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  1. As a cat person, I’m so happy that your cat returned. For some reason, I’ve thought about it a lot since you first posted (it would kill me!), and I’ve wondered if she tried to return to your former home. She’s probably not telling.
    The green wall… it took me a few minutes of pondering, but in the end, I vote yes, I think it works (she says without any idea at all of the rest of your house 😉 ).
    Great newsletter. Enjoy the Queen of Cups!

  2. Mary Silla says:

    Aw, glad your cat came back!
    I have had exactly the same experience thus month. I finished my regular summer job in September and have barely lifted a finger for freelance work since. However, I’ve been processing many relationships and dealing with personal issues of time and ambition and crying a lot. It has felt like worthwhile work.

  3. Cindy says:

    I’ve been wondering but what is the card that the tarot card is resting on? Is that the phases of the moon of October? I think I saw it in another post for August too

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