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  1. Xanax Buying says:

    This was my entryway into herbalism. I was entirely unsupported, and remain so (despite the fact that a few people in my friend’s group have used herbal abortifactants successfully).
    The lack of support causes me to feel isolated and alienated, and to not maintain my interest despite the fact that reproductive justice is my birthright (it was the primary darling of both my ‘women’s libber’ grandmother, and my feminist mother).

    I don’t want for you to feel unsupported in posting this. It really resonates with me, and yet I have nothing to offer.

    • Andi Grace says:

      honestly i disagree, you did offer something here. i really appreciate your support <3

  2. Tamarack Verrall says:

    Thank you so much Andi for this information and for raising this issue. We are taught almost nothing about the torture and murder of women, the burning of witches led by the Christian Church. It is skipped over as if it never happened and we glean information from courageous writers such as you. Here you have hit the nail squarely on the head. I had always known that witches (herb gatherers) had threatened the church and that in particular, single women (not owned by a man) devoted to herb gathering (medicine) were the focus of the attack, leading to any woman who spoke out being attacked. I vaguely knew that part of the plan was for men to take over medicine. In all these years I had never put it together that witches offered herbal ways for women to have control over our own bodies. So thank you, and thank you and the writer above for keeping herbal knowledge known. It is a huge responsibility, offering medicinal knowledge and Pharma and conventional medicine want to own the business. Medicine that is in conventional pill form is from plants. People who practise medicine in any way without enough knowledge need to be stopped, but those who know the herbs need to be protected. This should not be seen as either/or within the women’s movement. We need the right to choose.

    • Andi Grace says:

      thanks for your support and thoughtful response. i’m glad the piece resonated with you <3

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