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  1. Tarotheart says:

    This is very well written Beth i enjoyed reading about this both of these archetypal genders in Tarot can often play their reversal roles in relationships? the Empress will not always be a nurturing motherly type and the Emperor’s masculinity can often be the reversal role of a gay man or woman!!

  2. Nosgo says:

    Excellent series of article about queering the tarot. I find that often, that LGBTQIA aspect is completely missing in anything esoteric/occult related stuff, as in tarot and thus it is often difficult, as a gay man (or any other LGBTQIA person) to understand where I am in all this stuff and how I interact with it when going out of hetero-normative perspective.

    Thank you for you work, really nice stuff, well written and informative. Are you going to break down every major arcana? Court cards also? Can’t wait to read more 😉

  3. vwjou says:

    I’m a cis hetero white person just starting to work with the craft and tarot, and the heteronormative portrayals and assumptions bug me to no end, not to mention doesn’t make sense in much of my life despite being hetero. Thank you so much for your work and insights on queering the tarot – it’s making my journey much more powerful.

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