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  1. I’m so glad you mentioned the potential androgyny of a maiden, mother, crone reading of the Wheel card. I feel a lot of our gut reactions to that trio being overtly “feminine” are born out of contemporary definitions and prejudices about gender roles. Thank you for speaking to them in a light that so many people might benefit from!

    • I really agree Alli. On the one hand I can see the maiden-mother-crone archetypes being incredibly important symbolically for many women, and on the other, stripping out the ‘feminine’ thing and seeing them as gender neutral creates a new and really helpful understanding of what they represent.

  2. Thank you so much for this. The Wheel appeared in the “Tools” position of my reading of Beth’s New Year Tarot Spread. I’ve been meditating on what that meant for my upcoming year ever since. This has really helped to clarify things.

  3. Xanax Buying says:

    My feeling about this card has always been, “everything has it’s season,” but it’s not guaranteed that “YOUR season is coming.” The word ‘fortune’ has an older meaning than ‘riches’, it’s closer to connoting luck, bad as well as good. The wheel spins, will your number come up or won’t it? Can you afford the bet?

    But, if we don’t take the chance that’s offered, we don’t stand a chance of winning the possible reward. “There’s a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood leads on to fortune… And we must take the current when it serves, Or lose our ventures.” (Julius Caesar, act 4 sc.3)

    There is risk in this card, is what I’m saying. To me, it doesn’t guarantee success, it offers an opportunity. Or a warning that success and failure are down to chance. Take the chance, or don’t; your choice. If it’s a choice that you are offered; sometimes we are not given a choice but have to take the leap and hope for the best.

    In terms of queering this card, to me it can represent the risk that you take in coming out. Not everyone has a good outcome and often you take your chances. But the possibility of a better life and the rewards for seizing the chance to be yourself are also there. Are the potential losses worth the offered reward? Do you have a choice? Dare you take it?

    • Those are really valid points! Thank you for your input. I do think tarot is so subjective based on your own experiences reading, and I have seen it be such a tool for positive change more often than not. Most of my decks view it a little sunnier, which may be why. Have you worked with Egypt Urnash’s Tarot of the Silicon Dawn at all? Egypt definitely follows your school more than mine, and has taught me so much about this card in doing so.

      • Xanax Buying says:

        Yes, I have the Silicon Dawn deck, I think it’s marvellous. I agree that there is the possibility for positive change in the card, and it gives notice that there are opportunities coming up if you can but see them and take them.

  4. Ed Ivey says:

    Hello Beth, I really enjoy your site…and especially love the pics and stories about Skye. I lived in Edinburgh and Glasgow for a couple of years….and Scotland is definitely magic! So, please keep those pics and posts coming! 🙂

    From your post of Jan 7, 2016, would you tell me which deck the Wheel of Fortune with the horse on the front is from? I am captivated by that card and would love to see other cards from that deck….and possibly buy it.

    I did buy the Fountain Tarot….that I saw first on your site. Turns out the creators and I all live in Denver! How bizarre….

    Thanks again, Beth, for such interesting reading!

    Ed (from across the pond…in the good ole U S of A)

    • Thanks Ed!! Oops, I forgot to add the captions! I’ve put them in now. The card you love is from the Cosmos Tarot and Oracle by Light Grey Art Labs – it’s a collaborative deck of 100 cards by different artists, inspired by the cosmos! I agree, this one is a stunner.

      Uk Xanax Online

    • I got this deck from Christmas. It is VERY hard to learn and I’m still working on it, but the artwork is stunning and if you want a project deck or know a crap ton about astrology (I’m just a hobbiest and a noob at that) then I absolutely recommend it. AND even though I’ve had to use the book, the readings I’ve done with it have been stellar.

      • Ed Ivey says:

        Thanks, Cassandra!!! I’m a little bit better than a novice…but not much! HA!
        However, I can’t wait to have a good look at that deck!!!
        Take care of yourself!

      • Ed Ivey says:

        Hey Cassandra,

        You’re right…after looking at a couple of youtube videos about the Cosmos Tarot…I find the deck stunning, but way too complicated and busy for me….although certain cards are amazing.

        By chance, while searching for the Cosmos Tarot, I came across a youtube video for the Lumina Tarot. This deck is also stunning and a bit more “traditional.” I thought you might like this deck, so I’ve added the link below.

        Have fun!


        Alprazolam Online Buy

  5. I’ve started to read through the series, and I’ve been captivated by the Prisma Visions deck you’ve been referencing throughout. They have such a lovely nocturnal vibe, and now I’m seriously considering getting that deck for myself. (The suit panoramas!!!)

    I’m incredibly new to tarot, and my interest in the cards has coincided with discovering I’m bisexual (I thought I was straight before). Your series is such a gift to me at this time, as you speak to the subject of identity with such grace and empathy. Thank you!

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