The present moment – Daughter of Swords

I wanted to set a tone for the week, a theme, an intention, something I could hold onto for seven whole days.

I drew the Daughter of Swords, from Thea’s Tarot.

daughter of swords theas tarot 1

She is smiling (unlike the traditional Queen of Swords, to which this card corresponds). No throne, no crown. She is squatting, hooded, bare-toed – yet she still feels like a queen. It’s a humbling image.

This woman grips her sword in her hands – grips the blade itself with her bare fingers. If a sword is wisdom, truth and experience, she is unafraid. She brings this wisdom down from the mountaintop and crouches with it, observing, balanced. For me, there is a feeling here of knowning herself well, and being unafraid of that truth.

Acknowledging who we are is the hardest truth of all.

Accepting all of our imperfections, all of our mistakes, all of the harsh realities that come from being human, holding that truth in our hands, not as a weapon (which is a source of weakness) but as a lesson (which is a source of strength).

Over the weekend, I made a conscious decision to be more in the present. I don’t struggle with being present in the moment, but I do have trouble being present in the week, or the month. I’m too full of plans, ideas, excitement for the future, I struggle to ground.

This queen, this Daughter of Swords is grounded. Though her element is air, she crouches on the ground, bringing the sword of foresight, planning and truth right down almost to touch the earth.

daughter of swords theas tarot 2

This week, I will look for ways to bring my ideas down to earth. And to bring more honesty to those ideas. I will blend an understanding of the past with my excitement about the future, and be with that moment where both energies meet – here, in the present.

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  1. Geila says:

    Yes! I can feel grounded from her, and also a sense of inventing her life with imagination and open-mindedness. I relate her to the Justice card, also. The truth of our lives and to pass the last and most important test – to know yourself and all the truths inside of you that balance you out.

  2. chloetarot says:

    Lovely post, Beth! That squatting position makes me think of birthing – birthing your truth by your willingness to use your wits in a grounded way. Good luck finding that perfect mix of past and future in the now 🙂

  3. SJ says:

    My cards today also pointed to doing a little more grounding into the present moment. Though mine was more “pay attention to your senses and the earth”. It’s just so easy to get caught up in our hopes and dreams and the path we’re taking, right? But it’s good to stop and breathe.

  4. emma says:

    Hahaha! so funny you pulled this card! I love what you say about the sword being wisdom, truth and experience and being unafraid.

  5. Bunny Shapiro says:

    Beth! I just joined your online course and I have been looking for a way to study tarot in a way that makes my own interpretations valid and this is it. What a beautiful explanation of the daughter of swords. I think she’s the queen of swords in my deck. Much love!

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