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  1. Elaine says:

    Interesting, I’ll have to think about your interpretations next time I see that card. It comes up a lot for me, but I tend to view it as a warning; lean times ahead. Manage your resources, fit your own oxygen mask first. As someone who is mostly living on benefits and hand to mouth, it tends to be apposite.

    • I tend to read it this way too Elaine – though I always see a warning against becoming too closed. For me it’s about healthy boundaries – particularly around resources – with encouragement to dance that line between being aware of your own capacity and resources, and becoming too closed off/selfish.

  2. Rowan Hampton says:

    This was a really eye opening read, I’ve never thought about this card as showing someone who’s heart is closed before, but it makes sense. I do want to share my own (not cis, not straight) thoughts on this card: I’ve sometimes read it not as miserly but as a person who has lived (and continues to live) through poverty, and therefore tends to worry about losing their resources. In a more positive light, I also see this as a card about boundaries— the pentacles can be about our physical bodies after all, and we deserve to have full control of who has access to it and when and where.

  3. Camillareads says:

    Interesting and thoughtful… thanks! And I would like to hear from others about the Four of Pents as a card of setting healthy limits. Fours are basically solid and stable, and in the Pentacles show the groundwork for money, home, health, etc… all areas that should also be solid and stable. Sometimes setting boundaries may be necessary. It’s part of knowing yourself well!

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