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  1. I believe in working with a full deck. To remove cards is like removing a part of your body – it makes it harder to work with the deck. Also, when you exclude “difficult” cards, you are shutting out the possibility of the lessons that arrive when there are difficult things in our lives. Life is not all peaches and cream (wish it was). The difficult things often are the ones that make the journey interesting or provide the opportunity for the most soul growth.

    If you have a squeamish crowd, I recommend taking along a deck like the Connolly Deck, which is softer but still has challenging cards in the deck.

    Great post by the way! Loved this one!

    • Thanks Theresa – it’s such an interesting topic! I really enjoyed this part of the panel discussion at NWTS and can really see both sides, even though I’m firmly in the ‘leave em in’ camp.

      Love your suggestion about using a softer deck – I hadn’t thought of that. Just checked out the Connolly Tarot and I can see how that would be an easier ride for parties.

      Here’s an image if anyone is curious:

      Morgan Greer might work well too (not that I’ve ever found that deck particularly soft!) or maybe the Magical Forest?

      And I agree with you *so much* about the hardest lessons being the greatest learning points. What doesn’t kill us, and all that…

  2. This is a great post!! I can’t even imagine taking out the “difficult” cards — it’s all part of the big picture, and they’ll come up if they need to.
    I worked an event a couple of weeks ago where I read cards for folks non stop for FOUR full hours (about 5 min per person — fast 3 card readings), and I NEVER saw Death, The Devil, or the Tower all night. Weird, huh? that pretty much never happens. But it kind of reinforced the thought for me that they only show up when you need them!!

  3. I really can’t imagine removing those particular cards (or any for that matter) out of the deck, I guess because I don’t think they need to necessarily be read negatively. I think I’d find a few of the swords more difficult than Death or the Devil or The Tower. My first thought was along Theresa’s thoughts in choosing the right deck for that type of occasion that was more neutral, which I think of Shadowscapes as a more neutral deck.

  4. I strangely have always liked the “bad” cards. They’re not “bad”, they are lessons. And I think if I were to take them out of the deck, I would be doing a disservice by not helping someone approach something they think is scary and then they won’t get stronger for it in the long run.

  5. Tango says:

    I have a hard enough time occasionally denying myself reversed cards. I couldn’t imagine taking a card out of the deck. However, I also don’t really entertain strangers with tarot, so if I do have the cards out for social/light-hearted reasons, I know that I’m with folks who I trust won’t flip.

  6. Roja Jackson says:

    There are no scary cards in the Tarot, just misunderstood ones! Removing certain cards is like removing pages from a book. You may get the gist of the story but the depth and all the nuances are missing.

  7. Geila says:

    Tarot doesn’t have any bad cards! Death is transformation, a strong growth period, a new cycle. The Devil embraces all emotions, passions and desires and says, Come with me and dance. You just have to know when to pull back. The ten of swords is a new dawn. You’ve been hurt but you get up in a cloak of your own strength and walk away, and believe in a new path, like the fool, in sublime innocence.

  8. jaguar says:

    Everyone is FREE to do what their own intuition guides them to do with the Tarot cards they use at any given moment. there are NO rules to using the Tarot on any level !!! and if people think there are rules, they imposing their own oppressive ideology on a spiritual tool that has NONE. if one wishes to use the cards without any particular card, they are absolutely FREE to do so. It is very sad and insidious to see people trying to control other people and how they use such a tool. We receive messages in infinite ways, and their is NO limit to what wisdom the Tarot will show us. do NOT listen to any person, who attempts to control YOUR own inner wisdom and truth. Do what you FEEL is right for you ALONE and IGNORE other people’s “help” which is NOT help, simply an attempt to control YOUR energy.

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