Photo diary: A spring break

Instead of cracking on with *all of the things* in my head, this spring I found myself unexpectedly bunking off work for a few weeks of cheap thrills and mini adventures.

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

We moved house (again)! It’s a pottery, and Kat is a potter! It’s a lively and creative house with beautiful views, a beautiful dog, and a bath in the garden. Our housemates Kat and Andy are involved in all kinds of things and it’s an inspiring, fun place to be.

I took a trip to London – no small thing coming from way up here. The sleeper train made it feel like a real adventure, but the very first parts – the ferry crossing to Mallaig and the train through the Highlands at sunset – was the best.

Waking up eight hours later in London was weird and fun! Time to meet friends in hip cafes and all that city stuff…

(And I got a rad haircut at gender-neutral hairdresser, Barberrette!)

I was actually there to visit the Arcana exhibition, organised by Alice Proctor. It was great, bringing together a collection of artists who had each created tarot-related work, and it was held in the crypt of St Pancras Church.

I also visited Kew Gardens for the first time! What a treat. I learned what oak tree flowers look like – something I’d never even thought to wonder. Check out those tulips, too.

Emma’s birthday was the 1st of April – like the fools we are, we found a dinky bargain of a caravan, named her Vera Joan, and took her camping in lovely Glenbrittle, beside a beach at the foot of the Cuillin ridge. Cue much hilarity.

Next day we ventured into the mountains. Here’s Coire Lagan, a hollow among jagged, forbidding peaks. despite the warm day, it’s icy cold once you get that high. There’s a small, turquoise lake just behind me (I’m taking the photo). Across the sea, you can see the hilly isle of Rhum, and to the right, Canna. (I wish I’d taken a proper camera!)

Back at ground level, the trees are waking up, new buds and leaves appearing everywhere. Em and I are working on our identification skills. Willow is an easy one 🙂

Check out this incredible fungus! This is Scarlet Elf Cup (with wild garlic shoots pushing up through the leaf mulch all around):

I got a new tarot deck! I’d ordered the Personal Space Tarot for my shop but Emilee Graverson’s lovely, soothing, simple deck has found its way into my personal collection, too.

Before leaving West Cottage, our winter home, we said thank you and goodbye: to the house, to the winter, to everything we didn’t need to bring with us into spring.

I’ve been out on my bike a bit, catching the moonrise across Ardvasar bay:

Work on the tiny house continues. Emma’s carpentry skills are just amazing, I’m so happy being her assistant in this project. Here’s the wee loft/bedroom (it’s actually painted, floored and finished now…):

Here’s Em in her workshop… (a friend is letting us borrow his field and shed):

And this week, I’ve been dog-sitting for my friend Liz. Here’s Murphy…he’s very old, very slow, and very very cheeky…

…But holidays can’t last forever, and this week I’m back at my desk, catching up. Good thing I love my job!

Hope you enjoyed the pics,

Beth xx

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  1. Nina says:

    Thank you for spring pictures from the Isle of Skye… craving for Scotland/the Islands and Highlands on the continent 🙂

  2. jmk (Judy) says:

    Vera Joan isn’t an Abbey Piper, is she? She reminds me so much of our 1982 Piper 1400. She’s lovely, whatever she is. (I’d love to see inside her sometime.)

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Judy! She’s an Ace Diplomat (who comes up for the name for these things?!) I have to say, she’s not *that* lovely, though I’m sure she once was. She’s in bad condition inside and pretty grotty. But good enough for some budget camping thrills 😀

      • jmk (Judy) says:

        Oh, I say! An Ace Diplomat. I do beg your pardon, LOL. Well, our “Green Goddess” (they made these pale green; weird) has just had a coat of paint inside to cover up years of accumulated leak and damp damage. Much better now. Here’s to more budget camping thrills all ’round!

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