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  1. I love your view of the sun card. And lovely examples from some cool decks. It is my least favourite card in a lot of RWS clone decks, the kid just creeps me the hell out. The Magical Forest and my Dame Darcy Mermaid decks are helping me get over the initial revulsion I had for this card.

    • Oh gosh, you know what – me too! I’ve actually never written about this card before – just like you, I couldn’t stand the image on the Rider-Waite-Smith card! But have lately come to appreciate it’s gorgeous energy.

  2. SatMiter says:

    Sooo, for a Gemini this card would have some deeper meaning as well? Can you recommend a source for more information on the astrological links and meanings in tarot? Very intrigued 🙂

  3. alba says:

    Hello Beth, I love it that you wrote about the Sun, as I am working on this card this week! (precisely because it is one of those cards that I usually do not find very appealing or fascinating.)
    As it happens, I realised I am a bit afraid of the sun – real scorching Italian sun, but probably also personal success, optimism and so on – but I also found in my postcards collection a couple of images which are helping me to connect:
    Erté (a female Sun figure)
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    William Blake (a primeval enjoyment of light and warmth)
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