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    • Hello, fellow Venus in Aquarius – it seems my dirty laundry has also been aired! Am I right in thinking we have so much similar energy in our charts (my moon, Venus. and Mars are all in Aquarius)?!

      Emily of the Voluptuous Witch actually helped me a lot with this one, when she articulated that as much as I like experimentation and freedom, if you consider Aquarius’ ancient ruler, Saturn, it makes sense that I also really value loyalty and also clarity around boundaries, such as I want to have any. Laying it out like that really helped me with what felt like a irresolvable contradiction – maybe that’ll be helpful for you, too! We’re flexible, but also… not 😉

  1. Buying Xanax says:

    Venus in Aquarius (both my long term partner and I) – and it’s bang on. We opened our 13 year relationship up relatively quickly but not necessarily easily. My boyfriend is Venus in Virgo and I’ve suddenly got new insight into his stuff (my his girlfriend has such a hold despite being mono and full of rules and why he lets this happen!) I’m flexible to the point where I get the shits stuck between non-flexible mono women (my boyfriends gf and my partners gf!)

  2. Anna says:

    I have Venus in Sagittarius and there is no way in hell I would be in a non-monogamous relationship, ever. My natal chart is Fire dominant with my Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Ascendant, and Midheaven being in Fire signs. I find open relationships to be disgusting. I think it’s just an excuse for unevolved, weak people who also happent to be serial cheaters and commitment phobes. I have high libido but I have sex with my husband only (who has Venus in Leo by the way). I think that Venus in Aries and Venus in Gemini are the most likely to be in open relationships. From Mars signs, it would be Mars in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius. That’s just my opinion of course,

    • Anna, I sure hear a lot of fiery conviction in your comments! The good news is so far no one’s forcing people to be in open relationships, so I’m sure you’ll be able to continue to live your values without interference.

  3. Rocky says:

    Poly comfort level 80%? I have Venus in Taurus opp Uranus in Scorpio and I will NEVER be poly. I don’t know where you get your information, but most taureans do NOT like to share their mate with scores of other people, I’m pro-monogamy all the way. There is a depth of intimacy there with one person you can never get by being poly. I agree with the poster above. I think air signs would be more likely to go poly since they are more intellectually detached.

    • Hi Rocky,

      It sounds like you’ve done a lot of learning about your chart. Fantastic! You are always the best expert on your own experience. The lovely thing about astrology is that there are a myriad of ways one chart, much less any single position in a chart, can be lived out. (A post like this that focuses on one planet’s sign positions is just for fun and exploration.) In my counseling practice I’ve seen diehard monogomists and polyamorists among a huge range of Venus sign, house and aspect configurations. That’s why I mention at the top that these descriptions only apply to those *already* in open relationships, who often get left out of astrology conversations entirely. One’s Venus sign is not, in my experience, the primary predictor of whether an open relationship is a good fit. And cultural background, sexual orientation and social group likely contribute *much* more to one’s opinions on this matter than an astrology chart ever could.



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