OPEN THREAD: All of our magical gifts!

Before you start getting bombarded with seasonal gift guides and the like, I want to leap in with a little heads-up:

The Little Red Tarot team is made up of seriously gifted people, many of whom have magical, gift-able goodies for sale!

Take a look at what’s on offer here, and please consider supporting these brilliant people by shopping small and gifting their magical offerings to your loved ones this year. Included below are gifts ranging from expensive and luxurious to cheap and cheerful,

(…and BTW, this post is just the tiniest glimpse. What I really recommend is clicking through and exploring the websites of each of these contributors.)

Are you a reader, crafter, artist or seller of fabulous things we all need to know about roundabout this time of year? Go ahead and add your links in the comments section so we can all take a peek! (max two links per comment please or it will automatically be sent to spam!)

Year Ahead Tarot Reading ($100)

Cassandra Snow

An in-depth look at the coming year using the tarot to guide you towards your most magical year yet. Astrological influences throughout the year play a part in this reading too, giving you a comprehensive look at what’s coming and what your best path forward is. Cassandra is a radically queer, feminist reader and that comes through in her readings as you learn how to fight oppressive systems to claim your life once again. Client receives full color photos and a .doc or .pdf of their reading interpreted.

Purchase from Cassandra here.

Asali Earthwork’s Meditative Tarot Teas (from $12)


Asali Earthwork’s Meditative Tarot Teas are tarot-inspired tea magic to support your healing journey. Whether for ritual, bath, meditation guide, or as an everyday magical tea break, call in energetically charged plant allies to bless your intentions.

Buy from Asali Earthwork here

Note from Beth: I love these teas and drink ’em daily!

Dark Days Tarot Deck ($49.95)

Wren McMurdo

This black and white deck is inspired by the dark days of the lunar cycle, when we are most in tune with our intuition. It’s squarely cut for a more intuitive read, each side relating to a quarter-moon phase. The cards feature mostly femme or androgynous characters and symbols. A quick reference guidebook is included, both cards and book fitting neatly inside the enchanting Dark Days box.

Buy direct from Wren here! (Alternatively, I’m proud to stock the Dark Days Tarot in the Little Red Tarot Shop.)

Femme Zines & online magical boundaries class ($5 – $200. 20% off!)

Andi Grace

Do you have a witchy, radical, femme in your life who you can’t figure out what to get for the holidays? Look no further! the witch cabinet features digital zines like “we believe you: femmes surviving toxic masculinity” and “soother – femmes grieving family and fertility“. both these zines are packed with multi-media submissions from diverse contributors. we also offer a 12 week online class “hawthorn heart – boundary skills and protection magic for femmes, witches and healers” (next round begins early 2018). you can use the discount code: solsticefemme to get 20% off all our offerings til december 21st.

Explore all of Andi’s Witch Cabinet offerings here!

Seagoat Astrology Mini-Reading Gift Certificate ($30+)

Luke Dani Blue

Surprise your astro-curious bff, boo, bae, bud, sib or mom with a gift certificate for a LOVE or POWER Reading. All mini-readings are conversations by phone or video-chat that will introduce your awesome person to the major areas of their personal birth chart. Gift certificates start at $30 (for any 20 minute reading). Also available: full-length chart and transit readings for individuals and couples.

Purchase from Seagoat Astrology here!

We Are the Weirdos novel & Telegram zines! ($3 – $20)

Maranda Elizabeth

We Are the Weirdos: In this work of experimental fiction and magic realism, Maranda Elizabeth writes a vulnerable tale of perpetually misunderstood and powerless teenagers in a small town. We Are the Weirdos explores trauma, gender, poverty, invalidation, and memory, as well as themes of trust, abandonment, confinement, and revenge. The characters encounter one another, as well as authority figures and ghosts, at home and through institutions: school, court cells, a detention centre, and a group home. Each of them dream of magic and escape.

Also available: Maranda’s long-running per-zine, Telegram.

Check out Maranda’s Etsy shop here!

BOGO Gift Readings ($60)

Siobhan Rene

From now until December 25th, Buy One Gift Phone Reading, Get One half off.

The closer we get to the holidays the more hectic gift shopping becomes. Lavish the people you care about this season. Don’t put it off. Cross some gifts off the list now. In fact, let’s cross off two. Your loved one (or you) will receive a focused, clear, and insightful reading customized based on their words. They can ask a question or get a general reading. Once you pay and tell me who gets the gift(s), your good deed is done! These readings are flexible and simple enough to meet them where they are.

This holiday season gift radical tarot.

Purchase from Siobhan here! 

Spell Kits

Abbie Plouff

Abbie reads tarot, but she has also created two spell kits: Shadow Work and  Mental Clarity. Each kit would make a beautiful gift for the witch in your life who needs a little help. All of the items in the kits have been curated, cleansed, and charged by Abbie to be used immediately. Each kit can be personalized, and when you purchase the kits you also get a 15% off code for a tarot reading for you and the person who will receive the gift.

Bonus: Abbie and our very own Asali collaborated on a special magical tea for the Shadow Work kit! 

Girl Gang Long Sleeve Tee by Modern Women ($54)

Sarah Gottesdiener

This is a protection and proclamation talisman. Imbued with the protective Horus, the regenerative scarab, and the promise that we are one for all and all for one: femmes, queers, girls, womxn, trans folk, and weirdos. Made and printed ethically in Los Angeles California.

Buy from Modern Women here!

Indie tarot/oracle decks and books galore!

I’m assuming you already know about the totally rad, utterly wonderful, diverse, beautiful tarot and oracle decks (and many other magical items) in the Little Red Tarot Shop! If not, oh my goodness, where can I start? Probably by sending you right on over to browse.

LRT specialises in independently-published, not-on-Amazon tarot and oracle decks, and strives hard to especially stock and promote the work of LGB, queer, trans and genderqueer folks, people of colour, and other creators who work from marginal spaces.

Check out the selection here! (I ship worldwide.)

Over to you!

Are you a reader, crafter, artist or seller of fabulous things we all need to know about roundabout this time of year? Wanna promote your wonderful magical gifts? Drop a link and description in the comments below so we can all check out your fab offerings!

(Max two links per comment please or it will automatically be sent to spam!)

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  1. Arlain says:

    Hi Beth, thank you so much for this opportunity,
    I want to introduce my tarot deck called the Kokeshi Tarot, a cute deck full of color, joy and meaning. Also, until December 25 you can find the deck with a 12% off
    More info in

  2. Hi Beth – and everyone! I’ve made a set of essential oil scent-blends with corresponding poems – FIVE CHARMS FOR THE POTINGAIR. ‘Potingair’ is the medieval name for the Apothecary – I made the work as a homage to the medieval apothecaries and alchemists. The 5 scents + poems correspond to the 5 elements. Use the scent and read the poem to enact each Charm…

  3. Hello! I’ve written guest posts for LRT before and this is the best place for Tarot & witchery online. SOOOOO… here’s my shop: I make stuff for ambitious people living with limitations, including e-courses (about journaling, ass-kicking with limitations, etc.) and workbooks and free e-mail courses (the Encouragement Notes). I would love if people would hop on over and have a look, and in the meantime—I will be shopping this post myself. xo

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