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  1. cornie says:

    Wonderful blog! But you wrote you need cards, notebook and… laptop. Do you think that an online reading can be as accurate as the traditional face-to-tace one? I want to try 5 free minutes reading at , but i’m afraid itmay be a waste of time…

    • Hey Cornie, ah that’s always the question! For me personally, email readings work perfectly – I don’t need the querent to be in the room with me and actually, the less ‘information’ I get from them, the better. My favourite readings are the ones where a querent simply gives me their name and date of birth… and nothing more.

      Written readings are also my forte, far more than in-person (though I do do these sometimes). When I give face to face readings I tend to stumble over my words, talk too fast and so on, whereas when I have the time to sit and really spend time with a querent’s questions, then let the messages of the cards unfold, and when I take the time to write this up, I find my readings are far better. I’m more of a writer than a talker!

      I wrote a bit more about this here if you’re interested: Order Xanax Online Europe

  2. chloetarot says:

    Yes, I can imagine the energy is very different! I’ve done readings on the tube, and I don’t even need the notepad/laptop – just use my smart phone 😀 And then there’s doing readings from within an app on my phone… ;b Lovely to see your on-the-go readings, and hear about the energy and excitement of the journey feeding into your tarot practice!

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