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  1. This is a really beautiful reinterpretation of the hierophant: the ancestors, the voices of history. I’m looking forward to seeing her in my readings now. The cawing rook with lightning in the Wild Unknown suggests an interestingly mobile sort of history: stories that can fly where they’re needed, histories that can be reinterpreted according to the circumstances, as well as conveying a definite sense of urgent immediacy.

    • Beth says:

      Totally. I love the Wild Unknown version – the rook reminds me of the one-eyed all-seeing crow in Game of Thrones… This one feels like a scarier version of The Hierophant, where you have no choice but to hear this powerful message from the past.

  2. Dahlia says:

    I love the concept of reimagining classic tarot interpretations and the hierophant is certainly one I’ve struggled with. I love the idea of viewing the hierophant as a hero/heroine figure. Also, what is the name of that circular deck, it is gorgeous!!!

  3. Beth says:

    Hey Dahlia! Glad you like the post 🙂 The tarot deck is the Gorgon’s Tarot by Dolores Fitchie – it’s truly brilliant, I really love it.
    You can find out more about it here: Order Cheap Xanax Online – you’ll find a recent interview with the creator Dolores, and a ‘proper’ deck review, links to where you can buy it and more. Enjoy! x

  4. I love this! Helping us make peace with The Hierophant is one of my pet projects – the pope hangover can be so rigid, exclusive, and oppressive, but I think in its many modern forms, this card can also remind us that tradition in the material realm can connect us with the divine, with god, the universe, whatever you call it. Hierophant high five!

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