DIY tarot spreads

Now here’s an interesting website – Annikin Divination Systems, run by Ann Murkett. Actually it’s a pair of websites comprising and I only discovered them today (thanks Dolores!) so I’ve not delved around properly yet, but what I’ve used so far I’m really liking.

Firstly, there’s a very useful spread library on the ‘my spreads’ site. And if you’re into creating your own spreads, there’s a nice tool to make them look all neat and computery, and you also end up with a URL link you can put on your blogs or wherever so that you can share it with people. There’s also the option of sharing it openly on the website for all to see and use. Neat!

Another thing you can do here is explore a large number of decks, and get free readings using unpublished decks which exist only on the web. I personally really really really dislike computer generated readings, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a reading with Dolores Fitchie’s wonderful deck (which I hear may be finally published this year…). You can also find out more about runes and rune reading if that’s your bag.

DIY Tarot Spreads

Eight of Pentacles, by Dolores Fitchie

It needs some tweaking – the site is not what you’d call beautiful, and you’re supposed to be able to make ‘friends’ on it, but you can’t view anyone’s profile, which is a shame when like me you don’t really know anyone in the tarot world and opportunities to find interesting people like this are very welcome.

So have a little visit and a little poke around! It’s a weird one, but they do say there’s a new incarnation of the whole site coming mid-January. Looking forward to seeing it, and in the meantime, uploading all of my spreads!

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