Press PLAY! The Sun

It’s another grey day out there.

But here, brightening up the morning is The Sun!

In readings, I interpret this card in the simplest way possible: to me, it represents the sheer joy of being alive. The feeling of worries dropping away and finding pleasure in the simplest things – the warmth of sunshine on your skin, the first signs of spring, a pretty blue sky – and being energised and invigorated by this. It’s optimistic, expansive, full of gentle fire and possibility.


From The Wild Unknown Tarot, by Kim Krans

It’s more than this, though. Astrologically, the card is linked to Gemini, and the idea of two halves creating a whole – typically this might mean masculine/feminine, (a dichotomy I find problematic), active/passive, yin/yang, heaven/earth and so on.

The key idea is this sense of harmony beneath the life-giving force of the sun.


From the Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

In The Collective Tarot, The Sun shows an androgynous figure bathing in the sun’s bright rays, soaking up that joyful, energising warmth.

Their shoulders and face are open and outward facing towards the radiant energy go the sun, indicating that they are confident and welcoming of more adventures and new connections. In this case, the happy union is with the self, and it is that sense of calm, deep knowledge that draws out radiance and clarity from the universe, generating a catalysing kind of magnetism. The magnets and lightening bolt on the jacket represent the powerful sha-zam! of having your shit together.


The Sun, illustrated by Britt Ashley

There’s a ‘reward’ element to this card, too.

It comes after The Tower, The Star and The Moon… a sequence filled with ‘processing’ and pretty hard work. Here, your work is rewarded – you reach the end of a process and are able to soak up some of this sunshiny life-force ready to get fired up about something new. It’s a relief, a time to shake off worries and look to the future and to new adventures.

Most of all, for me, this is the YES card.

It says ‘anything is possible!’ and ‘go for it!’ When this card turns up in a reading, it’s one of the few that feels like it can answer those yes or no questions. If you’re deliberating about doing something and The Sun turns up, it’s probably time to press PLAY.


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  1. I love your view of the sun card. And lovely examples from some cool decks. It is my least favourite card in a lot of RWS clone decks, the kid just creeps me the hell out. The Magical Forest and my Dame Darcy Mermaid decks are helping me get over the initial revulsion I had for this card.

    • Beth says:

      Oh gosh, you know what – me too! I’ve actually never written about this card before – just like you, I couldn’t stand the image on the Rider-Waite-Smith card! But have lately come to appreciate it’s gorgeous energy.

  2. SatMiter says:

    Sooo, for a Gemini this card would have some deeper meaning as well? Can you recommend a source for more information on the astrological links and meanings in tarot? Very intrigued 🙂

  3. alba says:

    Hello Beth, I love it that you wrote about the Sun, as I am working on this card this week! (precisely because it is one of those cards that I usually do not find very appealing or fascinating.)
    As it happens, I realised I am a bit afraid of the sun – real scorching Italian sun, but probably also personal success, optimism and so on – but I also found in my postcards collection a couple of images which are helping me to connect:
    Erté (a female Sun figure)
    William Blake (a primeval enjoyment of light and warmth)

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