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  1. Little Red says:

    Thanks Chloe 🙂  It's so easy to go along with patriarchal stuf like this – we all do it in our daily lives, we're taught to. I like thinking that as well as analysing gender politics in 'real life', I can examine them in Tarot too. xx

  2. *stands up and applauds* I am glad I’m not the only one that just can’t get on the masculine=active, feminine=passive train. I actually hate the terms masculine and feminine in general and wish they could be stricken from the vocabulary of society as a whole.
    Also, I have never, ever been able to think of the High Priestess as passive, or particularly feminine. I find that working with her energy usually feels quite bold, confident and assertive which is typically considered “masculine”. 😛 Anyway, great article. I’m so glad that there are queer tarot readers in the world. 🙂
    -Sarah Dawn
    PS~The picture of Nina Simone is incredible BTW.

  3. This whole post is so very High Priestess!
    I keep getting this card lately. There’s something that I’m not getting/paying attention. The message that masculinity doesn’t equal male is actually much more relevant than the message of the card itself, although the two things are very much linked. We need more of this questioning of traditional messages of gender and roles in the tarot! So well done!!!

  4. elyse says:

    Bravo!!! I often find myself using the terms masculine and feminine energy as a default, but reading this article reminds me that it *really* doesn’t make sense or jive with anything else I believe… I also really dig the ability to find active and passive in unexpected places in tarot as well as life… Like a woman being pregnant, all our language around it is passive, “knocked up” “got pregnant” and it suggests that a woman is just a vessel for a seed to be planted… When in fact, gestation is an extremely active and taxing process! There is always this interplay between active/passive. Makes me think that instead of those words, how about manifesting vs. receptive? There are active and passive energies built into those two words, I think… but still describes a qualitative difference.

  5. I just started the alternative tarot course and I got the High Priestess two days in a row for my daily draw! So obviously I’m thinking a lot about this card right now. I appreciate the anti-gender-binary sentiment of this post and I totally agree about the courage that the High Priestess exhibits. Weirdly, as a Catholic I really associate her with the Virgin Mary (using the Rider-Waite deck strengthens this association, probably) but I don’t see her as traditionally ‘feminine’ if we are to associate ‘femininity’ with passivity and a sort of long-suffering acceptance. I think it takes a lot of courage and strength to look behind the veil, see all that crazy stuff, and still maintain one’s cool, which is exactly what the High Priestess does. I also associate her with the Moon, and I feel like that calm control in the face of the overwhelming strangeness of one’s own psyche is a great attitude to channel.

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