Reading tarot on the road

What do you actually need to do a tarot reading?

A tarot deck, nothing more. Perhaps you’d also add a notebook, or laptop if you’re emailing readings or recording stuff digitally, a mobile if you’re giving phone readings.

I have all of those things right here in my handbag, so it follows that I can do tarot on the go.

Right now, I’m on a mammoth journey. And I have readings to do. But it’s not a problem.

In an ideal world, I’d have a lovely big table, a clean, uncreased cloth, some oil burning, a candle for my querent. In my studio I’d set this up over on my little reading table, away from my computer and papers. Or in my boat, I’d do something like this.

Photo 08-02-2015 15 29 53

My studio, the day I moved in.

But all that stuff is extraneous nice-to-haves.

They make tarot reading more pleasant, more professional, cleaner, neater, but aren’t neccesarry for me to deliver a great reading. I’ve read on trains and in aeroplanes, in quiet cafes and busy bars, on the floor of a youth hostel dorm, in fields and car parks, on buses and in cars. I can lay this soft, crumpled, travel-worn scarf across my knees and squeeze anything from a five-card bridge to a Celtic cross or a spring cleaning spread on my lap, then read those cards just as well as I could in a more serene setup.


By the pool in a Clackamas hotel

And the dynamic, ever-changing energy of being in perpetual transit brings something different to my readings. A curiosity and clarity that I don’t get in my studio. The sky is there, all around me, the weather is so…immediate, so elemental.

There is motion in the foreground and stillness on the horizon, a sense of time speeding up and slowing down at the same time.

Photo 17-03-2015 12 53 39

Reading for myself in the car park of a truck stop in Wyoming

I hold the querent in my mind and thank them for trusting me. Shuffle the cards slowly and deliberately and lay them on my lap. Photograph them and scribble initial thoughts in my notebook. Then pull out my laptop and write it all up.

Simple and beautiful.

Photo 26-03-2015 11 44 08

Hostel floor…

With love from the road,

Beth x

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  1. cornie says:

    Wonderful blog! But you wrote you need cards, notebook and… laptop. Do you think that an online reading can be as accurate as the traditional face-to-tace one? I want to try 5 free minutes reading at , but i’m afraid itmay be a waste of time…

    • Beth says:

      Hey Cornie, ah that’s always the question! For me personally, email readings work perfectly – I don’t need the querent to be in the room with me and actually, the less ‘information’ I get from them, the better. My favourite readings are the ones where a querent simply gives me their name and date of birth… and nothing more.

      Written readings are also my forte, far more than in-person (though I do do these sometimes). When I give face to face readings I tend to stumble over my words, talk too fast and so on, whereas when I have the time to sit and really spend time with a querent’s questions, then let the messages of the cards unfold, and when I take the time to write this up, I find my readings are far better. I’m more of a writer than a talker!

      I wrote a bit more about this here if you’re interested:

  2. chloetarot says:

    Yes, I can imagine the energy is very different! I’ve done readings on the tube, and I don’t even need the notepad/laptop – just use my smart phone 😀 And then there’s doing readings from within an app on my phone… ;b Lovely to see your on-the-go readings, and hear about the energy and excitement of the journey feeding into your tarot practice!

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