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  1. Such an incredibly useful and insightful piece – thank you. Your comments on the Devil card in relation to the BDSM community has expanded my view on how to read this card – makes total sense!!!

  2. Was kind of impatient to read on this one ahah 😀 Really interesting. I love your way to offer new perspectives without being limited to serve the same old stuff with just a touch of extra LGBTQ on it. No, you go on deep and well, trying to embrace every side of the question and I would like to thank you for that! Will you compile all your writings on Queering the Tarot in one published book one day? (pleeeease say Yes! ;D)

  3. Kaitlin Korbitz says:

    I pulled the Devil for my daily reading this morning; I really appreciated these interpretations and it’s giving me more to think about. Thank you.

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