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  1. Bastian says:

    This isn’t my experience of this card at all! I appreciate the Collective Tarot’s interpretation… It’s about being the wise old bird you know you are and sharing your story. The things that hurt you along the way, the mistakes you made, the injustices you faced, but also the wisdom you gained and how everything you go through in life, bitter and sweet, are part of your narrative. I love this card. It makes me feel like I have the power to tell my story and that others will listen. Even if it’s just a few trusted friends. It’s having the experience and strength to balance intellect and communication with empathy and creativity. Rather than following communication scripts – both the mainstream scripts and the ones we find within our queer and political communities.

    • Buying Xanax says:

      I love the Collective Tarot and those able to learn on it will have a much different experience with a few of the cards. My series/upcoming book is not always but often aimed at radical people who don’t have access to more radical decks (or knowledge of them) or love the traditional ones but see that they’re lacking.

      Thanks so much for chiming in with other ways of looking at it! I’m really big on “no viewpoint is wrong” and I also think it’s super important to subvert some of the cards. and we do that throughout this series but this is a card that I do get caught up in a lot of it’s tradition, so it is really important to me that others share their view and experiences too!

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