Page of Pentacles – the time is now

Page of Pentacles shadowscapes tarot

Page of Pentacles, from the Shadowscaps Tarot by Stephanie Law

Funny. Was just thinking how I’d not drawn any Pages yet in my daily draws. This Page is a fun one. She looks like she’s offering me somthing; there’s a ball of light – potential – dancing in her palm. She’s sitting still, but at the same time I feel that she’s rushing towards me. The owl knows something I don’t, and awaits my reaction. It’s a minute or three before you realise she’s sitting astride a dragon, sleeping. Why is she sleeping? She represents that same potential, as yet unawakenes. The Page’s task is to awaken her…at just the right moment.

The Page is studious and hardworking and doesn’t miss a trick. She’s a careful observer, waiting for her moment. She brings us the message – now is the time – begin! Her eyes are hypnotic, she stares at me as she climbs down a sbegins to stroke the dragon’s head. The dragon stirs. There’s no going back now.

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