Queen of Pentacles – a practical awareness

I didn’t draw this card at random…I chose it because I wanted to spend some time with it. It came up in a reading I did earlier, and I couldn’t just clear it away afterwards. The image from the Shadowscapes deck is breathtaking. Maybe it’s because the Queen looks like a dear friend of mine, maybe it’s the curve of her hips down into the oak tree she emerges from, maybe it’s her hypnotic eyes, or maybe it’s just that I totally want to BE her.

Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles by Stephanie Piu-Mun Lau, from the Shadowscapes Tarot

In my earlier reading, the Queen was in the position of ‘things yet to come’. What does this mean?  According to The Heart of the Tarot, this card show us that ‘we can handle our own needs, and understand the needs of others.’ I like that. ‘A practical awareness that empowers onesself and others.’ I like that even more. For that’s what I come to Tarot searching for. This Queen is unquestioningly supportive, as strong as an oak, secure in herself, confident and fortunate. The world’s rich resources lie at her feet/are entwined in her roots, and she is ready to draw on these to help anyone who needs her.

I drew the Nine of Pentacles randomly a few days ago, and now am struck by the resemblances between the two women depicted. But whilst the Nine showed me the benefits that can be reaped of hard work ad dedication, however lonely that may sometimes be, the Queen seems to embody the very essence of security and generosity. The earthly riches she possesses are not the rewards of hard graft, and they are not hers alone – they are a power she is born of and can bestow on others as they need.

Well, I’m sure looking forward to finding the Queen of Pentacles today…though as the day will be spent alone, I wonder if it’s possible she will come in the form of a person…I shall be on the lookout : )

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