up with.

    i welcome anyone’s insights on the Wild Unknown courts. i did my introductory reading and i was told in no uncertain terms that the bulk of my knowledge from this deck would arrive not from the book that came with the cards, but from personal intuition/experience and collaborating with/learning from others.

    i wonder if part of it could be learning to relate differently to the idea of ‘family’. so much to consider.

  3. I think my favorite approach so far is the Numinous Tarot’s, being Dreamer / Explorer / Creator (Queen) / Mystic. Though what I’d really love to do is mix up all these new titles into my own perfect court! Mine would be Seeker from the Collective Tarot, Explorer from the Numinous, Visionary from the Slow Holler, and Sage from the World Spirit.

  4. Buying Xanax says:

    Hi Beth ~

    Will you be carrying the Slow Holler deck in your shop? Although I have a couple of tarot decks I have shied away from them, in the most part, because of the court cards. Something just didn’t feel right when I used them and consequently tend to use my oracle decks a majority of the time. The Slow Holler deck, due also in part to the great graphics, speaks to me 🙂

  5. Paypal Xanax says:

    I love the Collective Tarot’s approach (Seeker/Apprentice/Artist/Mentor). I’ve been irritated more than once by the heavily gendered nuances in the more “traditional” tarot decks, and so when I encountered this setup, I was super excited. I’ve been reorganizing my personal decks in that fashion ever since. I tend to believe the reader/reading recipient bring so much to the table through their intuitive interpretations of the cards, no matter what the “guide book” has to say, anyhow.

    • Totally agree with you about Elisabeth – once the cards are in the hands of a reader, and once they are being offered to a querent, in my opinion who cares what the book says, since there’s something different going on and interpretations are entirely subjective!

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