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  1. Helen says:

    Interesting read, thank you. This card is positive but sometimes it gets missed within the reading. It’s always about control and an iron will and I think that has subverted the card too much. Making a decision and seeing it though is a sign of strength and having faith. It is going to be bumpy, most big things are, its keeping faith that you are doing the right thing for yourself. BB

    • Thank YOU for reading and allow it to open up and resonate. It is a card about needing to assert your will over the situation, but it does pull you through to where you need to be! (Plus alternative interpretations are always helpful, esp if you aren’t getting anything from what you know about the card.)

  2. ash says:

    do you know the make of the tarot deck pictured at the top? i have the same one and wanted to know the name of it…

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