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  1. jasey says:

    I looked into learning tarot with playing cards and there was a poem to help remember what the numbers were for. New beginnings troubles etc. I can’t find it now. Can you help?

  2. Niju Mohan says:

    Hi Beth,

    Do you have any book that you can recommend me about reading playing cards? I want to explore this bit.

    • Hi Niju! I wrote the article and teach an online course on reading playing cards called Your Future Is In The Cards on With playing cards, there are many different systems and vastly differing interpretations unlike with tarot where the meanings are more consistent. So it’s best to research playing card systems out there and find one that appeals to you and study it. There’s one book I recommend: Speed Learning Cartomancy: Fortune Telling with Playing Cards by Julian Moore. Good luck!

    • Great question Jessica! I’d say tarot is a lot easier to learn for two reasons:

      (1) tarot already has a consistent system of interpreting the cards for the most part and lots of resources to learn to read them. Even if you have different tarot decks, you can find resources that will explain how to read the system of tarot. Playing cards have no consistent system so each playing card reader may have learned a completely different set of meanings for the cards. I always advise people to research a system that resonates with you and just stick with that.

      (2) tarot is visual and many people are visual learners. The visual gives you a place to start understanding the card and you can apply the story method of reading which is just saying what you see. I’ve also discovered that many tarot readers are actually using the images to scry meaning rather than interpreting the card itself. With playing cards, the visual boils down to colors (red and black) and shapes (suit emblems). I find its simplicity appealing since the artwork of many tarot decks overwhelms me.

      Hope that helps!

  3. helen says:

    hi beth,

    i asked playing cards when will i get a job and how soon will i start; this is what i got –
    ace of diamonds, 8 of diamonds and 3 of diamonds…i was confused by this and pulled 5 of spades. any help appreciated. thanks H

    • Hi Helen! If you’re using my 3-card spread, I would interpret this as you currently have an opportunity for greater security, most likely though some work experience. The Ace in the first position gives me the impression an opportunity has already presented itself. There will be a change of status soon (8 of Diamonds) which leads to an increase (3 of Diamonds). This may be an increase in workload or pay…not necessarily a new job. It also shows getting a job little by little as if it will happen slowly.

      If, however, you set the intention of pulling a timing card based on the seasons to answer your question, the Diamonds cards mean the job won’t come through until August.

      I’m not sure how the 5 of Spades plays into this since I’m not sure what you were intending to clarify. Less is more. Pulling more cards for clarification often leads to more confusion instead of clarification. Hope that helps!


  4. HELEN says:

    Hi Kristen,
    my partner pulled three cards out asking about a new job opportunity.
    8 of spades, 9 of spades and 9 of hearts. regards H

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